Saturday, August 8, 2020

Who Is Joe Biden Really? By: Violet

I often times like to throw in some sarcasm or a bit of humor but because of the seriousness of this matter I doubt you will see much of it here. Due to the quarantine, which I won’t start sharing my opinions on that right now, I have found myself with more time than I’d prefer to have to watch television. With that being said….. we really need to talk about Joe Biden and who he really is.
     We have heard numerous theories as to why he is hunkering down in the basement and what his true intentions are. Below, I hope to not only help you see who he is but what his ill intentions are.
      In 1972, Joe Biden became the sixth youngest senator in American history for the state of Delaware, at some point, he became the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee which is most likely when he started relations with China (who donated 1 billion dollars to his son Hunter) and the Ukraine. We know that he had relations with China which might be why he still won't comment on China's connection with Corona Virus.  also know that Hunter Biden, Joe's son was making $83,333 a month from a Ukrainian gas company named Burisma for 18 months beginning in 2014, please note that his father Joe Biden was the vice President at the time and had the investigating Ukrainian fired. Although, Hunter had no experience in the gas industry, nor could he speak Ukrainian. Which should certainly raise the eyebrows of anyone who is screaming “white privilege” wouldn’t you say?
     In an interview with Time magazine in February of 2014, Mr Biden referred to himself as “the guy who did the crime bill ( Violent crime control bill and Law Enforcement Act) and the drug czar”, (which interestingly enough is defined as a ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution in the Miriam-Webster Dictionary), he was referring to his anti-drug bill (Anti-Drug Abuse Bill of 1986) “where I  spent years trying to change drug policy relative to cocaine, for example, crack and powder.” It’s important to note that all of these czar-like bills ended up incarcerating and detaining many people of color. Which certainly seems plausible that Mr. Biden has not changed his views and is therefore being kept under close watch not to unintentionally expose his real views.
     All of his vice-president potentials have disturbing backgrounds also which I had hoped to describe each one in this article but I will have a part two to cover that since there is so much you need to know about him first.
      For instance, in 1977, he stated that “without orderly integration’ his children would grow up in a racial jungle”. Which is discerning because he wasn’t referring to his children’s school as a jungle until the prospect of children of color were to attend their school. Now you can say “that was in 1977, he’s a changed a man now". Yet, May 22, of this year he said that “if you vote for Trump you ain’t black”, suggesting you have no other choice but to vote for him if you are black. The man who incarcerated black people for years upon years for drug violations that a young person of Caucasian descent would likely get a slap on the hand for. And only this past week, he stated that the “Latino community is diverse, unlike the African American Community” which basically states that you are all alike. You aren’t free thinkers…you’re black and incapable of free thinking. That’s his heart as of this week folks. Ponder that, okay?
In closing, I just discovered the "Czar" comment from Mr. Biden and the comparison to someone in Russia pre revolution, it's hair raising for me since they are constantly accusing our President of illegal shenanigans with Russia and we all know that Hilary Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier they attempted to impeach the president with, which, by the way, was done here in the United States and not Russia. But there was a clip of Obama whispering to Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev, "After the election I will have full flexibility." to do what? I didn’t get the opportunity to cover the “uncomfortable fondling” videos we see all over social media of Joe Biden putting his hands on little girls. Or the violation of your constitutional rights. So, I encourage you to come back and see part two of this, which will be focusing on his candidates for VP and I will be breaking it all down for you in the next segment which should allow you to see how he thinks. Who knows,  I think I may even take a third part to introduce you to the democratic connections to pedophilia and his anti-American views.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Blue Cities Riot: Coincidence or Not?

Okay peeps, I was doing some research and ran across something I found a little interesting. You can confirm what I am about to say, this wasn't my rant...but I guess it's turned into one.
We are all aware that New York, Virginia, California, Georgia and Minnesota are predominantly blue states. That's right controlled by democrats.
What you may not know is Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Texas are wavering or what we call "swing" states. Reno, where riots took place last night is liberal. In Florida, Miami Gardens is predominantly liberal, that's where the riots are. Philadelphia is liberal, riots are there also. Phoenix is the most liberal city in Arizona and.... you guessed it! It's liberal!! And riots are there. Austin Texas is predominantly blue. And guess what? Both Columbus and Cleveland are liberal cities... So.... Here's what we are seeing ... the liberal politicians are allowing this conduct. You don't see it in the "red" areas, only the blue. Now, you might believe in coincidences but I am not that naive.
I have repeatedly said, these are fear tactics imposed on the American people. If they can control the masses, they control this Country.
If, just having this bit of information doesn't open your eyes, then you have successfully graduated from that behavioral modification therapy they have been using on you and you are no longer capable of thinking for yourself.
Now think about this... Trump tells China... don't mess with Hong Kong... China stood on the line waiting to seize it. Then, China got mad about The AMCA pact it signed but was left with no alternative, except the high tariffs Trump described. As we all know, the impeachment was a flop and THEN the virus came from China. You know, that great country that gave Hunter Biden millions or was that a billion? Now, no one knows how deadly covid is but it seems more people have died in blue states than red states... Scary to think..... You don't suppose?....
I personally don't believe in coincidences, do you? Under great pressure Trump had masks and ventilators made at a rapid rate because China bought all of ours! Imagine that. Well, sadly the majority of the people who lost their lives were old veterans....Trump voters. Hmmm... Another coincidence? Then people realized they weren't getting as sick as they were told they were going to get. Naturally, a rebellion began to unfold, or unmask if you will.
Suddenly, out of the blue, no pun intended, a policeman murders a black man before a crowd of people. How many people do you know that commit crimes when they know 1) people are watching 2) people are recording. Something isn't right. You don't suppose that that behavioral modification therapy was applied, do you? I mean, he heard the pleas of the people and heeded no one. There's something we aren't supposed to see there. And this man is now under suicide watch.... you don't suppose he has the same guards watching his cell as Jeffrey Epstein did, do ya? I mean you can't testify if you aren't alive now can you?....eyes and ears folks. You might just see another coincidence.
Suddenly, bus loads are coming into cities and causing peaceful protests to turn violent.
If you think this is all a coincidence ..... Keep your head in the clouds.
The ONLY way they can take control of America is if they divide the people.
I see division but up until this horrendous murder of George Floyd took place we recognized one another as American citizens. And do you remember the white thrift store owner that said "white people" were trying to break in?
Something is amiss.... Kind of like that FISA report, that Russian dossier that Hilary had done, the impeachment farce and interestingly enough, the same people who headed that farce are running the rioting blue states.
Pretty interesting, eh?

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Meet The People In Va. Trying To Run For The U.S. House of Representatives

There are eleven United States House of Representative seats up for election on November 3, 2020. Seven are currently held by Democrats. Follow the link below to find information about the candidates. You will also find links to each person’s campaign page and other useful information.

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United We Stand

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Monday, February 3, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention Court, Part 8, Time Frame

(By; Chuck Thompson)

We want to act pretty fast here folks.  Part of the intention of getting this going is to stop all the crazy new laws coming out of Richmond.  We want this event to happen before July 1st, 2020.  This way we can put injunctions or stays on all the new codes until they can be checked against both the Commonwealth's Constitution as well as the Federal Constitution to ensure there are no violations to the unalienable rights of the people which we all know there are plenty.

That is why I keep pushing this idea on a daily basis.  It is far easier to fight and maintain our unalienable rights than it is to lose them and have to fight to try and get them back.  Once lost, the rights are no longer considered rights.  We can't use the regular courts for multiple reasons as already discussed to include that the courts are way to slow.  Voting these folks out is also way to slow and the rights will already be gone.  The chances of bringing in all new people and hoping they will reverse these insane codes is a pipe dream that may come true, but I am not willing to bank on it.  Plus as stated, the unalienable rights will be gone and are no longer rights.  At best they will be brought back as privileges that can be taken away at any time.  

