Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lost Words by Roger Subirana Mata, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

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You watch a great movie and it really moves you.  You think to yourself, what was the best part of the movie?  Many times it's the music.  How often do you get a chance to buy those soundtracks that really move you or can you usually figure out a way to look up who produced those tracks?  Today we are bringing you one of those albums of tracks that you usually hear in very moving scenes in movies.  A  total of 17 tracks.  Lost Words by Roger Subirana Mata from Spain.  These are all instrumental tracks and are considered soundtracks as used in movies if they have not been already.  Play them.  Download any you want or down them all.  You can use these in YouTube videos as long as the video is not for any kind of commercial use and you give credit to the artist.  You can buy a commercial license if you want to use any of these tracks in a commercial way.

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