Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free Blues, Just add Your Own Brews, Breezes of Old, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

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Freaky Cleen and Dickey F with Breezes of Old.  Blues music to kick back and drinks some brews while having a great time.  Today is Blues and Brews at the Gloucester Courthouse area.  Rain looks like it's going to make the event a washout yet again.  So kick back with no worries.  We are providing the Blues to ya for free.  No 20 dollar bill entrance here.  Just use that money to buy your own beer and save a bundle.  Old fashioned style blues you are sure to enjoy.

  Here is the big thing about it all.  You can download these songs for free and play them all you want.  Unlike the Blues and Brews event, you still have something left over that you don't get from them.  We give you the music to keep.  They just play it for you and even if you do like it, you do not get to keep it.  Now maybe some of the bands will sell you a CD, but not us.

Now because there is a rain out and they probably are not doing refunds of your hard earned cash, we are giving you a second album to enjoy today.  More free downloads.  2 entire Blues albums for you to really kick back and enjoy.  Search our site and you will also find plenty of more free music to enjoy.  Download all you want.  No charge.  No need to waste your money at the Blues and Brews soggy rain event.
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