Wednesday, October 11, 2017

IRS Admits Most Americans NOT Responsible For Income Taxes

April 15th, that dreaded date every year is the last day of the year to file your 1040 tax return or it is considered late.  Many American's file early.  But what if you do not even have to file?  What if you should not even have any taxes taken from your wages to begin with?  We have been studying this information for some time now and we keep getting the same information over and over that there simply is no law that requires most American's to file and or have any money taken out of your wages for income tax purposes.  Most American's simply do not owe the IRS any money.

  Why do most people pay into the system then if they do not owe any money?  The IRS is not required to inform you as to whether or not you owe any money.  If you think you do, they are more than happy to allow you to pay them.  If you get the information wrong on your filing, then they can come after you even though you didn't owe the money.  You got the information wrong per their rules.  Can you just stop filing income taxes?  You want to do it in the correct manner because if you just stop, and having been paying into the system for years, then they believe you to be one of those folks who are required to pay income taxes.  You see, in their book, it is up to you to know the tax laws.  It is not up to them.

  Watch the video above, and if you are still not convinced, there are plenty more videos that feature IRS agents, Senators, Congressmen and lawyers who will take you through the law.  In fact, here is yet another video.

Do your own research and verify what you learn here.  It may be worth a fortune to you.  It's a raise that won't cost anyone anything.  The government won't go out of business if you stop paying.  That is also covered in these videos.  Take the time to learn something new.