Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snowflake and Loveshadow, Open In The Garden, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

Snowflake and Loveshadow with their latest album, Open in the Garden.  Maybe they are closed everywhere else?  We have no idea nor does it really matter.  What really matters is whether the music is any good or not.  Well, after not listening to is at all, we had no idea, so we took it for a test drive.  We liked what we heard so we made sure, the cheapskates we are, to download a copy of this album for our own collection.  (Why not?  It's free for us).

  We still can not find any retailers willing to price match us.  (Did you forget that downloads are free?)  Check out these tunes.  The band pitches themselves as elector europop.  Well, we guess it's better than electro eurotrash, but then again that might increase their record sales.  Wait, it's free, maybe then it would just increase the band's downloads.  Well, either way, it's worth your time to at least give them a listen to.  It's not heavy.  It's fairly mellow and pretty relaxed, yet a good deal of it grabs you.  We have no idea what that means.  Play the songs now.  Yes, right now, no waiting.  Just do it.
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