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Tech Updates - Nokia and Motorola - Google Challenges Ahead

Jamie Fresh Updated For 2012 - The So Called Story of Rick Nelson

Because we still have people looking up information on Jamie Fresh we see that our old friend is still probably up to his old tricks trying to get people to invest in a book that has no proof or solid background and is full of so much misinformation and out right lies that it could never be widely published by anyone. In the past TTC Media had a site up on Wordpress and we tore every part of Jamie's book apart for the lies and complete fabrications that it was loaded with. Jamie made a bunch of threats towards us and we kept asking him to please follow through.

At one point, Jamie had a very tiny storage shed in California loaded with pictures and various copies with numerous versions of his self publishing book claiming to once been friends with Rick Nelson. Jamie also claimed to be friends with Elvis. Only thing he didn't tell you was that he had met someone named Elvis Merna and not the person who he leads you to believe was Elvis Presley. If you should be foolish enough to even consider investing in his hair brained scheme, I have to caution you that you would then be open to numerous lawsuits. He claims that a member of the Beach Boys killed his child and also killed others. It's in his book. Jamie has made wild claims to having wrote songs with the Rolling Stones which I had proved was not true on the Wordpress site.

His story how Rick Nelson was killed, that is in his own words in his so called book, was proven wrong by the Nelson Family themselves which pretty much ended the entire Wordpress site. My advice to anyone would be to look at his so called book and ask for evidence that I have proven he does not have. I met Jamie Fresh in Gloucester, VA as his mother lives in the county. He comes to Gloucester from time to time but not very often. He is the black sheep of his family.

He set up his girlfriend to handle illegal activities for him and she was sent to jail for it. All of it tied to his wild fantasy for the production of his book. He talks a good talk the first time you meet him, but do not be fooled. He is slick. Just do your homework and you will quickly learn that nothing he says adds up and there is no proof in what he tells you.

I worked with insiders from all around the nation exposing every level of fraud he was perpetuating. How he remains on the streets is beyond any of us. If you need help getting rid of this guy should he attach himself to you, you can contact me through this site and I can assemble the team once again to stop him in his tracks. He also uses numerous names such as Jamie Furst, James Furst and others. There is no movie, there is no real book, and there are no contract deals. He will tell you how I set up hundreds of web sites to knock him out and how I hacked his site. Sorry, I never had that kind of time nor interest.

Last I knew, he was a street bum with no place to live. I hope he at least has a roof over his head these days as I do not wish that kind of life on anyone. So if you are doing your research based on a meeting with him, this is the latest update.

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Fires In Guinea Again Cause Massive Concerns - Video

Gloucester Residents Crime Spree Totaling Twenty Thousand Dollars - Video

Here is the video on the Gloucester, VA crime spree that totaled over twenty Thousand dollars in personal goods from local residents homes.  Sheriff Warren asks for local community help to try and catch the ones who have been committing these crimes.

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