Thursday, November 7, 2013

Across The Sky by Sweet Play, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

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Sweet Play with their latest album, Across The Sky.  From Paris France, and we promise not to hold that against them, comes this group that pegs themselves as trip hop, pop, electronic music.  We can go along with electronic and even buy the pop part of it all, but the trip hop?  Well who cares as the music is pretty good.  Nothing chart busting but they are on the top 10 for this week with Nothing Reacted.  Plus, even though they are French, the tunes are sung in English so you can understand them.  From what we have listened to so far, it's what you want to play in the background and just kind of zone out to.  Reminds us of Pink Floyd to some degree.  The electronic part of their sound is not what anyone would call dance ready.

  Check out the tunes.  Download what you like, we will bill you later if we can ever remember to think about it.  Don't like what you downloaded?  Just return it then.  No questions asked.  Be the first on your team to not see this post.  Oops, to late.  Be the second person to call Bob and let him know about this great find.  Bob was already here so he knows about it anyway.  Compare notes with people you hate over these songs.  Call your boss and tell em you need the day off to listen to this album over and over again,  Go to iTunes and see if they will price match us.  We double dog dare ya to.  Dare Wal Mart to price match us.

  Hide in plain site while you listen to these tracks and see if you are ever the same again.  If not, don't blame us, it's a government conspiracy.  Play the album backwards and see if you go through a time shift.  Play these songs at night and see if they really do bring the aliens over for a visit to your headquarters.  Either way, load them, share them and have lots of fun with them.  Ya can't beat free.

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