Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gloucester County, VA Free Public Access Records

Gloucester County Free Public Records

Here is a link to Gloucester County, Virginia public records. These records are free and open to public access.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Williamsburg Triangle Links & News Sister Site Kick off

Williamsburg Triangle Links & News
The Williamsburg Triangle Links & News sister site is getting ready to be launched by this weekend and will be fully up next week. We are proud to announce the kick off of this site and the format and layout are similar to this one. Please take some time and visit our new sister site. We think you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WXGM 99.1 FM Gloucester Radio Station

Gloucester Radio Station WXGM
Here is a link to the Gloucester Radio Station, WXGM FM 99.1. They have on line radio so you can listen right from your computer. The music is a mix of top 40 and everything from 70's through to today. Even though we like the radio station, we do not really care for the website. It contains very little information about the station and is top heavy on advertising. The site is geared more towards you buying services than anything else. We do not recommend you try listening from your computer as they want you to sign up for a service that you may never use. It's free on the radio, listen there instead.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Plenty of new Gloucester News RSS Feeds

You asked for it, so we have worked on clearing up the old feed we had for news about Gloucester and now have a nice list and cleaner look of RSS News feeds about and for Gloucester County. Your one stop information station on the web. Guess we need to figure out some way to pipe in the local radio stations as well. Since we brought it up, guess the next link needs to be about our local radio stations.

Beaverdam Park, Gloucester County, VA

Beaverdam Park

Beaverdam Park; Gloucester Counties largest park to the tune of 1340 acres with a 635 acre lake. Boating, fishing, hiking, nature trails, children playground, outdoor cooking are just some of the fun you can have here. This is a very scenic park and very clean and well kept. Great for the family, company picnic, or some place to go just to clear your head after a long day.

At the top is a link to more information about the park and they even have a live camera in case you want to see the conditions on the lake before taking up your boat or just to go fishing. Enjoy the picture slide show, it's the most extensive picture show of the park on any website.

Virginia Symphony II, Yorktown

We apologize for the video ending before the song.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr Walter Reed Birthplace

Dr Walter Reed Birthplace
For information, or the lack thereof, on the birthplace of Dr Walter Reed, try this link posted above.

The Rosewell Ruins

Click the link above and take a virtual trip to the Rosewell Ruins. See what is new and all the exciting things going on. October 26th is their annual fund raiser BBQ Dinner and only advanced reservations will get you in, so visit the site and plan on this great event.

York River Overlooking Gloucester Point

Here is a picture taken from the entrance onto the Colonial Parkway in Yorktown of the York River, looking over towards Gloucester. It was a really nice clear day.

Guinea Jubilee, September 26th and 27th

Come one, come all, its the Guinea Jubilee. Two days of arts, crafts, entertainment, heritage displays and the Fireman's parade. Abingdon Ruritan Club Grounds, Guinea Road, Bena. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
Guinea Jubilee

Quilt Code of the Underground Railroad, September Event

On display throughout the month of September are exhibits including posters explaining the "Code" and several quilts depicting its use of the Underground Railroad. This exhibit will be at the Visitor Center, in the Historic Court Circle, Main Street, Gloucester.

The Virginia Symphony, Yorktown

The Virginia Symphony held a concert over in Yorktown on August 30th, 2008. A very well done setup and well performed concert. Here is one of the clips we did. If you ever get a chance to see the Virginia Symphony, we recommend going. It was just a great night on the hill over looking the water towards Gloucester. Our thanks to the Virginia Symphony for allowing us to make this recording available to you.

The Ocean Buffet Restaurant

The Ocean Buffet Restaurant, located at 6693 Fox Center Parkway, right by Starbucks, next to Wal Mart, is a must visit place to eat. Service is top notch and the staff is really friendly, and most important of all, the food is fantastic.

We took the family to dinner there and were just delighted over the menu, very pleased with the service and we highly recommend this place. The picture slide show only gives you a small idea of the wonderful food. The dining area is very clean and the food is not made in mass quantities so you know it is always very fresh.

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