Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Local Sheriff; Complaints About Massage Parlors, Warning; Sexually Explicit Content

(Story by; Chuck Thompson)

Tuesday, October 1st, at the Gloucester County Board of Supervisor's meeting held at the old colonial courthouse, Sheriff Darrell Warren was looking to get a public hearing on the creation of a special local ordinance that is outside of the purview of state code and equally outside of the Dillon Rule that local authorities are supposed to adhere to.  This new special local ordinance would create a new law against what is going on inside of local massage parlors making certain actions illegal in Gloucester County.  Now for some background on why the Sheriff is looking for such an ordinance.  Sheriff Warren claims that he has received numerous complaints about special services being practiced at several locations here in the county and that there are no state laws for which the Sheriff or his deputies can site against these massage parlors for these special services in an effort to stop future practices like this.

What are these special services?  (Warning, the following may be considered sexually explicit and may offend some readers. Caution is advised beyond this point).  Before we begin to explore these special services, let's define what they are not.  Vaginal, Anal and oral intercourse for a fee is considered prostitution within the state and there are laws in place that Sheriff Darrell Warren can take action on and stop these actions if they were going on inside of these massage parlors.  So, these are not the actions where complaints have been issued.  What is not covered is masturbation.  There are no state laws that forbid paying someone to masturbate or massage one's private areas, male or female.  Other complaints are also massage with nudity.  What was not said is who the nude parties are, if they are the massage therapists or the customers or both.  The indication seems to be both however.  The complaints later explained, were after mutual agreements between a customer and the massage therapist and there have been numerous complaints filed by multiple citizens.  Why is anyone's guess.

  One of the problems our forum had while discussing this is the violation of the Dillon Rule by counties in matters like this one.  How is one person to know the laws of one county to the next when traveling through them?  Once the lion is out of the bag, there is no stopping how far it will go in these situations.  One day what looks like a local ordinance to protect the county ends up with who knows how many later?   It's a very dangerous precedent once started, more will follow.  That is why the Dillon Rule is in place.

  So we sent out part of the TTC Media team to do some research and see if Sheriff Darrell Warren might be overlooking any laws to curb and or stop what he believes to be a breach of county ethics in an effort to save the people from themselves.  Why yes there is we found out.  Each massage therapist must be licensed by the state and they could very well be in violation of their state license if they are in fact giving customers hand jobs for a fee.  Besides, this is also a state matter if that is in fact not the case.

  We had a round table discussion on this matter and an interesting concept was brought up.  Could it be that Sheriff Warren wants the county ordinance in an effort to close these businesses down and force a Civil Asset Forfeiture upon them taking all of their money and assets?  We looked at that and what we see, this is an interesting question.  It would also make it impossible for the people who both own and or work at these locations to properly defend themselves as all of their money is taken from them.  In Civil Asset Forfeiture cases, rarely does anyone ever get their money back even if found to be innocent.  Great way to fund your department when the county isn't giving you the budget you would like for your department.

  Now we are not saying this is going to be the case with Sheriff Warren.  This only came up as a possible question in our discussions that makes for an interesting story.  There is also the question in regards to the timing of this.  It's re election time.  What a powerful story this could make days before the election to help sway the vote.  Not that Sheriff Warren really needs any help here anyway.  But it sure does not hurt.  Positive news spin and who knows how much in cash and assets all in one single move?

  Another interesting fact that came up in the round table discussions is that these massage parlors are believed to be owned by folks of oriental decent.  Eastern philosophy is much different than western philosophy in that orientals believe that a massage should have a positive outcome.  A question of intolerance for their beliefs may be of concern to some.  This is not brought up in defense of their practices, just an interesting note.  It was equally brought up with interest that failure to address masturbation for a fee by state legislatures may be for reasons we might not be aware of and they may not wish to discuss.  Either way, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months here in Gloucester. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Gloucester, Virginia Public Schools’ Administration Attempts to Coverup Felony Theft

In May 2017 we brought you a story about rumors of theft from Gloucester County Public Schools’ (GCPS) bus garage. The rumor described an employee stealing a welding machine (welder) and when the theft was brought to the attention of GCPS administration, they allowed the thief to return the welder and retire. Almost two years later we reported Larry Clark Lawson had been indicted by a Grand Jury and as part of a plea deal, had pled guilty to one of two counts of theft greater than $200.00. We have now uncovered some very disturbing facts about the theft and what actions GCPS took and didn’t take once it was reported to administration.