Sunday, February 2, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention, Part 7, Oath Not To Touch Underlying Constitution

(By; Chuck Thompson)

The risk is to great.  Once the politicians start on a convention, they will destroy what is there.

  Slow down.  There will be an Oath administered before the Convention even begins.  WIthin that Oath will be a provision that each delegate will swear to that will ensure the underlying Constitution can not be touched for any reason and everyone is going to know that it's not the intention of the Convention to even consider.  The only area that will be open is a chance to create an amendment to the present Constitution that will make it very easy to remove any politician from office if they break any area of our Commonwealth Constitution or our Federal Constitution and any of our Bill of Rights.

  They will have to prove that what they are proposing does meet the intention of the Constitution.  That will be it.  There will be absolutely no tolerance for anyone breaching the Oath administered.  Besides, the way the plans are starting to come together, there will not be time for that anyway.  The intention is to keep costs down so the meeting schedule will be very tight.  Plus, I do not believe for a minute that our local representatives to the convention would want to even try to take that on.

  We need your help.  Get these posts to your local boards and have them put this on the agenda for the public to vote on.  It's much easier to maintain our unalienable rights than to have to try and fight to get them back.  Voting them out does nothing to reverse the destruction that will be caused and many of the new codes can be killed here, but once put into play, will be nearly impossible to reverse.  You can hope and pray that they get reversed, but many are not likely to.

Now is the time for action.  Don't sit and hope someone else does this for us.  We have that opportunity now.  Take advantage of this.

Gloucester County, Virginia Public Schools 2020 Staff Salaries

The following Slideshare presentation contains GCPS Staff only salaries for 2020. Note the Superintendent’s increase since 2016.

You can change to full screen view at the bottom of the presentation screen. 

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Meet The People Trying To Run Against Mark Warner In 2020

Virginia Patriots
Since the Virginia Republican Party is not spreading the word, I thought I would share links to the campaign pages of the people trying to run against Mark Warner in 2020. (See Below)

If you are already registered to vote, encourage other likeminded Patriots to register. If you are not registered, do so soon so you can vote in the Primary Election on June 6th. You must be registered at least 22 days before the election.

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United We Stand

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Alissa Baldwin

Blaine Dunn

Omari Faulkner

Roger Franklin
No Information Available

Daniel Gade

Thomas Speciale

Victor Williams

In State Constitutional Convention Part 6 Rough Cost Analysis

(By; Chuck Thompson)

In calculating a rough cost analysis, I have come up with a rough estimate cost of about $2,500.00 per person to attend two sessions.  The first session is a 3 day event.  The costs include breakfast, lunch, dinner, loding for 3 nights, meeting room, break out areas, support staff for the event, event speakers and organizers.  Not all localities will have to pay the full fee as they may live within an hour of the meeting event location and therefore will not have to pay the expenses for overnight accommodations and may not wish to participate in all the meals.  The followup session is only a one day session but a number of localities may wish to pay for overnight stays as not to burn out their local delegates to this event. 

The second event is needed for multiple reasons.  Should one of the new proposed codes seem to difficult to decide on by the delegation, then the delegates will need to bring back the issue to their locality for further review by the people of the locality.  Also, the second session will focus on prosecutions of those who may be indicted in the first session.  Proper hearings must be maintained to determine innocent or guilt.  Then sentencing must be completed.  The second session could actually end up being the longest session requiring more than a day or two which could increase expenses estimated above.  There is no way to tell until after the first session is over. 

  The rough cost analysis was created purposely high and is actually expected to come in under the estimate, which gives room for any extended time on the second session.  But that is still not to say that the estimate may still be considered a few hundred extra dollars per person to low.  There are variables to consider that effect the entire venue. 

More to come.

Friday, January 31, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention Part 5 Your Help Is Needed

(By: Chuck Thompson)

We need your help to get this idea going.  Please contact your local Board of Supervisors and have them put this on their meeting agenda.  For those in towns and or cities, please contact your local town or city council and have them put this on their meeting agenda.  No different than what was done for the 2A sanctuary meetings.  But, we need them to commit to sending someone to the convention.  It needs to be decided if localities want only 1 representative or maybe 2.  If one, it should probably be the chair person of the Board or council.  If two, we recommend the chair person and the local sheriff for the area.  A central meeting place still has to be picked and arrangements need to start for that meeting.  The question is who pays for this?  It's going to have to come out of each localities pockets to do this.  How much?  No idea at this time.  It will depend on the location of the meeting place and the arrangements that need to be made to cover the amount of people who will be attending and an estimate of how long the meetings will go on. 

  This is not an easy concept to setup and run.  But we have to begin somewhere folks.  Remember, we are leading the nation in this fight.  What is done here will be done everywhere else.  So we want to be very successful in this mission.  Meeting in Richmond is probably not the smartest plan, but can still be done if that is what the masses want.  This will have to be paid from our tax dollars.  Private funding may have legal issues unforeseen.  What is an estimate of the costs?  It depends on how many localities actually participate.  We would need a quorum of at least 51% of the localities.  Then we would need two thirds of the votes to eliminate any code deemed a violation of the Constitution. 

  Once we start getting localities on board we can start calculating costs.  

Thursday, January 30, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention Part 4 Trust The Regular Courts? No Way

(By; Chuck Thompson)

So why not just take the new codes coming out of Richmond and put them before the regular courts?  This is an answer where you will probably have to do some research if you have never been in the courts before.  You simply can not trust the so called regular courts of corruption.  Let's take a moment to look at this.  If we even have anyone suggesting any code that looks like it could breach the Constitution and the unalienable rights of the people, the courts have a duty and are honor bound to do something about that even before it goes to the floor of our Commonwealth legislative body.  Has anyone seen or heard of this being done anywhere?  Me either.  A corrupt government depends on corrupt courts in order to put forth their illegal codes.  A corrupt court depends on a corrupt government to continue to support the so that they may continue to do as they please.  The two go hand and hand.  One can not exist without the other. 

The enemies of Liberty that have infiltrated our government would have you to believe that Common (Natural) Law is passé and have been legislated away. We the People ordained the constitution that created and governs our government, how then can the "created" supersede the "creator" and by what authority? They have none!

The People’s US Constitution Article VI, Clause 2, known as the “Supremacy Clause” denies the ability of the servant to act as master: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding”.

The People’s US Constitution Article IV, section 4 guarantees a “Republican” form of government not a democracy, the un-codified common law is the superior law of the people and the codified civil law is the special or inferior law of the government and its agency. Therefore the law and the will of the people outranks the law of the government and access to the common law is guaranteed and protected in law by the U.S. Constitution.

  If you take a corrupt government before a corrupt court, how can you expect to win?  And attorney's can not be involved in this either as they are part of the corrupt system.  They say you must have a license to practice law in the courts.  Folks there is not one attorney that I have ever met that has a license to practice law in any court anywhere in these United States of America.  Instead they say, or granted a right, as in BAR attorney's whom are first and foremost loyal to the judge of the court no matter what.  Read their own statements and pledges.  It's all right there.  And the BAR is a foreign concern which means all lawyers who are members of the BAR are required to file a foreign agent statement with the United States of America.  Whether or not they do is still another issue, but they are in fact required and if they have not, are in violation of the Foreign Registration act.  

  Attorney's will be fighting this at every angle as it creates a real court and throws them out.  They can not control it nor make money from it.  It's never been about justice folks.  It's been about enslaving us and taking our money.  Think about it.  How many attorney's are you seeing fighting these thugs in Richmond?  They are silent.  Why?  They stand to make huge sums of money if all these codes go through.  And they will hardly have to even work for it and they are going to charge you large sums of money while barely doing anything except deceiving you and cutting deals to make it look like they did something for you.  

  I am not saying all attorneys are bad.  There are a few good ones.  Very few.  They usually do not last long or keep themselves pretty well hidden because they realize and dislike all the corruption within their own business.  And that is all the entire law practice is, a business that they have usurped for their own.  And they do not even have a business license.  What a crock that is.

  Do your research.  Start here.

