Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kellee Maize, The Fifth Element - Free Album Downloads

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Kellee Maize with her latest album just released, The Fifth Element.  Hip Hop from the top.  Why this girl is not sitting at the top of the charts and being followed by the main stream media is anyone's best guess.  There is nothing short on what she is coming out with.  Play the tunes and check for yourself.  This is top shelf work.

  The good news is you get this incredible music for free.  Download all you want. The entire album download is about 67 megs total.  We are still trying to get Wal Mart to price match us.  HEHEHE, they won't do it.   You win, Wal Mart, Target and all the rest?  Gets nothing.  Now that is how you grow the economy.  We won't take the money out of your pocket, but we are going to give you some great stuff anyway.  Yeah, ya gotta love it.
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