Sunday, November 17, 2013

Renaissance by Obsidian Shell, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

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You can't understand the lyrics unless of course you speak Hungarian, the overall music is excellent.  Symphonic rock or Gothic rock depending on how you want to look at it, or really, how you want to listen to it.  It's along the lines of Nightwish.  What?  You never heard of Nightwish?  Where have you been hiding?  Wait, I see that rock you just crawled out from under, never mind.  Well the good news is you can enjoy music that is just as good as listening to Nightwish only without the price tag.  This stuff is free and we can not get Wal Mart to price match it no matter how much we argue with their employees.

  Today you are getting the huge selection of 4 songs.  Don't like them?  So what?  Come back later and we are sure to have something you will hate even more than this.  Hate the fact you can't understand the lyrics?  Well the band wrote us and they hate us because they can't read this post because it's in English.  Not that it's a big deal, we couldn't read their email where they told us how much they hate us.  We are not even sure they hate us.  They could have been telling us how much they love us, but that just does not make for a good story line now does it?

  Want more free music?  All you have to do is send a self addressed envelope to yourself reminding yourself to come back to this site and grab more tunes.  If you don't, how the heck are you going to remember to come back?
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