Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Child's Christmas Memory, Free Christmas Album Mp3 Downloads

Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio is the site of t...
Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio is the site of this Christmas display with over 3.5 million lights. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of Orion has produced this magical Christmas album and you can get a copy of the individual tracks or the entire album for no cost, that means free to you folks in West Virginia.  Play any track you like and if you decide you want a copy, help yourself to a free download.  That's no cost to everyone else outside of West Virginia.  As we have said, it's getting harder to continue to find a good Christmas mix or album, but we have succeeded with this one.  It's mostly instrumental and along the lines of what you would expect to hear in the background of movies or dramatic TV shows.  One to add to your growing collection.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
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