Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Christmas Music, Christmas In Egypt by The Dumbartons

Window Shopping
Window Shopping (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

Since we are now in the Christmas season, it's time for us to switch our music mix and start giving you cheapskates some free Christmas music.  Now this song here is really good.  It's fresh and it rocks.  Check it out, we won't charge you for it.  If you like it then help yourself to the free download of the song.  It's been added to our list of new Christmas music we really like.  We will be giving away free Christmas music from now until Christmas day.  How do you beat that?  Can Wal Mart beat our price?  NO!  We tried, they said we had to give them the music to give away.  We did.  We told them to just download it from our site.  They didn't like that.

  This is way better than a Black Friday sale.  Our sale is free stuff.  We promise not to even do a credit check on you.  So don't buy it now because it's free.  No need for layaway.  No problems with paying until 2014 or 2015 as you are not paying for it at all.  No gimmicks like As Seen On TV.  You won't see this on TV unless you have your TV hooked to the web and you are reading this site on your TV.  Then it's As Seen On TV for this first time.  Either way, just enjoy the free music.

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