Thursday, January 9, 2014

Moon Shadows, Darkwave Gothic, Free Album Mp3 Downloads

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This is an all in one deal.  An entire album all on one track.  Weird as it seems, there it is.  Some awesome music on here that brings one back to the sounds of the 80's.  Even though this is modern, it's sounds on many tracks are from days long gone, but not forgotten.  The single file is pretty substantial.  466 megs total download.  So this one will take a bit of time.  The great news is that it's all free.  Not only that, but there is also no charge from us anyway.

  We had to add this collection to our own music files.  It's easy to chop up the individual tracks.  You can use a number of programs to do this with.  Audacity is one program.  It too is free.  If you do not have a program, we recommend Audacity.  It's pretty intuitive.  We have used it for years so it's become very easy for us at this point.  If you get it, make sure to download the Mp3 file conversion extension for it to save the split files in that format.  Audacity does not have that by default.  The extension is, are you ready for it, free.  Your only investments here are time and some more time.

  Besides, you can have lot's of fun with Audacity in so many ways.  Another program to try is Virtual DJ.  Now can you believe it, that program is also FREE.  At least the home version anyway.  Virtual DJ allows you to split tracks and save them in Mp3 format as well.  Not sure if you can select the quality of the sound such as 128 Kps or 256, 320 or 64 Kps.  It's been awhile since we have used it.  We have it on several computers, just not a lot of need for it most of the time.

  Hey, check it out, you can play the songs backwards with Virtual DJ to see if there really are embedded words on it such as smoke pot, or what have you.  Yeah man, there really are words embedded on tracks that you never imagined.  We have checked that out.  Unreal.

  Either way, check these tracks out they are awesome if you like music from the 80's but still do not want to step back in time and want fresh tunes.  They are well worth the time investment.
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