Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Connection, 10 Code, Free Mp3 Downloads

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10 Code with their EP, The Connection.  A grunge rock band from Athens Greece.  Lyrics are all in English and you would be hard pressed to imagine they speak another language as their first language.  It's to bad that this is only an EP.  These guys are good.  Not everyone's style, we understand that.  But for those who like this type of music, it's hard to tell this is not a band on top of everything and touring the world.  Maybe one day they will.

  So in the mean time, you have 4 songs to check out and if you like any of them or all of them, download all the songs you wish.  It's free and legal.  So load up your iPod, iPhone, smartphone, Mp3 player, flash drive, hard drive, computer, tablet or what have you.  Burn the tunes to Cd and play them til you can't stand them any longer then play it even more anyway.  Tell your friends about us so they can come here and get free stuff too.  Or keep it a secret.  We won't tell where you are getting all this cool stuff.  Wait, we already told you how to get it.  Never mind.  Just enjoy, okay?
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