Thursday, March 20, 2014

Electron7, The Secret Place, Free Album Mp3 Downloads, Royalty Free

Secret Place
Secret Place (Photo credit: mbgrigby)

Electron7 with their first album, The Secret Place.  Healing music for relaxing mediation and or prayer.  Christian inspired music to sooth the soul.  Royalty free to allow you to share with friends and strangers alike.  You are free to copy and play this music all you want.  You can use it in YouTube videos as long as the videos are not of a commercial nature.  In other words, as long as you are not trying to sell something or try to sell the video.

  No harsh lyrics to upset anyone.  No harsh sounds to disturb you in the wrong manner.  Just sit back and relax and enjoy.  Download the songs you like or the entire album.  It's free.  We already posted the second album in this series, this is the first one.

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