Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gloucester County, VA Volunteers Wanted

Citizens Sought for Capital Improvements Advisory Committee
The County of Gloucester is establishing a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Advisory Committee to review and make recommendations concerning proposed capital projects for both the county and public school system. The CIP document is a comprehensive plan for the development, modernization or replacement of county-owned facilities, infrastructure, equipment and land acquisition. The committee will be composed of two representatives from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, one representative from both the Gloucester Planning Commission and Gloucester School Board and two citizens preferably with relevant experience in finance or construction. The committee will meet as needed at a place and time to be determined.
Interested citizens should complete a Volunteer Board Bank Interest Form which can be found on the county’s website at (On the e-services drop down menu select “Boards/Committees On-Line.”) Interest forms may also be obtained by contacting the Community Education Department at 693-5730. The committee will begin meeting in January 2009 at a time and place to be determined.
For more information concerning the Capital Improvements Plan Advisory Committee, please contact Community Education at 693-5730.

Although this is a nice idea for saving money at the county level, you normally get what you pay for. Those who would be exceptional at the job do not have the time unless the pay is worth it. Those with the time, well there may be a reason for that. Let's hope the plan works anyway.

15 Arrested In Mathews County On Drug Charges

The news story is presently at the bottom of this site. The link is here to read the story; Daily Press News
Well if any of them need a lawyer, they can find the link on this site to a good number of lawyers who might be able to help them.

These are probably very decent normal people with a very bad business plan. The Drug business isn't a good one no matter how you look at it. (Even in the legal sense). I feel bad for these folks as their lives have now been ruined and it has also affected their families as well. Jail time is no picnic nor are the court dates and trials. Tough times may call for some innovative thinking, but not in the manner that can ruin your life, the life of your family and also the life of your friends, customers, and their families as well. More people are affected by these acts than one may ever give consideration to.

Sure, sometimes life sucks. Drugs are not the answer. On the other side of this coin though, if drugs were legal, then this wouldn't have even happened. Something has to change within our overall system. I'm not going to claim to have those answers, but this story is all to common. Arrest the drug dealers? Why not go after the drug manufacturers? Those folks are the real terrorists. By the way, heroin comes mostly from the middle east does it not? Besides, I myself would be more concerned with how the illegal drugs got here in the first place more than arresting the ones trying to deal it. I'm not defending the actions of those arrested, but one has to look at the bigger picture in order to resolve the real issues. 15 arrested today and 1,500 ready to take their place tomorrow. So what was resolved? The flow is still coming in. Small time dealers are nothing and easily replaced. Where's the source? Just a question.

Green Gates Gifts Updated, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

We were not aware of this until we started posting the next picture in our files that Green Gate Gifts had a second store. But here it is in the Gloucester Shopping Center. If you want more information on Green Gate Gifts, see our earlier posting below.

Dominion School of Hair Design, Gloucester Point, VA

Dominion School of Hair Design. The link is right there in the name. Since I don't have much in the line of hair, this is not my field of specialty. I just get what little I have buzzed off. But I can always go here to learn a new skill.

Pizza Hut, Gloucester Point

A couple of pictures of Pizza Hut at Gloucester Point. Right next to the Gloucester Point Shopping Center. Always good food plus as I am sure you are aware of, they deliver. In my opinion, they are more expensive than Dominos Pizza, but they also have a different taste to them as well. It's a matter of taste and budget. Here is the Pizza Hut link where you can find deals and maybe some coupons.

If you want to place an order, here is the phone number; (804) 642-4620, just make sure you check the on line deals first. (Saving money is always a good thing).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa plus Sushi Foremost, Gloucester Shopping Center, VA

Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa and Sushi Foremost are located in the Gloucester Point Shopping center. We accidentally cut off half the picture of Sushi Foremost so we will have to re take that one. We could not find a web site for Trendsetters at this point nor did we have any luck finding any for Sushi Foremost. We didn't even find any reviews to add either. We have no experience with either business so we have no comments at this time.

