Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Child's Christmas Dream, Free Album Mp3 Downloads - Ox3

Mormon LDS Music
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More great Christmas Music for your ever expanding collection.  What?  Your not full yet?  With all the Christmas music we have been giving away, you mean to tell us your are not yet satisfied?  You still have to have more.  Okay, we heard you and this is it.  9 more songs to help you fill up that collection.  (What did you do, go out and buy a new Mp3 player just for all this Christmas music?  Check out the tracks above.  Download what you like or download the entire album.  Makes no difference.  It's still the same price of free.  That's no charge to you folks in Kansas.

  We rather liked Ox3 yesterday so we brought them back with one of their other Christmas albums.  So Merry Christmas and enjoy.
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