Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Mix Free Mp3 Music Downloads

More Christmas music for your party mix or personal enjoyment.  Ya get to play em before ya take em.  Free downloads on each track.  (Click where it says download).  We added a podcast into the mix as it has some entertainment value.  Be careful with the one track that has the parental advisory on it.  It does contain some material that some will find offensive.  If you think that there is even a chance that you could be offended by anything in the track, do everyone a favor and do not even bother to play it much less download a copy.  It had a great soundtrack to it which is why we added it in, but it does contain foul language.  You have been warned on that one.

  Gotta tell ya all, it's getting harder and harder to find more free Christmas music.  It's not impossible, but some of the stuff we are coming across isn't even worth the time of day.  We spent a good deal of time just to come up with these tracks now.  But we will keep digging for you all.  Merry Christmas.
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