Domino's Pizza, Gloucester Point, VA

Domino's Pizza located in the Gloucester Point Shopping Center has been serving the lower part of Gloucester County for quite some time. Mike Bennett was the owner and to the best of our knowledge still is. Mike is a good egg trying to do his best to produce the best products he can and takes care of his employees the best way he can within his means. I worked for him many years ago and hated leaving, but it was time to move on. There is no web site for this store that we could find. There is a Merchant Circle page with near no info on it. While I was on the Merchant Circle site though, I took the liberty of putting a copy of this picture on that site for them.

Let them know you saw this posting on this site. It might not get you a discount, but who knows, you might get better and faster service. Just remember, good food takes some time to produce though. And please tip the drivers. Gas isn't cheap and they do not make that much. They really do depend on those tips. (Since I have not worked for Domino's in over 7 years and have no intention of doing so again any time soon, I can get away with telling you that).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny Of The Week

The pictures here tell a funny story. This is one of at least 5 known payday loan businesses in Gloucester. Look at the top picture, you see the ad for Cash 2-U, Payday Loans. Underneath is the lettering for them as well. Look at the lettering. Pay Da Loans. Guess they need everyone who took out loans with them to pay those loans. (Yeah we know the Y fell off, but that's what makes this picture so funny).

Gloucester Point Shopping Center, Gloucester, VA

Some pictures from the Gloucester Point Shopping Center.

Firewood Delivered To Your Home, Gloucester, VA

If you are in need of firewood, I have a few contacts here for you to consider. Doug Bristow here in Gloucester can take care of your needs. Phone number to place an order is 757-593-2377, and his brother Jeff Bristow, phone 757-870-6360 for the rest of the Peninsula are the ones to call. Prices are as follows, $150.00 per cord, $85.00 per half cord or $50.00 per half cord if you haul it yourself. (Additional delivery charges may apply depending on where you live, call for a quote). The wood is seasoned and mixed. No pine. We have called them and had a load delivered to us. Doug was the one who came to our house and delivered the wood. Very prompt and polite. He called us before coming over and delivered the wood within the exact time frame we had requested earlier in the week.

The wood was dumped where we requested it and we stacked it ourselves. Each piece is cut to fit in any fireplace without any problems. To say the least, we are very pleased with the overall service and will be ordering again. When we found these brothers, we had also contacted some other people who were advertising they sold wood and would deliver it to you, some were cheaper, but none of them ever responded back. This is another reason these guys have won our business. Makes a difference.

Chem Trails Over Gloucester, VA

This is just disturbing. Before anyone tries to tell me that this is nothing but a normal contrail, let me qualify myself. I am more than old enough to know and have lived most of my life within miles of major international airports to know that, "NO", this is not normal or business as usual. I have seen the videos explaining what these are and these are not good. I have seen poor arguments saying that these are not chemtrails and there are no such things. Well I have months worth of high definition photos and videos from all around the state recording how the same planes keep flying back and forth all day and night blanketing the sky until there is near no clearing at all. I even put up another web site about this phenomenon and one person even sent me information how this is sold to the pilots to do this all over the world.

It goes something like this, it is a part of our military satellite defense system. We blank out the sky so that our enemies satellites can not see our defenses. Anyone who buys that, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. He also went on to say that the reason this is not released as public information is because the polymers used in the sprays are considered toxic. Do your own research. Youtube has videos of a crew in a plane taking care of the tanks that are used to spray our skies. Another web site shows the chemical composition of the sprays they are using and also have testimony from airline executives about how the military has briefed them as they are also using commercial flights to spray our skies, but if the executives disclose this information, they will never work again. Guess the threats didn't take.

