Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gloucester Animal Control Meta Data Concerns

As we have been discussing throughout this case, meta data as evidence can be very tricky and can say a lot or say very little.  In this case, it continues to say a great deal.  What we are about to show you is the meta data we have pulled from the Gloucester Animal Control audio files DW_C0152, DW_C0153 and DW_C0154.  These we found to be very unusual.  We will address the issues after we show you these files.

On the meta data from Jeff Stillman's last photo, Jeff Stillman and Steve Baraneck were finished on the property at 12:17 PM.  That means they started back towards their office in the courthouse area at around 12:20 PM..  Average drive time between the victims property and their office is between 20 and 25 minutes putting them into the parking lot for the Animal Control office at about 12:40 and 12:45.

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  A more than fair assessment especially on a Tuesday while school was still in session.  Steve was using a digital IC recorder to audio tape the events.  (Pictured in hand above).  Looking at the meta data, one would say that the time and date stamps seem to be in line with all other evidence.  A few things to take into consideration.  One, there are two types of IC recorders.  One type only allows for transfer of the audio to a computer in real time.  That would mean that the above meta data is virtually impossible to achieve without forging fake meta data.  (Not at all impossible mind you).

  The other type of transfer on the more expensive models allows for USB data transfer cables to download and or even upload audio files.  With that said, let's assume that Gloucester Animal Control uses the type with the data transfer cables.  That would make the above meta data look more authentic then.  Right?  Well not so fast.  We contacted several manufacturers of these IC reorders.  Here is what we learned.

  The units with the data transfer cables also separately record meta data date and time onto each audio file independent of each computer recording of meta data.  What does that mean?  That means it is very easy for forge and fake meta data coming from one of these IC recorders.  How?  Take out the battery for a minute and reset the date and time on the IC Recorder.  I can record a conversation today and create meta data that shows that the conversation took place on May 4th, 2010 and 1:04 PM.  

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This is one of the email responses we received back from the world's largest manufacturer of IC recorders, Sony Corporation.  We own an IC recorder and have the manual for it.  We also have Sony's software for transferring audio data to computers.  We know every type of compression codec's used for conversion of the audio files.  Yes, you can save the files as WAV files, however, there is a second set of meta data on Gloucester Animal Control's files.  Let's look at it.

Sony allows you to save in WAV format, but guess what?  Sony does not use IMA ADCPI compression at all.  IMA ADCPI is used by Microsoft and Apple respectfully as it is a 4 to 1 compression of WAV files.  Sony uses other WAV compression technologies.  What does this mean?  A very high probability that the audio is fake in every respect. 

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The above is from our own manual for our Sony IC recorder.  We have the ICD-BX112 model.  We have to transfer in real time as we did not opt for the USB data transfer cable.  Another note we must make.  IC recorders start and stop each recording with a distinctive beep.  These beeps are missing from Gloucester Animal Control's recordings DW_C0152, DW_C0153 and DW_C0154.  We are continuing to scour the sites of other manufacturers to check their codec technologies.  We have not found one yet that uses the IMA ADCPI technology codec.   As we have said in the past, this is exactly why courts rarely allow this type of evidence.  It must first be put through tremendous scrutiny before it is even allowed to be considered.  Gloucester Circuit Court never even scrutinized these recordings in the least bit.

You can catch up on the entire story over on this site.

Congressman Rob Wittman And Staff Help Out On Case

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Congressman Robert Wittman's staff sent us a letter offering us assistance, on the case we have been reporting on, a few weeks ago.  Today we met with one of his staff members who proved to provide us with invaluable assistance.  As always we are very grateful to both Congressman Robert Wittman and his staff.  Their professionalism and hospitality are of the highest standards we have ever experienced with politicians but must also include the outstanding professionalism and hospitality equaled by Senator Mark Warner in the past.

You can visit our other site to catch up on the entire story here.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Darrell Warren Not Supported For Next Sheriff

We can not possibly back present acting Sheriff, Darrell Warren for the next Gloucester County Sheriff.  Though we do not know much about him, he was the right hand man of past Sheriff, Steve Gentry and with all the issues surrounding Gentry, how can anyone possibly say that Darrell Warren was not aware of what Gentry was up to?  It's possible Warren didn't know anything and was kept in the dark.  Possible, not probable however.  The only thing we have come across on Warren was a receipt for motorcycle parts in his name among papers that also included an arrest warrant for a minor in a house where the minor quickly left Gloucester County.  Not enough to make a case in any direction.  Just a very odd combination of items to be found.

  We know even less about Ledbetter.  All we know is that he was a past deputy in Gloucester.  We do not know when that was though.  We will wait until August and see who all the contenders are for the final part of the race.  Who else is going to throw their hats in?

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Gloucester Animal Control Guilty Of Cruelty To Animals

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are used to tell stories or support stories every day. Pictures in and of themselves can be manipulated into telling a story in a very certain way. But what happens when you open the meta data on digital pictures? A whole new story can and often does develop. Especially in legal cases. On the case we have been reporting on for the past month now we have been showing a tremendous amount of evidence of tampering and down and outright fraud by both Gloucester County Animal Control and the Gloucester County Sheriff's office to name a few.

Well now we have moved on to the pictures that were taken by two different Animal Control officers. Shaun Doyle and Jeff Stillman. In these pictures is evidence that everyone from the Animal Control office, that were there on the property May 4th, 2010, lied about the conditions on the property and even criminally produced false evidence to support such. The pictures by themselves without the meta data revealed can be made to tell a story in any way that these people wanted to tell it. Once the meta data was revealed however, a new story came very much into play. We zoomed in on the backgrounds of some of their pictures where evidence was obvious and we were able to build a time line showing through the meta data how they produced false evidence and manipulated evidence.

The new evidence with the meta data revealed simply can not be argued. Here is some interesting information for you. A digital photo contains meta data that never changes no matter how many edits you make to it or how many times it is copied and or altered. It still maintains the time and date stamp of when the original photo was taken and what camera it was taken with along with other technical data that does not mean much to most people. The time and date stamp on Gloucester Animal Control's photo's is very much a smoking gun against them. Gloucester Animal Control was using Kodak Z885 cameras. The 885 means 8 mega pixels and 5 times optical zoom.

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Though we will not publish to the public all of the evidence that we are reporting about in this story, we can show you a few samples here that does not reveal anything private about the victims so you have a better understanding of what we are reporting to you. The pictures below are part of the actual time line evidence on our secure site.

Click On Image To Enlarge

Both Animal Control and Sheriff's Deputies claimed that there was no water on the property for the animals on the property.  Yet their own photographic evidence says otherwise.  This is one of a number of pictures showing such.

This picture is one of Animal Controls files of evidence that there was no water on the property for animals.  Look at the mud ring around the area of the tub and then look at the next picture.

Animal Control drained the water out of the tub and waited for it all to dissipate before taking the photo above this one.  All you have to do is note the date and time on each photo's meta data.  We don't just have one photo like this.  We have a bunch of them.  The meta data shows plenty of water on the property and then water drained out of their containers.  That's cruelty to animals as perpetrated by Animal Control and with the help of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office.  We have a private secure site we built for law enforcement investigators and the entire time line of evidence is on that site.  There is a lot of evidence on that site that we can not post publicly as it would violate the privacy of the victims in this case.

Visit  for all the information on this case in one central location.