Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Now Official, TC Walker School Is Closing

As of last night, Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 in an official Gloucester County meeting, it was determined that TC Walker school will be closing it's doors as a school for good. A few things to keep in mind when trying to reason why the county would act in this manner. One. When dealing in a government setting, one is judged for success by the budget one controls, not how much money one makes or how much money one saves. Government is not in the business of making a profit nor is it in the business of saving money on anything. Therefore, what makes business sense to anyone outside of government does not make any sense to anyone inside of government. It then makes sense to do what is going to create the highest level budget you can control than to determine what makes sense for those you have been elected to serve.

What all of this means is we are headed for higher taxes. A natural disaster is great for politicians as it always raises the budgets of someone somewhere. As your budget goes up, so does your value and your pay. With the higher pay, you can now afford the extra taxes you helped bring about. But do not look at it as having to pay higher taxes for the increased budgets our officials burden us with. Think of it as increasing the value of the resumes of our elected officials instead. Yeah, that should help you sleep better at night now.

So what is the county going to do with the empty school? The inside track says that they are already looking at the property as additional office space. Expanding government with higher costs and higher budgets meaning higher taxes. Wait, I mean value added resumes for those in charge.

What I would like to see is the county turn one of it's buildings into a homeless shelter. The county has ignored this problem way to long. What the county does with the homeless of this area other than ignore them is to send them instead to places like the homeless shelters over in Newport News and Hampton that are already way over burdened. Just last night I was communicating with a family via email that has a serious homeless problem through no fault of their own. They were residents of Gloucester and have a long history here. They have been forced across the river because Gloucester does nothing about these issues. By the way, that ploy is over 100 years old and is very effective at shifting the burden from one area to another.

The recent figures here in Gloucester is that we have 54 babies that are presently homeless. The overall figures of actual homeless in Gloucester are staggering with nothing being done about it. These are not your normal hopeless drunks or junkies either. These are hard working people that lost their jobs and then their homes. People when you look at them and talk to them, you would never know their issues. I know of one reverend who has been doing everything he can to try and help but has been getting almost no help from anyone anywhere. When we have approached churches, organizations and local government, they all have the same answer, we have no answer nor do we plan on putting anything together any time soon. Well here is a great way to put together a new budget and expand local government and create new jobs helping people who have been victimized by the new economy.