Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help The Homeless of Gloucester County Virginia

There is a new program emerging in Gloucester County, Virginia called Help The Homeless of Gloucester, Virginia. A program designed to bring help and hope to the growing number of people forced into homelessness for any number of reasons these days. When one thinks of homeless people, it's usually visions of people with addictions problems or the mentally challenged. Well there is a whole new breed of homeless people these days. A very bad economy that is forcing people out of jobs, lower wages while prices continue to rise, getting injured and not being able to work, illnesses forcing one out of work, these are the many reasons we are seeing a growing population entering into homelessness. Some people do have friends and family to turn to, others are not so lucky.

People forced to live in their cars or live in tents somewhere in the woods. There are no shelters on this side of the water for families or men. There is one shelter for women and children, but a family that wishes to stay together, there is nothing. What about social services? Still nothing. Section 8 for housing is backed up for years and if you can get on the list? You will wait many years before anything comes up. What about charities? Very short term band aid help. A charity may pay for a family about one night in a local motel, that's it. There are no plans and there is no help for any family facing or in the situation of being homeless.

Even if one has the money to rent a place, many are finding themselves locked out of the rental market due to things such as income requirements that landlords have now adopted as well as being able to pass a credit check. If you just lost your home to foreclosure, your credit stinks. The reason does not matter why your credit stinks, bad credit does lock you out. Also, if you just lost your home, chances of you having enough money to pay the first moths rent, a security deposit, have all the money to get all the utilities turned on are rather slim. Are we getting the picture yet? Folks, the numbers of homeless in Gloucester County Virginia are growing daily. This problem is not going to go away either.

As you go around the county, you will start seeing flyers posted in windows and on bulletin boards for Help The Homeless of Gloucester Virginia, this organization is going to spread throughout the county over the next few months like crazy. Help The Homeless of Gloucester Virginia is looking to build real long term solutions and not just band aid programs that steal the dignity of those who are already suffering major losses. This organization is looking for volunteers for every area, donations of every kind from land to abandoned buildings, office space to office supplies, furniture, blankets, you name it. Most of all, the organization needs shelter for people now. If you can help, please call 1 757 504 5184.