Become part of the solution.  Join the militia, or start a militia in your locality.  If you are part of a militia, register everyone in your group to be Constitutionally compliant.  There are no fees and you come under Federal and State recognition.  You do not surrender your militia to anyone else by registering.  go to the link provided here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention, Part 3, How The Court Works

(By; Chuck Thompson)

Quoted from Chief Justices John Marshall and Joseph Story, of the United States of America, Supreme Court.  It is the people who created the Constitution.  (McCulloch v. Maryland, Fletcher v. Peck, Martin v. Hunter's Lessee and Cohens v. Virginia).  And as stated by both of these men, "We The People" are the ultimate authority and power.  It is our final say as to what the laws are and how they will be applied.  Not the legislature.  Therefore when the Legislator inflames the people, as they are doing today, "We The People" either through our locally elected officials as a republican form of government, or through our own will, have the right and the duty to alter, abolish, restrain, nullify, and or arrest offenders of our government when they violate our unalienable rights.

  What I am calling an In State Constitutional Convention is simply a court of the people where our republican form of government may represent us in a state wide convention court or if need be, where "We The People" do this ourselves should our elected officials refuse to do their duty.  But "We The People" do not have the backing of law enforcement.  A valid point, but one we can overcome.  Since "We The People" are in fact the ultimate arbiters of our Constitution, we can and have the full right and duty to form Militia's which become the force behind the authority of our judicial tribunal against Governor Northam and the Democratic and even some of the Republican legislators and hold them accountable for their actions as well as nullify their codes.

  The In State Constitutional Convention is exactly that.  A Judiciary Tribunal.  If conducted by our locally elected officials on our behalf, each member from each locality are a part of the judiciary and are in fact conducting a tribunal of law.  In other words, each member sent to the convention, is a judge.  There is no head judge like we see in our local courts today.  That is a bastardization of what our country was founded on and an usurption of the rights of "We The People", as made clear by both Chief Justices John Marshall and Joseph Story. 

From the 1828 Dictionary by Noah Webster:

JUDI'CIARY noun [Latin judiciarius.]

1. Passing judgment or sentence.

2. Pertaining to the courts of judicature or legal tribunals.

JUDI'CIARY, noun That branch of government which is concerned in the trial and determination of controversies between parties, and of criminal prosecutions; the system of courts of justice in a government. An independent judiciary is the firmest bulwark of freedom.


TRIBU'NAL, noun [Latin tribunal from tribunus, a tribune, who administered justice.]

1. Properly, the seat of a judge; the bench on which a judge and his associates sit for administering justice.

2. More generally, a court of justice; as, the house of lords in England is the highest tribunal in the kingdom.

Following the common law tradition of what our Commonwealth and Nation was founded on and has since, illegally abandoned, unwritten or common law a rule of action which derives its authority from long usage, or established custom, which has been immemorially received and recognized by judicial tribunals. As this law can be traced to no positive statutes, its rules or principles are to be found only in the records of courts, and in the reports of judicial decisions.

  A chief judge in a tribunal of common law is not one with any form of authority.  The Judge is just someone who referees the tribunal.  Nothing more.  That judge can not determine any form of law.  It's the judiciary of the tribunal that determines the law and any violations thereto.  Start your research here to see what you think about the above.  It's all laid out for you in plain, easy to understand, English.  

We highly recommend if you are not a part of the militia, or want to join a militia in your locality, or we also highly recommend that existing members and militia all have their people register as such on our National Militia Alliance.  The Alliance is not over any militia at any time.  It shows you are registered as a Constitutional militia and following the laws of the Constitution of these United States of America.  There are no fees to register and we offer a great level of education, communications and standardization for compliance purposes.  

More to come.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention Part 2 Convention Is A Court

(By:  Chuck Thompson)

A few days ago I introduced the idea of an In State Constitutional Convention.  This is part two in an effort to explain more about the idea and why we need to do this.  An In State Constitutional Convention can not touch the underlying Constitution nor can there be any form of effort to change or rewrite the underlying Commonwealth of Virginia's Constitution.  That is not what the In State Constitutional Convention is for.  The Convention is actually a court.  The proposal is that a member of every board in every locality throughout Virginia send one delegate for that locality to the Convention.  The Delegates will hear each House Bill from Richmond and decide if it has violated the purpose and intent of either our Commonwealth Constitution or that of our Federal Constitution.  If yes, the delegates will vote to kill the new bill.  If not, the House Bill gets a pass.  If the delegates can not make a determination, the delegates have an opportunity to bring back to their respective localities and put the matter before the people to determine if they want to allow or kill the House Bill.  In order to kill a House Bill. two thirds of the localities must agree that it violates an area of either the Commonwealth's or Federal Constitution. 

  If the House Bill appears to be purposely written to deprive the people of their rights, the delegates of the Convention, will have an opportunity to have those behind the House Bill arrested and tried before the Constitutional Convention with the delegates of the Convention's determination as being final.  If it turns out that the bill was voted into law, all those who voted for it may be tried before the Convention along with the Governor if he signed the House Bill into law.

  The only option for any form of change to our present Constitution that may be considered is an amendment for these Constitutional Conventions to continue in an effort to reign in a rogue government. 

  This type of court is known as a Common Law Court which is the type of court our Constitution guarantees to "We The People".  The below code is from the Code of Virginia.

§ 1-200. The common law.

The common law of England, insofar as it is not repugnant to the principles of the Bill of Rights and Constitution of this Commonwealth, shall continue in full force within the same, and be the rule of decision, except as altered by the General Assembly. (This last part, highlighted, is an usurption of our rights, and not lawful).
Code 1919, § 2, § 1-10; 2005, c. 839.

§ 18.2-152.7:1. Harassment by computer; penalty.

If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he shall be is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. A violation of this section may be prosecuted in the jurisdiction in which the communication was made or received or in the City of Richmond if the person subjected to the act is one of the following officials or employees of the Commonwealth: the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.

Now what is interesting about the above is the fact that it's actually from English Common law and was once the law here in the Colonies.  Tavern keepers were not allowed to have any of their patrons speak anything negative about the government or government officials.  Once we became the United States, this was forever changed as it is considered repugnant to our Constitution, specifically free speech.  Politicians did in fact try to bring back the above style of law early in the Republic of these United States of America but the idea was shot down as a violation to the 1st Amendment.  So, if 18.2-152.7:1 should be passed, then those who vote yes, those who proposed and sponsored the bill and the Governor, should he sign such into law, will all be charged with violations to the Constitution  and arrested and brought before the Convention for trial under the Convention.

  So why not use our present courts?  Because our present courts are not Common Law Courts.  They are civil law courts that are in violation of the Constitution.  Something you will have to do research on your own.  The evidence for this can be found on the National Liberty Alliance website.  Visit  Plus, by doing this through a Constitutional Convention, we can act much faster.  Does the Convention have to have members of the local Boards?  No, it can be the Sheriff's from each locality.  It can be the Chair of each board and the Sheriff.  In fact, by having our Sheriff's involved, whom are all Constitutional Officers, it gives more force behind the actions of the Convention itself.  It's still a work in progress and I believe it's a sound solution.

More to come on this.

Virginia Patriots, We Must Prepare For The Next Mission


Now that the current tyrants in power were shown a small sample of our Unity and determination in Richmond on January 20th, it is time to prepare for a future mission that is growing closer with each passing day.

Personally, I am loyal to no party and never have been. I have always felt each is corrupt in its own way, but something is different now. The Democratic party has reformed into a radicalized Communist party. Some like me will argue it is Communist, while others will say it is Socialist. I say, one leads to the other and both desire to destroy the USA.

Patriots, we must now prepare for a much larger demonstration of Unity and determination. It must unfold swiftly, decisively and endure many years of attacks by those who wish to destroy everything the USA stands for.

The mission I speak of is taking control of OUR Commonwealth Government. In case some of you have not noticed, elections DO have consequences. Even after seeing our Unity and determination in Richmond and in every Sanctuary/Constitutional county, city and town in the Commonwealth, the tyrants have continued forward with the destruction of our Rights and our Constitutions.

