Monday, January 16, 2012

Warren Domangue A Lakewood, CO Lawyer, Believes In Little Green Men From Outer Space?

Warren Domangue, Jr.
The evidence is overwhelming in support of the existence of extraterrestrail life and their visitation to Earth. EVERYTHING will change once their presence is known and acknowledged by all. I believe the change will be for the better and benefit humanity. It is time we grow up, collectively, and stop allowing fear to rule our lives. This is the biggest story in the history of humanity, and it is the greatest hope ever presented to us. This is the link where Warren Domangue a Lakewood Colorado lawyer made the above public statement. So he believes in little green men from outer space? Guess if you get into a UFO crash and need legal representation then Warren is the man to see. Wreck someone's property because you crash landed in their field with your space ship? Call Warren. Have military personnel flying after you? Call Warren, he should know what to do.

By the way, we all need to grow up and believe like Warren does. I thought lawyers were supposed to be objective?

MS Media Document Showing Deceptive Practices, Mymsmedia

19 pages of documentation are all right here in this file showing all kinds of issues surrounding MS Media. Sad part is I can produce a lot more. These guys do not know when to quit harassing me but then again, this is why. Read the 19 page PDF file we put together here.

Update based on local search.  The MS Media business in our story above went out of business days after this report.  Other companies and websites are presently up using the MS Media name that have nor had anything to do with the above company.  Please do not confuse these companies.

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