Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Mp3 Album Downloads, Confusion Will Pass, Figures In Motion

Sofie@Boracay 4 (snapshot)
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Figures In Motion with their first full length album, Confusion Will Pass.  Alternative Indie Rock.  It's different.  It's interesting.  The good news is that it's all free.  It's also royalty free.  You can do whatever you want with these tracks or this album so long as you credit the artist.  You are free to use the music even for commercial purposes under it's present license.  Do not wait for that to change if you like any of the songs on this album or the entire album itself.  Once you acquire the tracks under it's present license, that license never expires however, the artist can change the license at anytime and you have to abide by whatever license you acquire the tracks under.  At present, it's a 3.0 creative commons license with no restrictions other than crediting the artist.

  So you can even use the music in videos you want to make money off of.  You can use the music to help promote the sales of items you may have.  If the music works for you, then you have a great gift here in front of you.  Play the tracks and download whatever you like or the entire album.
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