We must harness the momentum we have generated as believers in our Constitutions and our Right to Possess and Bear Arms. We must accelerate the momentum by registering to vote, becoming active in all local Republican Committees, voting every chance we get and encouraging likeminded people to do the same. Some people will say why should I vote, it’s all rigged anyway, my vote doesn’t mean anything, etc. To all of them I say, United we can do anything, register to vote and vote. Let me explain how much power we will have if we continue to Unite to save our Commonwealth and Country.

-         The population of Virginia is around 8.5 million.

-         There are over 2.5 million gun owners in Virginia.  

-         There are roughly 5.5 million people registered to vote in Virginia.

-         During Trump’s election, just short of 4 million people voted.

-         During Northam’s election only 2.6 million people voted.

Nearly the same number of people who own guns in Virginia voted during Northam’s election.

Northam won with 54% of 2.6 million total votes cast. Only 54%!!! What would have happened if all gun owners had voted? I’ll tell you what would have happened, Northam would still be seeing patients instead of leading a charge to destroy our Commonwealth and Country.

Had all Virginia gun owners voted in 2016, Trump would have won Virginia. If all gun owners had voted last November, the radical Communists would not have taken control of our Commonwealth government.

United gun owners in Virginia have the power to make a huge difference in who gets elected to Our Commonwealth government because they can potentially cast 50% or more of the votes in every election.

The heart of the mission lies with infiltrating and reforming the Virginia Republican party. Many efforts to create a third party have failed over the years, but party reform has occurred often throughout history. Look at what has happened to the Democratic party. Infiltration and reform will clear out a lot of what are commonly referred to as RINO’s, will eliminate building and financing political infrastructure, will increase the number of people in the force and much more. But most importantly, it will create the force necessary to reject and eject those from our Commonwealth government who wish to destroy everything that makes Virginia what it is and makes the USA the greatest country on the planet.

Register to Vote, Become Involved in Your Local Republican Committee, VOTE Every Chance You Get and Encourage Likeminded People To Do The Same.


Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Gloucester Point, Va.

Here is a link to Virginia voter registration: 

Here is a link to find your “Local Republican Party”:

Saturday, January 25, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention To Correct Richmond, VA Codes

(By: Chuck Thompson)

Section 1. That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

Section 2. That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people; that magistrates are their trustees and servants and at all times amenable to them.

MAG'ISTRATE, noun [Latin magistratus, from magister, master; magis, major, and ster, Teutonic steora, a director; steoran, to steer; the principal director.] A public civil officer, invested with the executive government of some branch of it. In this sense, a king is the highest or first magistrate as is the President of the United States. But the word is more particularly applied to subordinate officers, as governors, intendants, prefects, mayors, justices of the peace, and the like.

Section 3. That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration. And that, when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community has an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

Section 4. None of mankind is entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community, but in consideration of public services; which, not being descendible, neither ought the offices of magistrate, legislator, or judge to be hereditary.

Section 5. That the legislative and executive powers of the state should be separate and distinct from the judiciary; and that the members of the two first may be restrained from oppression, by feeling and participating the burdens of the people, they should, at fixed periods, be reduced to a private station, return into that body from which they were originally taken, and the vacancies be supplied by frequent, certain, and regular elections, in which all, or any part, of the former members, to be again eligible, or ineligible, as the laws shall direct.

Section 6. That elections of members to serve as representatives of the people, in assembly ought to be free; and that all men, having sufficient evidence of permanent common interest with, and attachment to, the community, have the right of suffrage and cannot be taxed or deprived of their property for public uses without their own consent or that of their representatives so elected, nor bound by any law to which they have not, in like manner, assented for the public good.

Section 7. That all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights and ought not to be exercised.

Section 12. That the freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.

Section 13. That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

2. Relating to any man as a member of a community; as civil power, civil rights, the power or rights which a man enjoys as a citizen. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

Section 14. That the people have a right to uniform government; and, therefore, that no government separate from or independent of the government of Virginia ought to be erected or established within the limits thereof.
Section 15. That no free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.
Section 16. That religion, or the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence; and therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; and that it is the mutual duty of all to practise Christian forbearance, love, and charity toward each other.

It's time for something that has never been considered before.  An in state Constitutional Convention.  How is this done?  One representative from each county, city and or town is sent to a convention meeting place to look at the codes being considered and or passed in Richmond, Virginia and debate if they exceed the Constitution of the Commonwealth.  If any of them are in fact found to be in violation of the Commonwealth Constitution then they can be abolished by the convention.  There are no checks when the state legislators go to far.  Most of us here in Virginia believe our legislators have gone to far and have brought about these radical new changes against the will of "We The People".  This is a more than fair way to put in checks and balances without burdening our courts.  After all, we the people are the one's who created our government and Constitution as explained by Chief Justice John Marshall of the Supreme Court and reiterated by Chief Justice Joseph Story and others. That means the people are the final arbitrators of all the laws we will follow or not.  We don't have to wait for court decisions because if we do not think the court was right, we still have the ability to override the court being the final arbiters.  

  How would this work?  The same way it would work for the states and the Federal Government.  Two thirds of the localities have to agree in order to override what the Legislators may put forth and or vote in and or what gets passed into Virginia Codes.  Amendments to our Commonwealth can be added to ensure nothing like this ever happens again and should it, that the Governor is easily arrested for such.

  I for one believe "We The People" need to form militia's in every locality throughout the Commonwealth and every state for that matter.  That can be done by clicking the link here.  Another option we have here in Virginia is the VEXIT option.  Vexit would allow Virginia localities to leave Virginia and become a part of the state of West Virginia.  That is a legal option thanks to a loophole that has never been closed from the Civil War.  

  Our last option that I see I do not like in the least.  Civil War 2.  I am averse to war of any form.  The issue with a Civil War 2 is lack of leadership.  No clear enemy.  Once the immediate threat is eliminated, there will still remain unclear immediate threats.  War is the biggest and fastest money maker out there folks and it would radically change the United States of America forever.  It's not a good option.  The left wins no matter what if war were to be considered an option.  Most people do not get this.  

Now getting back to the concept of an in state Constitutional Convention.  We already have the precedent to start this with all of the 2A sanctuary localities throughout the Commonwealth now.  The counties have spoken but our legislators are refusing to listen.  These issues could be tied up in courts for years all the while our Commonwealth is destroyed from within while waiting.  I don't like that option.  So let's get this done.  Contact your local Board and get them to read this article or print this out for them.  Spread the word.  Not only can it work here in Virginia.  It can work in any state.  Stop complaining and take action.  No one likes a sideline commentator that does nothing but complains.  You have to take action or you deserve what you get.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ralph Northam's Past As A Doctor Is Just As Bad As His Governorship

(By:  Chuck Thompson )

The Story of Tom R.

Let me tell you a story about Ralph Northam...

Back when our son, Christian, was still alive and going to CHKD, it was unknown what was going on with him. Drs. were not sure if it was metabolic or neurological. We decided to have him checked, and made an appointment with Dr. Northam.

It was a cold, rainy morning in February, and on our way to the office visit, roads and bridges were starting to freeze over. We had to drive slow, and we were now running late because of all the accidents. Tammy called to let them know we were going to be late and the receptionist asked if we wanted to reschedule. I said "NO, we waiting 3 months for this appt. and I want answers! We will make it there!"

Two hours later, we finally made it there. Anxious to hear what Dr. Northam was going to do, it quickly became a big disappointment. My rapid heart beat nearly stopped, and my stomach sank. The room felt as cold as it did outside, when this selfish bastard just observed our son, and stated, "well, it looks like he may be showing signs of cerebral palsy.... we will just have to wait and see what happens".... As Tammy and I left the building, we looked at each other, and were like, "that's it? Wait and we will see what happens?" He didn't even bother running any tests or even schedule future appts. to follow up with us.

