Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Celtic Christmas Music Album by Adragante

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We just found this Christmas album by Adragante.  It's called Christmas Celtic Harp.  We checked it out and it's very well done.  Some well known traditional songs along with some we are not familiar with, but they were all really good, so, here is your chance to pick up more free Christmas music for that upcoming party.  Don't want to buy someone a gift but still need to get them something?  Well here ya go.  If you want to be really cheap about it, just send them a link to this post and tell them to download the music themselves.

  No reason to rush out and buy some overpriced music CD from the local retailers this year.  You can come here and download Christmas music until you can't stand it anymore.

  Prices are going up everywhere else, taxes are going up, your sticking income remains flat.  We even the score by giving it away.  Check out the bottom of this site for coupons for free goodies at the retail stores.  Now you know why retailers hate us.  Shop local.  Download it here for free.  Flip them the bird and tell them no more high prices. You want it for free.
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