Mr. Lawson was the Foreman of the GCPS bus garage. Part of his duties included purchasing repair parts, tools, etc. related to maintaining GCPS’ fleet of vehicles. Mr. Lawson purchased a welder valued at over $2,000 using GCPS funds. He knew he had to have his supervisor’s permission to make such a purchase and did not tell her. He knew he could not purchase anything over $1,500 on the County credit card and talked the salesperson into breaking the cost into two separate purchases to hide what he was doing. He even talked the salesperson into submitting the two bills several days apart to make it harder to be discovered. One of the purchases was listed as being the welder and the other was for some sort of accessory kit that was not carried by or sold by the vendor; in fact, the accessory kit did not exist at all.

To further conceal his crimes, Mr. Lawson arranged for the welder to be delivered to the bus garage to his attention and during a period when he would likely be the only person there. Unfortunately for Mr. Lawson, the welder was delivered on Thursday, March 30, 2017 instead of during the following week when everyone would have been off for spring break. Because of this, numerous other employees saw the new welder when it was delivered and began to talk about it. Mr. Lawson had the delivery driver unload the welder in the “tire barn” which is typically used to store tires and old equipment. Later that day an employee of the garage noticed the welder had been covered with black trash bags. By the morning shift the next day the welder had disappeared from the “tire barn” and remained missing until April 19, 2017.

Mr. Lawson was finally confronted about the welder and several other items missing from the garage on April 19, 2017. Then Transportation Director, Anne Lanan; Human Resources Director, Gwyn Ciemniecki and Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, John Hutchinson were the confronters. When Mr. Lawson was first asked where the welder was, he said it was in the bus garage in the middle of the workstation; at that point the conversation ended, and Mr. Lawson was placed on administrative leave.

Ms. Lanan then went to the garage where she did not find the new welder. She informed Ms. Ciemniecki who then called Mr. Lawson and asked if there was anything else, he wanted to tell them. Mr. Lawson said he loaned the welder to Tabb Fox, a friend of his and owner of Fox’s Auto Repair. Ms. Ciemniecki told Mr. Lawson he needed to bring the welder back immediately and Mr. Lawson asked if he could have until 5:30 p.m. When he brought it back later that afternoon, he resigned from GCPS. No one ever saw the welder at Tabb Fox’s garage and its location was unknow for 19 days.

Well, all that sounds pretty cut and dry if you assume GCPS administration are the ones who contacted law enforcement. That is not what happened at all. They allowed Mr. Lawson to resign and walk away. If not for the due diligence of an anonymous source who reported the theft to the Sheriff, the Commonwealth’s Attorney and the State Police, Mr. Lawson would have been allowed to do just that, walk away. It must have been very disheartening for that anonymous citizen when they found out Mr. Lawson’s punishment was a conviction for only one of his crimes, no jail time, $500 in court costs and no way to verify Mr. Clemons or anyone else with GCPS submitted the required paperwork to revoke Mr. Lawsons Virginia Retirement System (VRS) benefits as required by Commonwealth law.

In late April the Sheriff, the anonymous source and the Commonwealth Attorney met, and it was decided to have the State Police investigate the anonymous source’s allegations. In a phone conversation after that meeting, the Sheriff informed Mr. Clemons of the complaint made by the anonymous source and let him know the State Police would be contacting him. Mr. Clemons “then” told the Sheriff about some returned stolen property and asked about filing a police report with the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff told him that based on a conflict of interest, he should notify the State Police instead. Imagine that, Mr. Clemons was ready to report returned stolen property after being told the State Police would be making contact. On May 17, 2017 a police investigator met with the Commonwealth Attorney to commence the State Police’s involvement.

