Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vester Flanagan, Virginia TV Crew Shooting Hoax (August 26, 2015)- Dorne...

An interesting video that speaks volumes within the first few minutes.  Your eyes won't lie to you.  Was yesterday's shooting a hoax?  This isn't the only video that is suggesting that yes it was a hoax.

As it turns out, there are a number of growing videos on You Tube alone pointing out some very serious questions raising concerns that this event was a staged hoax.

Now this video delivers what we were going to do.  We were looking at downloading the video and slowing down the shots fired.  But someone else already did it for us.  You can see for yourself, this is as fake as it gets.  We are downloading a copy of this video above and will put it through even slower motion to see what we can determine.  If the results are worth sharing, then we will get the video back up and show everyone.

Look at the picture on the video before you play it.  The shooter's hand it white.  It's a white person shooting.  Not a black man as claimed.  Also, when we slowed the above video down even further, we can not find one projectile nor see anywhere how this woman could have been possibly hit with anything.

From what its looking like, the above video was also altered, cut and spliced.  Something is very wrong with all of this.

Why would anyone do this?  Because gun owners are the biggest threat to government.  The government wants to disarm you and will do anything to make sure that happens.  It has nothing to do with safety.

PROOF THE VIRGINIA SHOOTING IS FAKE!!And at that close of range, that Glock would have knocked her on her ass!!NBC News NBC ABC News NYNewsWATCH FOX 5 / FOX5 Atlanta We Are Anonymous WSB-TV News 95-5 and AM 750 WSB CNN CNN iReport CNN Center and Tour CNN International CBC News
Posted by Shuriken Tenshii on Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Facebook.  Another showing the Virginia TV Crew shooting is a fake.

Here is the final on all of this.  I was not there and can not say for sure on any area of this.  All I can do is view the evidence provided by others.  You make your own determination.  I am not buying that the shooting killed anyone outright as reported.  But that is just me.  Until I see conclusive proof, I am going with this being fake. 

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