Don't take what I say here as gospel. I am still researching this myself. But what I have found to date is very disturbing to me. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Watch the sky more than you have and see what you are really seeing and if that makes any logical sense to you. It does not to me. Watch the patterns the jets make in the sky. See if the same planes keep coming back around and creating more patterns in the area they were just in. Wake up. I would love to be proved wrong. I just do not see it though. Check out the British videos on YouTube where this was done to an area in England and how many of those people living there died of unusual cancers and at above normal numbers. The British Government admitted to it 50 years later after the fact. Are we under the same situation? It's just a question. Do your own homework and come to your own conclusions.

Gloucester County, VA Historical Society

Though we could not find a web site to the Gloucester County Historical Society, we were able to pull up their mailing address. Better than nothing. So here it is;

Gloucester Historical Society
P.O. Box 1812
Gloucester, VA 23061

Sorry, at the moment we do not have a contact name for you. When we get that, we will report it here for you.

Lawyers Directory Link Gloucester County, VA

Well we hope you never need one unless it is for something positive such as buying a house, starting a new business, inheriting a fortune, or something else wonderful, either way though, here is a link to our local lawyers. Gloucester Attorneys. Best of luck whatever your needs are. Hope everything turns out good for you.

Movie Theater Show Times, What's Playing? Gloucester County, VA

Here is the link to movies playing at the local theaters. Movies.
So if you wanted to know when that new movie that just came out will begin, just go to this link and you will have exactly what you are looking for. Happy viewing.

Gloucester Point, VA

Green Gates Gifts, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is a picture of Green Gate's Gifts located at 1467 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Gloucester, Point. Yet another business I really know nothing about. They are located right by Carolina BBQ so they are easy to find. One of these days when we have the time, we will have to go explore this shop. We found their web site so here is the link, Green Gates Gifts
Looks like it is a wonderful place to make a stop at and get some ideas for the home.

Nick's Spaghetti and Steak House, Gloucester Point, VA

Nick's Spaghetti and Steak House. Sorry, this is another restaurant I have never been to even though the word around town is that they are great. So we looked up their link so you can check out the menu. Nick's Spaghetti & Steak House

Being a big fan of Greek food, I saw the gyro dinner on there and will have to go check that out. I know that this has been a very popular restaurant in Gloucester for many years. The parking lot is usually pretty darn busy.

Carolina BBQ House, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is a picture of the outside of the Carolina BBQ House in Gloucester Point. They advertise buffet style on the sign so I will take them at their word. I have not eaten there but word of mouth says they are good. Don't know what I am waiting for as I am a big BBQ fan. My biggest problem is when I really get into the mood, we all head over to Pierce's BBQ Pit in Williamsburg. I never think of this spot. Well that is going to have to change.

As a creature of habit, we know what we like so we usually visit the places where we know the food is good and the prices won't kill you. Since we have never eaten here, we just do not know what to expect, so we are just going to take a leap one day and give this place a go. We will let you know once we do that. There are a lot of new places and places that have been around for some time that we just have not tried yet. I kind of feel guilty posting a place of business and knowing little or nothing about it. But my main objective is reporting on anything about Gloucester County, so that will continue.

Carl's Truck and Auto Repair, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is a picture of Carl's Truck and Auto Repair. I remember the days that it was Carl's Exxon and they used to sponsor the Coleman Bridge openings and updates on FM 99.1 for us locals. Hey Carl, thank you for those. There are us who still remember the old days. Then again I also remember the Coleman as a one lane on each side bridge. You used to come down, (or up), Rt 17 driving in 2 lanes and then everyone would have to shift down to one lane. The tie ups were unreal. God forbid you had a bridge opening on top of that.

Well we are very happy that Carl is still there even though the gas station is gone.

Stop and Go, BP Gas Station, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is a picture of the Stop & Go, BP, gas station that is the first gas station you come to when coming off of the Coleman Bridge. This was a major renovation as the last owners had the roof cave in on them from storm damage. The gas prices are in line with everyone else and BP gas is considered some of the best. I won't argue the point as to who has the best gas as I would just as soon not have to use any but then I don't want to go back to horses either so.....

I'm sure they appreciate any new customers that come their way so be sure to give them a big Gloucester Welcome and give them a shot.