Mr. Clemons and his administration appear to have closed the book on Mr. Lawson on April 19, 2017 when they let him resign and did not contact law enforcement; or so they thought until the anonymous source threw a wrench in their coverup. If you don’t believe it, ask Mr. Clemons to show the report filed with the Sheriff’s Department reflecting GCPS’ allegations of the theft. Ask him to show any report they filed with any law enforcement agency before the late April 2017 phone call from the Sheriff’s Department. He can’t because none exist. If Mr. Clemons and his staff intended to do the right thing, they would have called the Sheriff’s Department on April 19, 2017 when Mr. Lawson supposedly first lied to them about the welder’s whereabouts. At this point it is hard to trust anything coming from Mr. Clemons or the School Board.

Why were they covering for Mr. Lawson? What were the other items missing from the garage referenced in the Commonwealth’s Bill of Particulars? Why did it take 19 days after the welder went missing for GCPS Administration to confront Mr. Lawson? What other systemic accountability problems does GCPS have that have not yet come to light? Has Mr. Lawson’s VRS benefits been revoked through application by GCPS and in accordance with the Code of Virginia? Have corrective measures been taken to prevent this type of theft in the future? Are other areas within GCPS being looked at for signs of the same or similar weaknesses in accountability and control? Etc. etc. etc. We deserve answers to these questions and many more.

One thing is for certain out of what we know so far, Mr. Clemons is not the kind of public-school superintendent the citizens of Gloucester County need, want or deserve. If you do not align with his vision for GCPS, he has no use for you. He has lost accountability and control of the transportation division and who knows how many other areas within GCPS. He participated in covering up for a felon employee. He has created a work environment where employees are afraid to speak up, express an opinion or even speak about matters of concern during public comment at School Board meetings. It appears to be all about Mr. Clemons’ image and his vision for GCPS; whatever that truly is.

What do we do about it all? I and many others believe the best thing that could happen at this point, would be for Mr. Clemons and everyone, including School Board members, who participated in the coverup to submit their resignations from GCPS effective immediately. They have irreparably broken the citizens’ trust. Maybe they can all get a job working for the welder thief who seems to mean more to them than the students and taxpayers of Gloucester County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Kenny Hogge, Sr.
Gloucester Point, Va.

Here is a link to GCPS web page with the School Board’s and other email addresses. Let them know this is not how we want any area in our public schools managed and do not appreciate their lack of control over how our tax dollars are spent. Tell them Mr. Clemons has worn out his welcome in Gloucester County.

Be sure to checkout the legal documents about the welder thief in the SlideShare presentation below and emails with Mr. Clemons and School Board member Robin Rice. More Later………………..

Thursday, March 28, 2019

All Gloucester Schools In Violation of The US Constitution

Gloucester schools and all schools across the country all operate in violation of the United States Constitution in our opinion.  And we are going to show you why.  Everyday parents are forced to put their children on a bus or walk them to school against the child's wishes and in many cases, against the will of the parents.  That's called kidnapping.  If parents don't send the child or children to school, the parents get into trouble with some crazy claim that they are damaging their children.
(By:  Steven Blume)

There is no provision in the United States Constitution that provides for this.  Children are then imprisoned for hours against their will and forced to work without compensation in violation of the 13th amendment which clearly reads as follows.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Please explain what crime a child has committed that subjects them to such cruel and unusual punishment?  Children are then normally sent home after hours of incarceration to be further punished with what is referred to as homework.  Again, what crime have they committed?  It's called education but is it really?  It's indoctrination and propaganda mixed with some education so that those who run these enterprises can confuse folks into saying it's education.  Money is extorted from the masses of local citizens, many against their will, to support this criminal activity.  Here is what James Madison said about the powers of congress regarding the Constitution.

  So according to Madison, our government does not have a right to take our children from us and tax us for what government these days calls education.  So where does the power come from?

