Monday, September 30, 2013

Ready For Rapture by Plug & Play - Free Mp3 Album Downloads

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Ready for Rapture from Plug & Play from their latest album, Why So Close?  An interesting rock mix.  Not sure exactly how to classify this one except alternative.  They have a really good and unique sound.  Just when you think you can peg it, they switch it up on ya.  The band is from Poland.  Come on now, no Polish jokes.  Well, okay maybe one.  Why do birds fly upside down over Poland?  Nothing worth taking a dump on.  Oh that was bad.  (Can be used for any country or any county for that matter).  Sorry guys, that was not fair to you.  We like the sound or we would not put you on here.

  Download what you like and if you like all of it, download all of it.  Burn it to CD and play it til you can't take it anymore and there is nothing left of the disc anyway.  Share it with your friends.  Share it with people you hate too.  Maybe they will leave you alone then.  It's free.  Just don't tell anyone what you paid for it.  They will think of what a kind and caring person you are.  Take it to school and share it.  When the teacher tries to tell you about copyright infringement, you can laugh in their faces.  No such thing here.  Just give credit to the artist and you are covered.  Teach the teacher.

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  1. There is newest album Reisefieber EP: bless!


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