Friday, June 18, 2010

Wal Mart Shoppers Treated To Smoke Sewer Test Today

Shoppers at the Gloucester Wal Mart and Home Depot were treated to a smoke sanitation sewer test this morning at about 10:15 AM until about 11:30 AM, June 18th, 2010. The test looked like smoke bombs going off all over the place and the stench was pretty bad. I for one question the safety of such testing as one could smell the sewer waste and it gave me a sore throat despite the fact I never went into the direction the smoke was blowing. If one can smell the sewer waste, then a certain amount of waste contamination is entering the atmosphere.

SUV Flip On Route 17 at about 6:15 PM Saluda Area

An SUV flipped over on route 17 across from the Foodlion in the Saluda area this evening at about 6:15 PM. No details were available at the time as to the cause or who was injured.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gloucester County Sheriff's Dept Apprehend 2 Suspects In Car Theft

Wednesday, June 16th, at about 1:25 PM the Gloucester County Sheriff's Dept. apprehended two male suspects in a car theft in front of 7 Eleven on route 17 across from Ollie's. Both men were taken into custody and no one was hurt. An outstanding job by the Gloucester County Sheriff's dept. deputies. The black two door car in the picture above is the car in question that was stolen.