Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Christmas Music Downloads, Best Christmas Yet

Window Shopping
Window Shopping (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

Are you ready for the Best Christmas Yet?  Well it's here and it's by Stellar Art Wars.  Don't want to hear these folks sing?  No problem get the instrumental version.  Want to use this song in a YouTube or Vimeo video?  You are free to do so.  Need a commercial license?  You can get one of those for this song as well.  If you don't like the song, you can skip it and wait until the next post for something new.  It won't hurt our feelings, however, the band might be hurt by it so please let them know why you didn't want their song.  Don't tell us, we don't care.  What makes this song one of the best Christmas songs out there?  The fact that it's free.

  Free Christmas music for your parties, your own collection, your super duper cheap Christmas present to someone else.  Enjoy.
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