Friday, November 29, 2019

Violet's Rant: Let's Talk About Gun Control

Oh Lordy be..., 
We have us a few random air pockets running around in Virginia. Not so sure how they showed up but I find it hard to believe they were born here. You know what I'm talking about. Those fruity patooties with the big hollow spot between their ears. Yea, them!
I try to not to be so harsh, well probably not as hard as I could but good grief! If dumb gets any dumber. Jim Carey will never find a job. The dummies will outshine him by far.
So, let's talk about gun control....
Now, how many of you knuckleheads out there actually believe you are safer without one? Now, don't be bashful...
raise your hand or both so you can practice surrendering now.👀
Lemme 'splain something.... If you are sitting at your residence popping popcorn or whatever it is you like to do while sitting around watching television and some thug comes bursting through your door with a gun in hand, demanding that you give him all that you own of value.What's going to happen?  Lemme guess, your wife grabs the rolling pin and you grab the remote control. Now, that's some arsenal there my friend! Yup, you got it going on. Where I come from ...they call that a sitting duck. And we don't like to be sitting ducks.
Now you may want to practice your heroic actions with the rolling pin, but I personally don't want to be around for it. Nope, not me. It's gonna get ugly.
Try to fill a little air between those ears with some common sense for the sake of argument. Just because you surrendered your guns don't mean the thug is going to. And if you think not.... your air pocket may be in full disrepair.
I get that innocent people are being killed and it ticks me off too. But do you really think banishing a law that was designed to protect us, not only from intruders and violent offenders but the government itself is going to help? If law abiding citizens surrendered their guns then only criminals would own them.Can't you see that?  Now think about that. I mean, I don't really see a line of thug's standing in line to turn in their guns, do you? Nope, me either.
How about replacing all that ignorant sex ed which serves absolutely no purpose with gun laws.
Hmmmm now there's an idea...start with elementary students and teach them to "not touch it", "tell an adult" and what ever it is that's within their innocent brain level. Then let's get the middle school involved by sharing videos of parents, siblings and friends who tell their story of losing someone to gun violence, let them see real tears and find compassion before it's too late.....and then high school I think they should see the graphics. I mean really let them see that life stops. 
I's a shame that we have to educate them but the parents apparently don't have time or just don't care. So...., let's hold them accountable, yup.... The kids get convicted but the parents are accessories. I bet that ought to make a few of them think. What about you? Let's face it, if you have children you have a personal obligation to them and if you fail them. The burden shouldn't be all theirs.
I am sure there are more ideas and I think all should be brought to the table but lemme make one thing clear. We should never surrender our guns!!!!
Whew! Now, that I got that off of my chest let me update you on a couple of things. On December 3rd, 2019 there will be a hearing in Gloucester County regarding sanctuary cities for gun owners. It will be held at the Board Of Supervisors in Gloucester at 6:00 p.m.. I strongly urge you to attend. 
Also, I have recently been told of a "march" on the 20th of March, 2020.
 Once again, I suggest you be there to support our Second Amendment right.
Now, I get that the air pockets are having a tough time with this but we need to talk to everyone we pass and encourage them to register to vote and reach out with every opportunity you see! Some people just don't realize the magnitude of what is unfolding.
Here's a tad bit of history fer ya.... Hitler started with gun registration to protect children....then he seized them because children were still dying. Now, don't look at me I didn't make history. I just filled my head with something besides all that fluffy stuff! 
Now, you can help solve the problem or be a part of the problem. That's entirely up to you. Bottom line is.... We are not surrendering our guns. I don't even own a gun but I am a strong supporter of them. Why? Because my father was a hunter, he provided for my family that way and so did most of the children I grew up with. The knucklehead concept that guns kill people is like saying the planes that flew into the Twin Towers were at fault and not the pilots flying them. And let's not forget about those enemies .... Do you really think they went away? Of course not, they are infiltrating our government offices and they want your guns! Just ask Ilhan Omar, Alexander Ostacio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib..... They don't want you to have guns either. Do you wonder why they have such a personal interest in it? 
 Now if that doesn't fill your air pocket with some common sense, I don't reckon nothing will.
There you have it folks...., We can stand idly by or we can refuse to be stripped of our Second Amendment Right to bare arms, slowly but surely. It's a no brainer! See you at the BOS Tuesday night in Gloucester!