Saturday, November 23, 2013

Music by Marc Teichert, Free Celtic Mp3 Album Downloads

Celtic cross at dawn in Knock, Ireland (at the...
Celtic cross at dawn in Knock, Ireland (at the bus stop to Westport) 28/07/2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now for something entirely different.  Music by Marc Teichert.  Music mostly considered soundtrack works.  You know, the kind of stuff played in the background of movies and TV shows to set the mood of the piece.  Some good stuff here.  13 songs to take you on your own adventure.  Just close your eyes and see where the music takes you.  Who needs the movie when you have the music to set the tone and mode for you.  Play this while reading a good book.  It might just take that book you are reading to an all new level.

  Play the music and see what you like.  Download whatever turns you on.  Download whatever turns you off and give that away to people you do not like.  You  might end up making friends with them however, so be careful on that one.
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