Several months later, as I was getting Christian ready for bed, he started twitching which I immediately knew something wasn't right and called 911 and also Tammy at her work. The EMS quickly took him to CHKD, and Christian was having multiple seizures. They put him a drug induced coma, and we stayed at the hospital for a month as they couldn't stop the seizures. We later had him transferred to MCV in Richmond, where we stayed another 1 1/2 more months. Christian's seizures never stopped and was in a coma for 2 1/2 months before he passed away...

This heartless piece of shit could have possibly saved his life if he would have taken the time to run tests and find out what was really going on with him. There are also several complaints from other parents where similar things happened with their children. Northam probably already knew he was leaving the medical field and was going to go into politics, so he simply just didn't care. By the way, Christian never had cerebral palsy.

There is so much more things that went on at CHKD while we were there that I will be releasing slowly but surely. So much neglect and careless mistakes that they made, you folks will be shocked what really happened to Christian! I WILL NOT KEEP SILENT ANY LONGER AND CHKD WILL BE EXPOSED! THEY CANT KEEP ME QUIET ANY LONGER!

From Linda C:

I’ve had dealings with him to at CHKD years ago. He didn’t like that I went over his head to a supervisor, so he closed the door to come in and talk to me very close to my face asking me if I reported him to his supervisor. I felt like he was trying to bully me. My daughter was sleeping as she was an very little , and my husband was not around. He was confronting me. Not very professional and definitely Very creepy guy. I’ll never forget it.

He would not give me a cardiology consult, and I was worried that my daughters heart was really beating very hard and fast. I went above him to the hospital chief.

I would later learn that she had cardiac issues and that she ended up going into VTACH and is on cardiac meds to this day.

The names of these individuals have been changed to protect their true identity.  These are their opinions of their dealings with Dr Ralph Northam, now Governor Ralph Northam.  I can only guess that he was on his way out as being a doctor and probably about to lose his license and figured he might as well go into politics?  Either way, this guy's history isn't at all clean in any area.  He is lazy, a bully, afraid of people with guns or who can stand up for themselves.  He is evil.  Plain and simple.  He will go down in history as the worst governor anyone anywhere has e

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Governor Northam Unites The People

(By:  Chuck Thompson)
Governor Ralph Northam in his attempt to divide the people of the great Commonwealth of Virginia has failed in doing just that.  Instead, he has started a grand uniting of "We The People" with all kinds of so called hate groups.  Yes folks, Antifa was there, Black Lives Matters were there, even the Black Panthers were there.  And we all got along just fine.  What we are now learning is that we have so much in common and that the main stream media has been lying to all of us in their effort to keep us all divided and away from what is really going on in politics.

  What we are also seeing coming from the main stream media can only be called a total melt down as they are trying every trick in the book to make this very peaceful event look bad.  Folks, this event was amazing.  All those guns and no one was injured.  Not one person caused a single issue.  None of the so called hate groups tried anything.  In fact, they shared with us how they are getting bad press the way we are seeing ourselves getting bad press.  How dare we demand our government respect our unalienable rights.  There were also white supremacist groups there.  So what?  They have a 1st amendment right like everyone else and they did not try to start anything.  They were all very respectful.  Also, the Capitol Police told us the numbers were between 50,000 to 70,000 people at this event.  The police stated to us that they are with us and we have seen the State Police memo to the legislators that they refuse to comply with tyranny.

  The media is trying to portray the event as white nationalists, or white supremacists, for which I have shared photos online already proving this wrong.  They are saying everyone was dressed in camouflage and carrying big scary guns and bazookas.  Look at the picture above, where are they?  Were some there?  Yes.  So what?  It's the fashion nazi's making the claim that they didn't like it.  Other claims is that the city was flooded with rebel flags.  I didn't see any and I was there all day.  Others I was with and others I know who where there didn't see any either.  So who made up that story?  The left call us crazy because we will not let a bunch of sociopaths attempt to take away any of our "GOD Given Rights".  No man or woman can take those rights away no matter what these nazi nuts in the Capitol may think.  Even the various police departments from all over the state are telling these kooks they will not comply.  Is it stopping or even slowing down the communist democrats?  Not in the least.  They already believe you have no rights.  None.  They will tell you what you can and can not do.  They already believe themselves to be our dictators.  Our benefactors.  Well I for one will not submit.  I will not capitulate.  I will continue this fight to my death.  We can not trust the main stream media.  They are showing they are the enemy of "We The People".  We can not trust the democrat party.  They are proving they are the enemies of "We The People" and they are communists who want to dictate our lives to us.  They are very violent but when force comes at them they run and hide.  They are cowards.  They call us crazy because we dare to protect our rights.

We have a number of options.  The militia scares these clowns.  The militia is not illegal as they try to lie to you otherwise.  The militia is a Constitutionally guaranteed in both our United States of America Constitution as well as our Commonwealth  Constitution.  Folks, everyone needs to register to be a part of the militia.  We are all part of the unorganized militia now, but we need to start registering and start acting.  Click the link and look at all of the information.  Join our phone calls every Monday night starting at 9:00 pm.  The information for calling in is on the website.  Take action.  Stop being a sideline commentator.  Become a part of history.  Make someone proud of you.  The militia is not paramilitary.  We will be joining with each area's Sheriff's department to work along side of them should they need us.  We will be registering with the Governor's office and with Congress of these United States of America.  We will only follow Constitutionally lawful orders.  That's what makes us 100% legal and not paramilitary.  Act now.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

LEO's Not Likely To Enforce Northam's Orders On Monday The 20th

The past few days have created a buzz and a concern for those wishing to attend lobby day by the VCDL as the (Ahmm) Governor has declared, illegally, in the opinion of many, the grounds around the capitol building, a gun free zone during the coming demonstration, expected to be attended by tens of thousands. 

  We have already addressed and posted the law that shows the governor can not declare the area a gun free zone yet the state Supreme court has allowed such anyway.  (Those in supposed leadership seem to want to teach us that the laws mean nothing).  So, Governor Ralph Northam had a barrier put up around the capital land over the weekend to hurd folks, without guns into a small area.  It seems the democrats are scared of "We The People" as they attempt to take away our rights.  Can you imagine? 

  With that said, let's look at the statistics and see if there really should be anything for those planning on attending the event to worry about.  Leo's or Law Enforcement Officers, expected between State police, (Note, not Commonwealth Police), and Capitol Police, 700 total force.  Let's be ultra conservative and say about 30,000 gun owners at the event.  Let's round the numbers up to their favor.  1,000 LEO's to 30,000 gun owners.  That equals one LEO to every 30 people.  Who likes those odds?  Not LEO's.  Now let's look at some of the other scare tactics being deployed here.  Antifa.  Okay, let's give them 1,000.  BLM or Black Lives Matter,  Let's give them another 1,000.  Let's say both Antifa and BLM are anti gun.  Let's say and we know it's not the case, all the LEO's are anti gun, that now makes the new numbers 10 to one.  Anyone have any issues with these figures that would make you nervous, other than being a LEO or antifa or BLM?  Here is what you are not being told.  Most of the LEO's feel the same way as we do.  Most are not going to follow illegal orders.  WIth even a 30 to one ratio, not one LEO would even consider pulling any form of weapon knowing that he has at least 30 pointing at his one.  LEO's are scared to death about Monday.  It's our job to let them know we have their backs in case anything does break loose.

  Now I did say I was being very kind with those numbers.  Heard through the grapevine, the real numbers are looking somewhere between 70,000 gun owners on the low end to 200,000 gun owners on the top end.  The numbers for LEO's is still 700.  Antifa is said to be on the side of gun owners here.  BLM?  Unknown.  Anarchists may show up.  Again low numbers.  If anyone does start anything, "We The People", will shut them down very quickly.  Now we are going to get bad press no matter what.  We all know we can not trust the vast majority of the press.  They were all usurped by Communist leaders years ago.  So ignore them.  Who cares? 

