Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Witchcraft And The Devil's Music, Comicbook and Video

Witchcraft, Devil Music, Free Comic Book from Chuck Thompson

An interesting comic book story we came across.  It's a very fast read.  It sounds very familiar.


What one may just find interesting in the above video, when the folks are at a concert, it looks a lot like a worship center does it not?  Anyone ever notice that?   Even in churches when a minister is up at the pulpit, why are you expected to look up to that person?

Above is an image of an Amphitheater.  People who attend sit and look down in critical regard to the information being given to them.  When you look up, you are forced into subservient posturing.  If you are on the same level with others, you can regard the information coming around at least on an equal footing and decide whether or not you think the information being conveyed is worth your time and or accurate.   It is always wise to question anyone who steps up on a stage, forces you to look up at them and proceeds to either inform you or entertain you.

  Here is a question for all who enjoy rock music.  How many times have you entertained the idea of being a rock star yourself?  Ever look in the mirror and imagine yourself as the person who is performing?  The magic and trick has just been revealed.  It's designed to disconnect you from reality as well as put you into your own little world of yourself.

  No different here.  Grew up on it and really enjoy it on many levels.  Guilty as sin.  However, now that more information has been revealed, it is looked at more closely at home than ever before.  Makes one wonder is we are being manipulated somehow?  Nah, can't be.

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