Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gloucester Residents Save Money On Movies Now

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This link will take you to a site we highly recommend you check out. For less than you pay for one month of cable TV, you can get 2 years of download movies that you can rip to your hard drive, burn to DVD and watch on your TV or just stream them onto your computer and watch them. Either way, it's a great way to save a lot of money and increase your entertainment options for much less than you pay for one month of cable TV. Add this with a subscription to blockbuster home delivery and you won't even need cable or satellite TV anymore.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Get The Best Tattoos In Gloucester

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Go to the link above and pick out the best tattoo art and get the best tattoos right here in Gloucester. Tattoos are a growing form of art that many people like to express on ones self. The link is for a site where you pick out art work that you would like expressed on your own body. Some of the best art around in the world today. Take some time to check it out.

Free Hunter Magazine To Gloucester Residents

North American Hunter

On this site you can pick up a free hunter magazine. Always keeping everyone's interests at heart here at Gloucester County Links & News. We have other offers coming soon for you fishermen, history buffs, gardeners and outdoor folks. Great way to keep your mind occupied on the positive aspects of life.

Meet Someone Special In Gloucester, Gloucester Dating

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We decided to add this site as it is the largest and best site on the Internet for meeting new people for possible long term relationships. It can be a tough world out there and any help that anyone can get is always appreciated. So here's to meeting someone new and possibly finding the love of your life.

For The Gloucester Woman

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We have not forgotten about the women here in Gloucester that want to create a special treat for their significant other. Here is a site where you can buy a costume and create a special day, evening, weekend or what ever you like for a romantic time. Also not a bad place to check out some Halloween costume ideas either.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gloucester Residents, Please Watch Out For New Scams

Hey everyone. Just want to send out a reminder that the scams are coming in fast and furious these days as the economy is down so the scams are up. The latest big scam which is rather old but on the grow as it is a good one, Secret Shopping. There are variations on this scam but they always play out the same way. If you are prospected for one of these positions via email, this is the first giveaway you are being scammed. These companies are not looking for people to join them. People are looking to join those companies instead. Strike one.

The folks on the other end have email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or one of the other free service providers, strike two. You are sent an email to provide your information and it is not a legal application form, strike three. Yet people are still falling for these with these three strikes already in play. Here is the hook, $100.00 to $200.00 per assignment, plus $30.00 to $50.00 to spend as you want at your assignment. You also get to keep what you buy with the 30 to 50 bucks. In one particular case, the victim was promised at least $400.00 per week for super easy and fun work.

The inning is almost over yet the majority of victims are fully hooked in to believing the scams are real offers and that they have just been very fortunate. Well you are not. Here is the rest of the deal. Your first assignment is usually going to your nearest Wal Mart or Old Navy store and buying some items and then either going to Money Gram in Wal Mart and sending the money on to another secret shopper or go to a Western Union to do the same. The sinker for you. Once you cash the check(s) you get, which are usually Money gram checks or Western Union checks, these are fraudulent and even though you already got the money from the bank, the bank will be calling you or sending you a letter in a few days letting you know they either froze your bank account or are demanding payment from you on the bad checks.

If you have the money to cover these checks, consider it gone. It now belongs to the bank. If you didn't have the money to cover the check(s), you will have to come up with it somehow or have charges pressed against you for passing fraudulent products. So instead of you making money, you just lost a fortune if you fell for this. It's really a good scam that hooks a lot of people very quickly. Take these things into consideration. There is a certain degree of legal matters that must be accomplished before you ever even get a job offer, such as filling out a full employment application, supplying your SS number and and drivers license. These must also be presented as copies verifed by someone as part of the hiring process.

There is always a professional web site where you receive training before starting your first assignment. You will also have a manager that you report to that has decent grammar. Scammer's are notorious for bad grammar. Always question why you are sent such large amounts and are paid on the spot before performing any work. Another strike is your Money Orders being sent to you via an overnight service. Why do the scammer's use this method? Many times there is a loop hole where checks can't be detected as frauds for anywhere between 24 through 96 hours. So getting you these checks as fast as possible is very important to the scam.

I have seen some of these checks recently. They are incredibly good. They will easily pass through many banks. The bottom line here really is that you can be legally charged for forgery if you have already cashed any of these checks and you can not cover them. I'm not saying this is fair. It isn't, but the fault is also not the bank's, nor the money order issuing companies.

So please keep your best senses about you whenever looking at any offer out here. Stop and ask yourself if what you are being asked for or to do is normal. Have all the proper steps been taken? These are the warning signs that if they have not been properly adhered to, should cause you to run the other way no matter how attractive the offer. Remember this, attractive offers are the hooks. Hooks can tear you apart.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gloucester County Auto Parts Discounts

10% Off All Auto Parts -

Go to the above link and see the type of savings you can get on auto parts as opposed to the local dealers. Get the parts you need sent right to your door or shop. Now this isn't always practicle we know. But when you have time on your side, you can get real savings on your side as well.

Print Your Gloucester Pictures On Kodak Paper

Kodak Gallery

Now that you have had your vacation and taken a bunch of pictures, demand the best and print those pictures on genuine Kodak paper through Kodak's link above. Save a ton of time and money and just sign up, upload and order your prints and they will be sent to you for less than taking them to Wal Mart to be developed.

Movies Delivered To Your Home In Gloucester

Here is another way to save money. Instead of driving to the blockbuster store and renting your movies, get the movies deleivered to your mail box instead. It's cheaper and faster too. Plus look at all the gas you will save not having to drive. When you are done watching the movie, just stick it back in your mailbox and then you will get another sent to you. It's really that easy. Plus you can rent more movies for less money. So why wouldn't you want to take advantage of that?

Gloucester Residents Make Money Now On Your Vacation Home

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Why not make money on your vacation home? Now more than ever, everyone can use extra money. If you own a vacation home, check out the link on this post and rent your vacaction home and make some extra money this year. We here at Gloucester Links & News are dedicated to helping you find ways to make a little extra income and save money as well. It's a tough economy and so we are searching new ways to help you get through it all.

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These cigarettes have not nor will they be banned from public use as they are not your normal or typical cigarettes. No odor, no mess, no fuss, no complaints from anyone. Luci is a new electronic cigarette that gives you all the flavor and satisfaction of a regular cigarette without the problems associated with regular cigarettes. Come check out the latest for yourself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never Be Taken By A Contractor Again

Find local ratings on who to hire for all your home projects. Angie's List makes it easy to find the best. Join today.
Angie's List is the site that allows you to check the ratings of local contractors based on your neighbor's experience with a contractor. Never be taken by a contractor that does lousy work, never shows up, never finishes a job or highly over charges for services again. This site also allows you to rate your contractor and let everyone else know whether the person or company you hired did a great job, fair job, bad job or never even did the job after payment. Never hire a contractor without this list.