The right to a free public education is found in the various state constitutions and not in the federal constitution. Every state has a provision in its constitution, commonly called the "education article," that guarantees some form of free public education, usually through the twelfth grade. The federal constitution, on the other hand, contains no such guarantee. In San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriquez, the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 held that education is not a "fundamental right" under the U.S. Constitution. Thus, as a matter of constitutional law, the founding fathers left it to the states to decide whether to provide an education or not and, if deciding to provide one, determine at what level of quality.

The Federal government involvement comes from the so called spending clause, which again, referring to Madison, Congress simply does not have.  For more on what the states are doing, check the link here.  https://education.stateuniversity.com/pages/1882/Constitutional-Requirements-Governing-American-Education.html

  And, the state's constitutions were not originally set up that way.  Therefore they can and should be considered null and void.  If you are sick and tired of paying for insane indoctrination policies being put on the youth of this nation that have already been proven dangerous, take action.  Stop sending your children to these decrepit institutes of degradation.  Home school.  You do not have to follow their agenda on home schooling either.  Teach your children civics, their natural rights.   No state has the right to take your children at any time for any reason.  Your children are your property.  Government has no say in that area.  Free education was a socialist policy that was allowed into our society and has had crippling negative effects ever since.  

https://www.home-school.com/Articles/the-history-of-public-education.php  Here is a great resource for the birth of government controlled education and it's nasty foundings.  It's foundation, morally bankrupt.  That trend has only continued with great fervor.  It's time for a new war on education, or the end of government controlled indoctrination.  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Legal Brief Calls For Circuit Court Judge Jeffery W Shaw's Arrest

A legal brief filed in court on February 19th, 2019, listed as a Notice, Motion of Default, calls for the arrest and conviction of Circuit Court Judge, Jeffery W Shaw.  Said arrest and conviction is not limited to just Judge Shaw, but also a number of others as well.  The arrest and conviction of Judge Shaw is found on page 23 of the document ported into this article and seen below.  78 Federal charges of premeditated fraud with malice are claimed in the document.  Total charges start at over 9 million dollars and claim RICO charges as well which triple the amount of the charges to a new total of over 27 million dollars.

  A demand for the professional bonds of both Judge Jeffery W Shaw and Attorney Bruce E Arkema, of Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill P.C. law firm have been set forth in the mtion for
default filed.
(By: Liberty Law)

The motion for default is due to a failure to answer previous briefs filed with the court and presented to the plaintiff's and their attorney and Judge Shaw ignoring the fact that plaintiff's refused to answer said filings.  Filings challenged jurisdiction.  Papers were filed in King William County where the civil case issues are located, but from what we know, Judge Shaw held court in Gloucester County, creating a serious jurisdictional issue.  Jurisdiction was challenged and while in court, judge Shaw denied the demand that challenged Jurisdiction.  According to adjudicated Supreme Court rulings, once jurisdiction is challenged, everything must stop and jurisdiction must be proven.  Judge Shaw failed to follow this.

The court papers are below and include court stamps on several pages.

Judge Jeffery W Shaw Arrest Legal Filing from Chuck Thompson

What comes next is not within our knowledge.  We report information as it is brought to us on this case.  We sat in several of the court hearings on this case and can attest to a number of facts here.  

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kevin A Wilson, Gloucester Virginia, Taking Without Just Compensation

Kevin A Wilson, Gloucester County, Virginia, Commissioner of the Revenue, sends out letters to local businesses that have all the appearances of doing a taking without just compensation.  Converting property to public funds for public use without consent and under threat of the color of law.  Here is what county code states; § 16-100. Tax valuation date for tangible personal property and machinery and tools; establishment of rate;  (a) Tangible personal property, machinery, and tools shall be taxed as of January 1 of each year. The status of all persons, firms, corporations and other taxpayers liable to taxation on any such property shall be fixed as of such date in each year and the value of such property shall be taken as of such date.

(By:  Steven Blume)

(b) The rate of the personal property tax shall be established each year by the board of supervisors.

