Saturday, December 7, 2013

Super Christmas Music Giveaway, Free Mp3 Downloads, 30 Songs Total.

Attention all you cheapskates.  Here is the super list of Christmas Music now ready for you to play and download to your heart's content.  30 songs all in one place covering all genre's so there is something here for everyone.  This just came out so we grabbed it right off the back for ya'll.   We are still digging for more content for everyone.  By the way, if you want to use any of these tracks in say a youtube video, as long as it is not a commercial video, it's fine to do so according to the info on the site where we get all these goodies for everyone.

  You won't get hit with any violations but you do need to give credit to the artist for the song and it's title.  (Come on, how hard is that?)  This is about the most extensive list and collection we have found yet.  Most of the other Christmas music offers we have been searching are anywhere from singles to maybe 3 songs at the most from one band.  Hard to find a full album.  Now you have plenty of time to enjoy all of these Christmas songs as it is still early enough in the season.  So why are you still reading this when you should be playing the tracks and downloading the stuff you like?  What gives?  Are you bored or something?  Stop reading and start downloading.  No really.  Okay, that's it, we are not writing anymore here so you have to stop reading and get on with downloading.  Merry Christmas.  Wait, we told you to stop reading this.  Ya just don't listen.  Jeezzzeeezz.
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