Thursday, September 19, 2013

Urban Castle Music, Let It Go - Free Album Mp3 Downloads

Nikki Nez twirling in purple at a God is Love ...
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If you are a fan of grunge music, then you will love this album.  Or at least a good number of the tracks on here.  Kind of brings back the early days of grunge rock of the 90's.  How much would you pay per track for these downloads?  If you said nothing, you win.  Go ahead and download all you want.  It's free.  Play em, if ya like em, grab yourself some.  Share the tracks with friends, family, people you hate, it's free.  Burn a CD and play it over and over until you can't stand it anymore.  Then use the disc as a mini Frisbee.  The band is from Murcia Spain.  Just in case ya wanted to know.

This video is low quality, but gives you an idea.  The album was released in 2006 so it's been around for awhile.  Nothing else has come out for the band so it's a fairly safe guess that they are no longer around.  Still does not detract fro good music and it's still free, so who cares?

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