Now, what constitutes a person is a matter of legal debate as it is not what most people actually believe it to be.  See Virginia codes for natural persons.  That area is not going to be argued here today.  "Other taxpayers", is not defined and when the language is not clear, has no standing in law.  So these taxes can only be applied to corporations and the term firm is equally at question depending on the legal status of the firm.  Is the firm a creation of the state?  If so, taxes can be applied.  If not, no taxes are due and the form can be ignored.  If you have a business, if it is not a creation of the state as in an incorporation, S corporation, C corporation, etc, then you are a creation of the state and hence a franchise of the state and subject to taxation.  If you are a sole proprietor, or sole owner, or the business is privately owned, you are not subject to this tax for the following reason in our opinion.  But please, do the research and take the laws here we present into your considerations.

  Any tax on any private enterprise is not legal for the following reasons.  Violation to the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution, as stated, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.  Ownership of a business is a right, not a privilege.  See Hale vs Henkel, 
linked right here, http://understandcontractlawandyouwin.com/hale-vs-henkel/  Just because you file for a business license, which you are never required to do, does not make you a creation of the state.  It is simply a registration not a creation.

  So why wouldn't the taxes apply to a private business?  Simple, it constitutes a taking without just compensation as stated in the 5th Amendment as shown above.  The 14th Amendment strengthens this considerably.  Section one of the 14th Amendment reads in part as follows; No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.  Again, what the county is doing to some of it's citizens is a direct violation of the US Constitution as well as the Virginia Constitution which reads pretty much the same way.  Is the county making this clear?  No.  It needs to.  Again, what the county is doing to the private citizen is taking your property, converting it to taxes for public use and it is doing so without just compensation to you.  If you have been paying any of these bills, I would demand all of my money back with interest, or sue the Commissioner of Revenue for failure to convey this information.  But again, you can not be a creation of the state or a state franchise and sue or demand money back.

  Stand up for your rights or just pay what you do not owe.  It's up to you.  I am just telling you what I see as injustice here and giving you the laws as I know them.  You are free to buy into the socialist system the government has over layered on us.  I for one am not going to buy it.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Circuit Court Judge Jeffery W Shaw Orders Removal Causing Multiple Assaults Against Council

(By:  Liberty Law)
Gloucester County, Virginia.  Circuit Court Judge, Jeffrey W Shaw orders removal of defendant's council resulting in multiple assaults against council.  No valid reason can be found for Judge Jeffrey W Shaw's order to remove a defendant's council in court yesterday.  Defendant's council is a 67 year old woman, about 5 foot 2 inches and weighing in at about 100 lbs.  Council was simply explaining law to Mr Shaw but he refused to hear the law.  He ordered the removal of council and the bailiff, who had just moments before called for backup, grabbed the arm of this senior citizen, brought it around her back and then proceeded to use force by both twisting her arm and moving it in an upward position, exerting unnecessary force and causing pain.  She tried to continue to explain the law to Mr Shaw all the while the bailiff continued his excessive force and a second bailiff coming in and using additional force against this woman.

  We were there and are witnesses to this event along with a host of others.  Affidavits are now being created that will be signed and notarized and sent to the highest authorities in the nation.  Two bailiffs using excessive force in a premeditated fashion, with malice, against a 67 year old woman who is only 5 foot 2 inches weighing in at about 100 lbs posses no threat.  She was thrown out of the court for the rest of the case all for explaining law to a judge?  No complaints are being filed with the sheriff's office as we do not believe this incident should be a reflection of that office.  The two bailiff's will probably be sued as individuals for their own actions as well as the court for failing to prevent the excessive force as it was happening.  And all of this happened because Judge Jeffrey W Shaw does not believe in the United States Constitution for which he was sworn into office and pledged to uphold.  The situation above all happened because this woman was explaining the defendant's Constitutionally guaranteed rights to Mr Shaw.  Additional lawsuits will now be filed against Judge Jeffery W Shaw for his actions in the court yesterday.  

