Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Honda, Fantasy Remover, Hip Pop, Free Mp3 Download Album

"Tan Lines" Model
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Hip Pop.  Honda with their album, Fantasy Remover.  Not our own cup of tea, but it's not about us.  It's about you the readers.  We constantly change the offers for all of the various tastes of you.  How boring would it be if we always offered the same stuff?  For some, it would be fine, for others, not so great.  So we try to capture everyone's interest.  The really good news is that the downloads are free and keeping the music is also free.  It does not expire.  If you want to return it for a full refund, that is fine.  We are happy to take it back.  (Good luck with that).  You are also free to share this music with others.  You just can not charge for it and you can not use it in a commercial way, such as in the background of any video you produce for sale.  Otherwise, you can pretty much do anything else with it as long as you credit the artist.  Ya wanna call these guys artists, that's up to you.

  Hey, gotta have some fun here.  So check out the tracks, download what you like or download the entire album and give it away to people you can't stand.  They are sure to hate you even more for doing so.  So enjoy or run like hell from this offer.  Come back for new offers that you might like or more you are sure to hate.
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