Friday, October 4, 2013

Falling Rain, Falling In The Hell, Free EP Downloads

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Falling Rain with their EP, Falling Rain.  Castle of Butterfly is their song that everyone has been going crazy over.  We like Blooden Rose ourselves.  It starts out slow and melodic and kicks in with a strong heavy metal sound before kicking back down.  Overall it's a great tune.  Play the tracks.  If you like any of them or if you like them all, download them.  There is no cost.  Burn them to CD or load them onto your Mp3 player.  Play them all you want as they do not expire.

  The sound quality is just as good as all the big name bands.  You are just not stuck with having to pay for their names.  The band is from Italy so what that means is they made this deal to good for you to pass up, or else.

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