Friday, March 20, 2009

Gloucester County Community Page Is Now Launched

We have just launched the Gloucester County Community site. This site has been designed to offer a search area for services such as babysitters, house cleaners and other services. Ads are free for this site. Ads will run for up to a year unless the pages get to clogged. We will ad more pages as the site grows. This site is kind of like a bulletin board. Please use the contact us at the bottom of this site for now until we add that section in to that site. Again, this is a free site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seeking Contributing Writers To Our New Sites

We are presently seeking writers for our new sites now going up. We need writers for all kinds of formats from law, food, entertainment, accounting, engineering, contractors, real estate, automotive, photographers, artists, history buffs, you name it. These are not paid pieces. What we are looking for are people who make their living in these fields and want to expand their presence on the web. We are opening a number of new expansion sites, each particular to a specialty field such as automotive, lawyers, and so on.

Our goal is to eventually create the most comprehensive search and practical information sites available on the web for the Gloucester County community. Each contributing writer will be featured on the front page of each site and be given full credit for the work you submit. Each piece must be original and we reserve the right to edit, re write and or reject any piece based on inappropriate or mis directed work.

If interested, please use the contact us form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

ABC Liquor Store, Gloucester VA

ABC Liquor store. Located by Food Lion in Hayes. A nice selection of spirits. I've always found the staff to be nice and friendly the few times I've been in there. If you are new to Virginia, beer and wine are sold pretty much everywhere. Liquor however is state controlled and only sold in state controlled ABC stores. This brings me to a few questions. One, even though I understand the need to control a substance that has extreme potential danger, isn't state control a form of monopoly hence legalizing a monopoly which in other cases is against the law? Also, ABC stores are run for a profit. If a store is not making money, I've seen these stores shut down. So these stores are run for profit. Okay, so where are the profits allocated to? In these times of rising taxes, just some questions to ponder.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hong Kong, Chinese Restaurant, Hayes, Gloucester VA

Hong Kong restaurant. No web site found. We've been there a number of times and there is good reason for that. The food is good, the service is decent and the prices are in line. You can eat in or take out. A nice and extensive menu selection and the place is always clean. This restaurant has been serving Gloucester for years and for good reason. Please be sure to stop in.

Pet World, Gloucester VA

Pet World by Food Lion, next to Big Bob's flooring Outlets. No web site found. Carries a nice line of pet foods and supplies. Well worth checking out if you have never taken the time to stop in before.

Big Bob's Flooring Outlets

Big Bob's Flooring Outlets located next door to Food Lion in Hayes. This may be a franchise store. We looked for a web site and found the franchise opportunity site. Interesting site with a lot of flash animation. Click Here if you want to see it.

Hana Sushi, Japanese Steak and Seafood House

Hana Sushi Japanese Steak and Seafood house. No web site found but a nice review is available on the web. Click Here to see the review. The traffic that goes in and out of this restaurant would suggest it's well worth the trip. Located next to Food Lion.

Food Lion In Hayes, Gloucester, VA

Here is a rare picture of the Food Lion in Hayes. Notice there are no cars in the parking lot. We took this picture Christmas day. Click Here to check out their web site. You can shop on line, get meal ideas, watch videos, see the weekly flier and more.

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