Friday, October 18, 2019

Traitors' Quest To Divide And Conquer The USA From Within

America looks on with wide eyes and disbelief. Two of their favorite news broadcasting stations are being exposed as deceivers. For some, that doesn't bother them at all. In fact, their hunger pangs are more important.... but the American with values and morals is heartbroken, disgusted and angry. The days of Walter Cronkite... where, "we report, you decide" is no longer. It's a sad day for Americans on both sides of the aisle. Then the scope turns toward our blessed White House built by Americans who loved this country and everything it stood for. We gasp as we see the accusations of Adam Schiff and for a brief moment, we found ourselves questioning our President. At least until he tosses out his transcript of what was said. Sending the leftists reeling. How could he do that? The President has now opened the eyes to the American people .... that he suspected our previous vice president was involved in something dirty after openly saying he had a Ukrainian lawyer fired and coincidentally, his son is making money he isn’t qualified to make. Another blow to the left. This wasn’t supposed to happen like this! So, the Speaker of the house demands an unorthodox private inquiry which excluded the right from even sitting in on it. Never mind that her son also has ties to another large company in the Ukraine. The president must be stopped regardless of what the American people want.

Then comes the opportunity! The President made a decision that puts the Kurds at risk. A war we never should have become a part of yet lost our soldiers to... a cause that has never had purpose. Once again, behind his back they proceed to hinder his decisions. Since when did we scrutinize any other president as we have President Trump who won by a landslide through our American way? Wow! Other countries look on and wonder if America is not quite what it once was. The house is screaming ISIS will begin again and come terrorize our country! But, I ask ..... I must since no one else will. If you are so terrified of ISIS returning why do you want our borders open? Didn't the Speaker say "all are welcome?" Hasn't that been her fight? Oh, she isn't scared. Not the smiling Cheshire cat you saw standing behind Chuck Schumer after a walk out from her meeting. Yes, the one who walked out of a meeting she created but couldn't stand the heat. Couldn't tolerate someone who was exposing her and her cronies for their illegal and unethical behavior. I must say she hardly looked like a woman who had been offended but perhaps a manipulator who thought she had "something else on him now". Oh, did I mention the meeting went on uneventful after the two stooges excused themselves?

We are at a crossroad people; America is under attack by its very own. A house divided cannot stand. And the house has been divided since they lost control. Impeachment has been the only thing they have spent your hard-earned tax money on. They don't care how hard you worked for it; they'll spend it on the vendetta they have against the man who won't be their puppet. The man who has found a way to get his messages past the corruption in the news forum. As another is exposed for presenting terrifying war scenes in Syria, which were actually a range in Kentucky. Now, having three very apparently deceptive news stations. Exactly why the President has bypassed them and reached the American people through social media. How dare he? Their next move, stop the Presidents posts. Tell social media this must be stopped immediately. Are you surprised? You now have videos and paper trails exposing a deceptive media. And they want to censor our President from communicating to the American people?

This should horrify every true blooded American in this country.... this is not the American way and we have to put a stop to it. These people work for us we need to remind them of that. We need to stand up for our President. We need to look into OUR RIGHTS and pursue an action to cease what we see happening. We are their employers and they should be reminded of it. If you get a moment, check out Glen Beck on You Tube.... it's the one about a lawyer who was fired. Click Here To Hear The Story I won't try to make up your mind. Just listen to it. I think you're smart enough.

As I restlessly close my eyes I pray until sleep consumes me. I pray because it appears our greatest enemies have infiltrated our White House and our elected President is under attack. What a horrible thing to witness as deceptions roll out like it's a common practice. Pray for America...Pray for Our President. Pray without ceasing. Pray for the dangers our vice president will be standing in the midst of. Pray people.....God has been waiting to hear from you. ~ Good night all ~

Written By: Violet Holland
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