Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Federal Reserve Act of 1913 -- Your REMEDY under the Common Law

English: Total debt outstanding in the US, by ...
English: Total debt outstanding in the US, by sector. Source: US Federal Reserve, report Z.1/D.3. Used on Kredietcrisis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to redeem Federal Reserve Notes for Lawful Money.  How many books and articles say that this can not be done?  A great number say it can not be done, yet it's being done by a number of people now.  Of course, your bank is going to give you a hard time because then they can not make money on you as easily as they had before, but why is that your problem?  It's not.  

  Watch this video and it may take you a number of times watching it to get all of the facts here.  It's rather deep and extensive.  But it has some fantastic points.  Using Federal Reserve Notes to pay bills does not discharge the debt you owe.  It only satisfy's the debt, but the debt still remains on you.  If this is new to you, you can do some homework and you will find out how true this really is.

  So you think you own your home or car?  Guess what, you do not.  Look at the paperwork very closely and you will soon learn that you do not own it at all.  You can only own something if you pay for it in lawful currency.  Federal Reserve Notes are only debt instruments, not actual currency.  It's why you pay taxes.  We will keep bringing to you real solutions for the real world.  Not fake solutions that will only turn your stomach and put you deeper in debt.  Become part of the solution for fixing this country, and stop being part of the problem.

Introduction To The Common Law: How To Get Out of Speeding Tickets

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...
English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An introduction to the common law.  Bill Thorton of  http://www.1215.org  gives a brilliant mini education to help you understand what your real rights are.  Thought you knew your rights?  You might want to think again and watch this video all the way through.

  The above video is a long one at almost 3 hours.  It is well worth the 3 hours spent.  It is also more than worth your time to visit the 1215 website and start going through the entire site as it will help you understand the real law of the land as put forth by our forefathers.  The Common Law has not disappeared.  It has only been buried from your view and knowledge.

  There is also a tremendous bonus if you are willing to watch and pay close attention to this video.  Bill tells you how to get out of any speeding ticket.  It will also work with parking tickets.  Now this does take some understanding that the present legal system was not designed with you in mind as far as protecting your rights.  In fact, it is our opinion, as well as the opinion of many others, the present system was designed to work against you every time.

  Why should you visit his website?  Well if you have not watched the video, which you really need to do, the main reason is all the tools on his site to help you build your own case and take the courts back and assert your actual rights that the present courts seem to have well stripped away from you.

  We will be bringing you more on the common law and what your real rights are and why the courts seem to ignore your rights as promised by the Constitution.  We have already amassed a large library of books and documents that we will be bringing to you to help you reclaim your rights and know how to protect them.  Again, the present legal system does not use words in ways you think you understand them.  Even though the words may be in English, they do not have the same meaning under the legal codes as they do in everyday life.

  The above video starts you in understanding just that.  The Constitution isn't dead it's just buried under a pile of dirt that needs to be removed.

Gloucester, Virginia Animal Control Still Abusing The Taxpayers

For the past 6 weeks we have been reporting abuses to the taxpayers and the people of Gloucester, Virginia as Laura Dickie of Animal Control has been using a taxpayer owned county vehicle for personal use by going out to breakfast each morning while in uniform and therefore considered to be on duty getting paid for such.  

  We have no problems with people eating.  Everyone needs to eat.  What we have a problem with is the violation to county employment rules of conduct where employees are not to use county vehicles for personal use as well as state codes, federal laws and IRS codes that also state the same.  According to county employment rules, employees get a 15 minute break as well as a lunch break.  These do not include using taxpayer owned vehicles for personal use to go to the local restaurants, fast food places, quick stop markets, shopping centers and the like while on break or for lunch.  The employee rules are very clear on this.  

  What we also have an issue with is that Animal Control deputies are supposed to exhibit higher levels of conduct since they are charged with enforcing certain, yet restricted, legal ordinances or codes.  (Color of Law).  It becomes a serious issue of concern when you have someone who is supposed to exhibit these higher levels of conduct but instead keeps repeatedly violating these very simple basic rules.  How can we trust these people?  Or can we?  Below are some of the many pictures we have taken showing these violations to the taxpayers of Gloucester County, Virginia.  And this is minor on what goes on here.

And how much is this costing us all?  This woman is supposed to be setting an example?