Circuit Court Judge, Jeffery Shaw Admits Fraud?

Yesterday in Gloucester, Virginia Circuit Court, Judge Shaw challenged defense's council asking council if council had a license to practice law.  Council was very quick to respond that no one has a license to practice law.  No judge, no lawyer posses such an item.  Judge Shaw did not refute this.  It was made very clear in Circuit Court yesterday that no judge or no lawyer has a license to practice law despite Virginia statutes that state as follows: "§ 54.1-3904. Penalty for practicing without authority.
(By:  Liberty Law)

Any person who practices law without being authorized or licensed shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. A collection agency may refer debts to an attorney for collection with the creditor's approval of the referral and the fee arrangement and shall not be deemed to be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. An attorney is permitted by the creditor's authorization to enter into such representation agreements".

  Well the above does state, authority, but for one, that is a violation of the 6th amendment, which reads as follows: "n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence".   The assistance of council.  That does not at any point state, lawyer, attorney, member of the bar.  Council explained to Judge Shaw that council has congressional authority in the courts which I would suggest trumps any license.  Now a serious question, what does authorized mean?  The Virginia statute above does not make sense as it fails to explain authorization.  A violation of the creation of codes.  Therefore, the code does not stand.  It's a conflict of interest.

  So Judge Shaw said he would not permit council for the defense to be heard, in violation of the 1st Amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, 6th amendment, 11th amendment and the 14th amendment.  Judge Shaw wanted a Bar membership number.  A bar membership number is nothing more than a club membership.  It is supported by attorney's for attorney's and is used as a violation in modern times to steal the rights of the people in the court system.  I would dare to say it's tantamount to fraud at it's highest levels and in direct violation of laws against monopolies, rico act and racketeering.  In fact, I have several friends who are lawyers.  I have asked several if there was actually any such thing as a license to practice law.  They answered, NO!  There is no such thing as a license to practice law.  It does not exist.  It is only in the statutes to confuse people.

  So no judge is licensed to practice law.  No lawyer is licensed to practice law.  They are only authorized to practice law?  Who gives such authorization?  Well, they do.  That folks is a monopoly, racketeering, and a violation of the RICO act.  It's also fraud because they never disclose this information to you in my opinion.  It's concealment.  It's premeditated with malice.  And to top this off?  It's done under the guise of justice, and protecting you?  Where is the justice?

  Ah, but this continues to get even better folks.  In the next article, I will go into detail of what I call crimes committed in Judge Shaw's court.  The case heard yesterday is part of the lawsuit against Judge Shaw, but he can not do anything about the lawsuit.  In fact, he made it much worse yesterday.  There will be another one based on what happened in his court.  (Why is it his court?  It belongs to the people.)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Public Notice: Judge Jeffery W Shaw Lawsuit Update

An update on the lawsuit against Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W Shaw.  Everyone is looking online to see where the lawsuit is posted.  We have been given permission to show the front page of the lawsuit because it isn't like any other lawsuit anyone has ever seen before.  We will not be publishing the entire brief so please do not ask or look for it.  Most will not understand how any of this works.  The front page only sets the stage for the filing.  This is a commercial lien.  It can not be sealed.  It can not be redacted.  And no one can understand how it all comes together without reading the brief in it's entirety.   Below is a copy of the front of the brief.

(By:  Liberty Law)

Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W Shaw Lawsuit Update from Chuck Thompson

We have redacted the injured party's name from the above information.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Public Notice: Attorney Verbena M Askew Being Sued

Filed in King William County, Virginia yesterday, January 22nd, 2019 is a suit that names Verbena M Askew of the Verbena M Askew law firm of Hampton, Virginia.  The charges are as follows, Premeditated Extortion, Grand Larceny, Conspiracy Against rights, robbery, intimidation and Continuing Financial Crimes of Enterprise are just a few of the crimes named in the suit.  A commercial lean has been placed on her and her law firm.  We have a copy of this suit and have verified it's claims.

(By:  Liberty Law)