Thursday, October 3, 2013

Royalty Free Music That Isn't, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

Compact Disc with Additional Data logo/trademark
Compact Disc with Additional Data logo/trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royalty Free Music with their album, Cinematic Mystical Magical Impressive Document.  Music to relax with.  What you might expect to hear during a movie or TV special.  Now the copyright or more correctly, copyleft holder of the music is more than happy that you share this music, but please, never use this music in any video project even if it is for personal use.  The copyleft owner makes money through the sales of rights on the music for videos.

  You can make copies of the Mp3 music and share it with everyone or no one.  Burn a CD then throw it out.  Burn a CD and give it away or play it til your ears bleed.  Downloads are free as are the online plays here.  Tell 3 people that then tell 3 more that then tell 3 more, you know the story, build a matrix of listeners.  Sort of like a pyramid scheme without any money involved.  The ones at the top are just the ones who heard it first.
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