  With all of these considerations, and with the LEO's knowing full well they are outnumbered and most are on our side anyway, I predict that there will be a lot of miscommunications, missed communications and equipment failures even if the equipment proves to be working anyway.  You know, kind of like the equipment failures while Epstein was in jail and killed himself.  Those fences are not permanent.  But maybe we should make them so and secede from the Capitol, like how West Virginia wants us to secede from Virginia.  We just secede our state government and recreate our own Constitutional old Virginia government in a new area.  Then the state government can do whatever it wants and no one will care. 

Folks, both the left and the right who are really left with a faux cover, are trying to use scare tactics so we capitulate our rights for a false sense of security.  That is what is being pitched right now.  Don't buy it.  Again, look at the real numbers.  They know nothing is going to happen, but they want you to think it will.  They are throwing their best garbage at us.  And it is scaring some until we stop and realize what all of this really is.

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Corruption of Party Politics. Democrat or Republican, It's All Controlled by The Few

(By:  NLA  or National Liberty Alliance)
It is through the office of the “Committeeman” that We the People “Consent” to our government, therefore everyone should be a “Committeemen” at least once in their lifetime. There is one elected “Committeeman” for each party in every election district. These are the People who choose who will be on the ballot for the primary election, where We the People make the final party decision to run our choice in the general election. If the “Committeemen” are doing their duty on behalf of the People they would only support candidates that “know” the Constitution and commit to supporting and obeying it in return for the “Committeemen” support to put them on the ballot. Elected Committeemen have the authority to “recall” any elected individual who do not honor their oath. It is through this local political process that We the People “Consent”, for if they do not obey, we can remove them from office, via recall! The question now is, why aren’t we doing this? The answer is, that the oligarchy have removed the “Committeeman” narrative out of the political dialog and have seized total control of We the Peoples’ political process, thereby dictating the choices for us to choose the criminal on the right or the criminal on the left.

In 1796 George Washington, in his farewell address, warned us that “through the course of time cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men would subvert the power of the people and seize for themselves the reins of government (the elected Committeeman) through private Associations. He went on to tell us that once they seized the reins of power a/k/a the committeeman, the parties that would arise would; (1) destroy the very engines (the political process) which have lifted them to unjust dominion, (2) destroy the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, (3) open the door to foreign influence and corruption, thus the policy and the will of one country will be subjected to the policy and will of another, (4) serve to organize division, (5) ruin public liberty, (6) stifle, control and repress, (7) foment occasional riots & insurrection, (8) kindle animosity of one part against another, (9) put in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of the party elite, (10) agitate the community with ill founded jealousies & false alarms, (11) undermine the Constitution which could not be directly overthrown, (12) distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration, (13) drive the spirit of revenge, (14) leads to despotism”. Washington concluded, “…parties are truly your worst enemy”.

The Gate Keeper Clause - In 1911 Section 21 of the New York election law, which had helped protect our Republic from the ruination George Washington forewarned us about, was cleverly removed.
“… No organization or association of citizens for the election of city [town] officers shall be deemed a political party…” Section 21 New York election law
The political process is an “Unalienable right” of We the People, political organizations or associations are the epitome of “Mob Rule”.
The aforesaid clause stood to deter the creation of private political associations, which is what the parties are in fact today. After the eradication of the gate keeper clause was accomplished, the legislators inserted election law Article 2 thereby crafting the “sub-committee” that provided the replacement entity a/k/a town committeeman, which the usurpers entitled “Member of the County Committee”, which is no office at all.
This Un-Constitutional Legislation Empowered "progressive" operatives to facilitate the destruction of the “political process” a/k/a the “engine of freedom”, and seize control of the “committeemen” a/k/a the “reins of power” through a somewhat simple change in the titles of their prey. So it was, that one hundred (100) years ago, "progressive" operatives in power at the various Board of Election (BOE) offices, working with operatives from both political parties or private associations, together expunged the true elected “Committeeman”; and, implemented the façade we have today, otherwise known as the Democrat and Republican parties. These progressives did indeed subvert the sovereign power of We the People, an unalienable right, and usurped to themselves the fundamental reins of government, the committeemen. They then destroyed the very engine, (political process) which had “lifted them” to their “unjust dominion” ruling over the people. To this day these “progressive” continue to dominate both political parties.
Progressive legislators in collusion with collaborators at selected Boards of Election and power players in both political parties, it can be deduced, secretly orchestrated the creation of what in fact are private political party associations. This was indeed a direct but covert assault upon our Republic, and set the stage for the total perversion of the public office designed to be the closest to the will of the people. The assault placed the entire direction and controls of our country into the hands of a small cabal with a deliberate intent on destroying the framework of our Constitutional Republic.
In order to pull off their Scheme, empowered by the insertion of election law Article 2, they needed to go unnoticed and undetected and accomplished the following three objectives, spread out over calculated periods of time:
1)     Change the titles from (the elected) “Committeeman” to (the nominated) “Member of the County Committee” at the primary elections. Since the controlling powers saw to preparing the necessary designating petitions for their prey, this was not a difficult exploit.
2)     Oscillate part of their power base by changing half the counties in the state to an odd year election. With this set-up, the newbie committeemen would always be met by a pre-existing, in place power structure.
3)     Create the necessary but “slanted-toward-rigged” party rules, implemented in pieces over time, to enable control of everyone under their reach.
The execution of these three things accomplished the expunging of the true elected committeeman, so that today there is not one committeeman currently recognized at any Board of Elections (BOE) in New York or by any persons in the political parties.
How we will Take Back the Republic
1)     Elect at least two true committeemen in each of our 3133 counties across America, who can then appoint and train committeemen for the next election. Most of the existing committeemen can be reeducated and brought back into the political system.
2)     The Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury, being the sureties’ of peace[1] on behalf of We the People will file a Federal Case in a court of record[2] for a judgment against all State Boards of Election requiring them to recognize the elected “Committeemen” and turn complete control back to We the People.
3)     Execute judgment upon the NYSBOE guilty of disenfranchisement of our fundamental unalienable vote through elected committeeman.
We are not aware of any State in the United States that have “elected committeemen” we have found some States that elect and/or nominate candidates by caucus, this is not a valid process for committeemen because Committeemen represent their “election district” and therefore must be nominated by at least 5% of the People within their election district and then elected by the People in their “election district”. When chosen by a caucus people are not identified by their election district. Therefore Committeemen must be nominated by petition and elected at the primary election. After a “Committeeman” is nominated by petition and if there is no primary challenge the petitioner is deemed an elected “Committeeman” for that election district.
The title “Member of the County Committee” is a party association position that may or may not walk a petition to be nominated at a primary, for an election at an executive committee party meeting, and not a primary election. They might even be appointed by the party chairman and then elected at a party meeting. Nevertheless this position has no lawful right to be placed onto a primary ballot because no elected title exists. The only elected title for a committeeman is “Committeeman” who must be chosen by the People within an “election district”.

Recapping the Facts: To lawfully fill the elected position of “Committeeman” the following four (4) steps “MUST” be performed and if not that election district is unrepresented and you can be assured that that election district has been taken over by party bosses who have 100% control over its party members titled “Member of the County Committee” and if these members act outside of the party “bosses will” they are removed and replaced by the party bosses, this is the epitome of “Mob Rule”[3], and a sure sign that they were never elected because the only way any-one can be removed from an elected position is by impeachment, indictment or the ballot box.
1)     “Committeemen” must walk a petition for signatures, You cannot get signatures at a caucus because those signatures are from people in other “election districts.” Also caucuss may be held on dates that are outside the walking dates.
2)     The proper designating title on a petition for a committeeman is “Committeemen”, anything else is something else.
3)     “Committeemen” must achieve 5% of an election district’s support in order to be nominated [example: if there are 200 registered party members within an “election district” 10 signatures will be required to win a nomination, which is about average]. If two people are running for the same “election district” position and they both have a signature on their petition by the same person the candidate who achieved the signature first seizes that vote.
4)     If the person running for “Committeeman” is unchallenged they are “deemed elected”. If they are challenged, then one will be elected at the primary election. Take note: every candidate on the ballot running for office at the primary election is nominated for the general election with the exception of the “Committeeman” who is the “only candidate” that is “elected” at the primary election.
The following New York State Supreme court rulings support the aforesaid facts concerning “Members of the County Committee” and like all standing committees they were created by and exist pursuant to the Rules of the Party and have no vested constitutional or statutory right to office.
"The County Committee had duly authorized the creation of such a town party committee or had conferred rule-making powers upon it. The creation of a town party committee, its powers, authority and procedures are solely the province of a county committee"... - Francisco v. Borden, emphases added.
The Executive Committeemen have no vested constitutional or statutory right to office. Their claim to serve as members of the Executive Committee must rest upon the Rules of the party since the Executive Committee in common with all standing committees was created by and exists pursuant to the Rules of the Party… The creation, selection and grouping of committeemen from the town or city legislative districts, whether they are county committeemen or city or town committeemen is a matter solely within the power and province of the county committee.” - Bell v Kirwan, emphases added.
“ political committee can be formed only upon the authorization of the County Committee in which the Town is located. It would follow that the rules and regulations governing the procedure of the Town Committee should come from the County Committee.” - DeCamilla v. Connery, emphases added.
It is not disputed that the Executive Committee exists by virtue of the rules of the County Committee and is not a creation of the Election Law.” - Bauman v. Fusco, emphases added.
Government by the Consent of the People is only possible if the People choose their representatives and recall all elected officials that do not Honor their oath. Which is unlike the existing situation where just a few, dominant, unprincipled men, through unconstitutional private associations are manipulating which candidates are on the election ballot. In response to George Washington’s farewell address in which he pointed out this problem, and warned of legislative alterations that would undermine what cannot be directly overthrown, the legislators of his era wrote into election law a “gatekeeper clause”, which revealed the potential “Trojan horse” [private associations].
George Washington clause – § 21 No organization or association of citizens for the election of city [town or village] officers [town committeemen] shall be deemed a political party …
In 1911 New York Election law underwent major “progressive” legislative alterations, and the George Washington, gate keeper clause, Section 21 was struck from election law and Article 2, filled with “legalese”[4], was inserted to make way for the creation of the de facto town committeemen, who the parties then grafted onto their own private political associations. Thus, our present condition is that these two, primarily private party associations look legal through unconstitutional legislation, which gave these same associations the illusion of power to choose our representatives without our consent. The whole current process is built upon systemic corruption. The only candidates offered for the people to choose from are candidates who are already corrupted, in both partiesThe problem to be solved is to replace the private association candidates with true committeemen elected by “We the People” and then abolish the unelected usurpers. This can be achieved by simply applying the law and exposing the “town committeemen” for what they truly are, strawmen!
What is critical to understand is that no legislated statutes parading as law can trump the natural duties inherent in the office of committeemen, none! We can even look to 1909 New York election law to see that the content of the statute did not contain or “provide” for party rules to create committeemen. Committeemen being elected “only” by the people within their election district are answerable only to the people. The natural duty of the committeeman is to fill vacancies in every political subdivision that lies in their election district, and no legislation can ultimately affect that. No legislation can alter or tell committeemen how to perform their Constitutional duty, none! If legislation, statute, or code could, we would not be free men.
Election law Article 2 was carefully crafted through deliberate deployment of legalese to confuse the people, hide the office of “Committeeman,” and hatch the position of "town committeeman", a straw-man, which has been presumed over time to be the true elected “Committeeman”. Article 2 was also written to control the town committeeman strictly by party rules.
The question that’s important to ask is “who does the controlling”? The most visible controlling entity is the “executive committee” or the “county committee,” which are one and the same in usual practice. Their apparent mission has been to control town chairmen. Since the units of representation are broken down into towns, positions therein are already compartmentalized, and that further ensures the executive committee almost never loses control of a county. Furthermore, town chairmen in the counties are appointed; and, therefore if any rebel, they are simply removed.
The Executive Committee is usually made up of four people: (1) chairman (2) vice- chairman (sometimes two or more) (3) secretary, and (4) treasurer. In some counties the chairmen of the several town committees are considered part of the executive committee. But make no mistake about it, the real decision maker for the county is the county chairman, who is submissive to the will of whomever is pulling his or her strings. All these positions are filled by party rule and not law. Each county is different, and some even seem democratic, but the bottom line is that no one becomes a chairman at any level without an “anointing” from above. The most important point about all these county committees is that none is composed of the true “Elected Committeemen”.
The State Committee leaders seem to be elected by the sixty-two (62) county chairman, but the reality is that the “fix is in” on who is a candidate for these positions. On top of which the game is that the controlling powers usually don’t ultimately care which of the candidates win, because all of them will have been “pre-qualified” to do the will of those powers. Again the most important point about all these candidates is that none of them are the true “Elected Committeemen”. The next question is “who controls the state committee”? The answer is the national committee. The last question is “who controls the national committee”? The answer is the elite.
Now Enters the Law through the pretentious authority of legislation crafted by the “progressives”. Election law Sections 2-102 and 2-104 allowed for the creation of town and state committees by corrupted committeemen sometime after 1911, and Section 2-114 provided for the writing of rules for those committees. Section 2-104.3 provided for a town committee to be legally constituted if twenty-five (25) per cent (that’s right) of the committeemen required to be elected in a county have been elected. Section 2-114.2 permitted town committeemen to alter their party rules absent the presence of elected committeemen, when an indefinite quorum was met. Section 2–106.3 made it possible for counties to primary for new town committeemen in odd years. This created the opportunity for the oscillation of power in different county election districts to take place in alternate years, so that there would always be leadership already in place to meet the freshman town committeemen. After all this was achieved, it was now possible for the true “Elected Committeemen” to be phased out and the straw-man, town committeemen phased in to take their place. This exploit was accomplished in part by means of the party operatives taking charge of filling out the appropriate spaces on a candidate’s designating petition and simply replacing the title “Committeeman” with the title “Member of the County Committee”. This whole system was phased in over time, perhaps decades, from county to county until the whole state was void of all truly “Elected Committeemen”, leaving virtually no memory of the experience of the way it was originally.
All this raises the question “why did they have to create such an elaborate scheme; why not just bring the committeemen into captivity through legislation alone”? There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that legislation created a context that made the subsequent actions of the operatives to subdue the committeeman process and control it seem lawful, while their actions were, in fact, unconstitutional. Thereby followed the disenfranchising of “All the People” of New York without the perpetrators incurring any liability whatsoever, that ended in the effective controlling of every election throughout the state. If the operatives had directly seized and made captive the true “Elected Committeemen” that would have been to easy to see as treason in its time!

Our Remedy in Law is already there. The people's candidates need only file their designating petitions to become elected committeemen; and, because the current “town committeemen,” and the rules by which they operate, were created under the authority of the true “Elected Committeemen” past, we may simply abolish their rules and dismiss them because “that’s the Law”. Our Constitutions and natural law requires that the people choose their representatives, and no legislative power no matter how it is disguised to seem lawful, has any authority to legislate away, especially to private associations, the people’s authority. “none”! Just like each man or woman’s vote, it belongs to the people, not the government. Equally important, We the People alone are the ones responsible, and moreover have the duty, to oversee the counting of the vote. Certainly the responsibility to count the vote does not lie with some private corporation or machines that can be covertly rigged.  So, the beginning of our plan is education and the execution of our plan is enforcement of the law.
How Grassroots can Take Back the Committeemen Seats – When and only when the truth within this book is revealed to the people, and sets fire in their minds, the current facade of “town committeeman” or “member of the county committee” cannot survive. The revolution has reached a tipping point. Considering the events in Washington DC concerning the Deep State it is clear that we are in the midst of “a perfect storm”; and, depending upon the re-educating of We the People our destiny will be determined. The grass roots, liberty groups are organizing in all 3,133 counties across the 50 states and poised for a direction along with the many frustrated “Members of the County Committee” men, who will be willing to receive this peaceful solution to save our Republic and take back We the Peoples’ “reins of power” thereby becoming the true, original committeemen that our founding fathers meant us to be.
Identifying the contradiction The idea of a democrat party and a republican party with different agendas that assert as their main goal a government “by the people” is an oxymoron to the form of government our founders intended. Our founders realized that a Republican Form of Government under Common Law would be the solution to man’s dilemma in his search for a government “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed[5]. So they ordained and established a Republic founded under the mind of God and not the mind of men, and included a democratic process for representation. At some point for We the People to completely return to our true roots the Republican and Democrat parties must eventually fuse back again to Jefferson’s Democratic Republican Party a one party system.
And it was in this spirit that the “Elected Committeemen” of both aforesaid parties of We the People of New York State came together in a bipartisan convention adopting the following “just” State and County party rules and we suggest that every state strive for the same goal in order that “man become what he was meant to be, Free and Independent[6] and not to be controlled by mob rule. We must be free to vote our conscience on behalf of the People within our election district and not the dictatorship rule of an association. Principles must overrule compromise there is no room for bi-partisan bickering in our Republic because legislators can only legislate under Article I Section 8 which leaves nothing open for interpretation or legislation that benefits one group over another.

Committees of Safety that morphed into the “Committeeman” in 1789 existed throughout the history of colonial America. Though known by various names; Committees of Protection, Associations, or, as the case in Plymouth Colony, an unnamed civil body politic, and, in Jamestown, simply governing council, they had the characteristic of being a civil government absent a government established by the sovereign.
In the early eighteenth century, Committees of Safety were quite common, especially on the frontiers, where the possibility if Indian attacks were likely. The Committee would appoint watchmen, hog reeves, fence reeves, and, militia officers. These are functions that were taken on by more organized governments, in some towns, though were common through most of the colonies, leading up to the War of Independence.
Committees served, primarily, to fill in gaps that were left by existing colonial and county governments, providing services that were otherwise unavailable.
As tensions grew between the colonists and the Crown government in England, the need for Committees increased, especially in western Massachusetts and South Carolina. After the Massachusetts Government Act (May 20, 1774), which revoked the Massachusetts Charter and replace the locally elected governments with appointments by the King, the farmers in western Massachusetts began forming Committee to assure a continuity of government and to take charge in expelling courts and judges who were not abiding by the original charter, and replacing them with their owns courts, though primarily only for criminal matters.
There were sufficient numbers of Committees in most of the colonies to call for the First Continental Congress, in 1774. These Committees were not subject to Royal governance, because, quite simply, to call for such a Congress would have been a contradiction of their authority granted by the various charters. Subsequently, the Second and Third Continental Congress were called by the Committees, which by this time, had evolved to the point where sufficient numbers of participating Committees established a Provincial Committee of Safety.
Committees of Safety continued to operate as functions of local government throughout the War of Independence, until each state adopted a Constitution, or otherwise revised their form of government, absent any Royal control. Once the Article of Confederation were instituted in 1781.
Cambridge April 29, 1775
This may certify that the bearer, Mr. Paul Revere is messenger to the Committee of Safety and that all dispatch and assistance be given him in Instances that the business of the Colony may be facilitated
Jos. Warren, Chair.
Committees of Safety existed prior to 1692 and were called by various names. The Committee which was created, in that year, in New York is significant in that it was created by the militia. The colonists were dissatisfied with the government of the Crown headed by Governor Sir Edmund Andros. Recognizing that the military (militia) authority must always be subordinate to the civil authority, and having serious concern over the abusive authority imposed by Andros, the militia of New York created their own civil authority in the form of the Committee of Safety.
Representation on the Committee was based upon two delegates being selected by the citizenry to represent each community. The delegates gathered and exercised their authority by, eventually, imprisoning Governor Andros for a period of one year.
On and off, many communities, colonies and provinces exercised their right of "self-governance" by establishing Committees as the need arose. The practice became even more common after the French and Indian Wars of 1756-1758. The Crown had imposed a number of new taxes on the colonies. It was felt that since the French and Indian Wars were in defense of the colonies, the burden of the enormous expense should be borne by the colonists. Of course, few colonists agreed.
As the taxes were increased (even though the colonies would never be able to pay the costs and interest), the demand by the colonists for the "rights of Englishmen" were raised. The Parliament had virtually no direct representation from the colonies, although there were some members of the House of Commons who were sympathetic with the colonies.
Each effort by the Crown to raise taxes resulted in the colonies refusing to purchase the goods taxed to raise the revenue. This caused the Crown to impose even more taxes, or replace those that had failed to return the revenue.
Finally, the Coercive Acts[7] of 1774 caused sufficient concern in the colonies to prompt action. Those communities that had formed Committees sent delegates to the colony or province level in order to respond to the call from the Boston Committee for a Continental Congress. In September, 1774, nine colonies responded to the call and met in Philadelphia to join in actions to counter the increasing imposition of arbitrary control by Britain.
Although during the course of colonial history many Committees of Safety were formed and operated under British government, frequently their actions were outside of the authority granted. They frequently co-existed alongside the "authorized" government of the Crown, creating a parallel government which was the direct representation of the people as opposed to the legitimate government of the Crown.
These "parallel" governments formed the nexus that would come together again in June, 1776, comprised of representatives of all thirteen colonies, to form the Second Continental Congress. The outcome of this second congress was the Declaration of Independence.

The Committee of Safety Concept
"Resolved unanimously, As our opposition to the settled plan of the British administration to enslave America will be strengthened by a union of all ranks of men in this province, we do most earnestly recommend that all former differences about religion or politics, and all private animosities and quarrels of every kind, from henceforth cease and be forever buried in oblivion; and we entreat, we conjure every man by his duty to God, his country, and his posterity, cordially to unite in defense of our common rights and liberties." - Resolution of the Maryland Deputies, December 12, 1774.
The concept of committees of safety was the forerunner of that principle of government implemented by the states and the federal government. Each committee would delegate its representatives to go to the next higher level, and carry with it the will of the people. Within each group there were chairmen selected to act as conciliator to the delegation. His purpose was not to rule, dictate or control the meetings, with the exception of providing order and purpose. Most often, he may have been denied the right to vote to compensate for what additional power he might have as chairman. In Boston, for example, a rather meek and mild Doctor John Warren was chairman of the Boston Committee of Safety. He provided order at the meetings, and otherwise carried out his duties as the administrator of the will of the people.
Since those times, we have subordinated our individual thought process to one which might be best described as "corporate mentality", where the chairman is usually chief executive officer (CEO) and wields an unnatural authority. His word is assumed "law", and until he is replaced, he is the power.
What has to be understood if the concept of Committee of Safety becomes a tool in our efforts to return to constitutional government, is that the authority of the people be recognized above all else. All "enactments" should come from that source, and finally be approved by that source. Any executive committee actions should be for their ministerial nature, only. The corporate pyramid must be turned over and recognized in its proper light that the people are at the top, just under God. Next the committee of safety, and its various sub-committees, which function as the source defined by interest, to generate "enactments". Finally the delegates, chairmen, and executive committee whose only purpose is to facilitate the orderly determination of the will of the people, and provide the means to implement that will.
The Committee of Safety concept, in order to operate in a manner which is suggested by history, must operate as committees and the Committee of the Whole. It must never operate as a "star chamber" or an executive authority under the current concept. It must never operate as a corporation, for a corporate interest is not the same as the People. The goal that is sought to be achieved is that the will of the people be carried out by those who have sought to assist in that administration, not by those who seek to control that will.
The Albany Committee was established prior to the First Continental Congress. This General Committee was executed in 1775. It was signed by all members of the committee at the time. It might provide us an understanding of the necessity for establishing a committee of like-minded people for the purpose of furthering the discussion of solutions to the problem. The original Albany version:
A General Committee agreed to and subscribed by the members of the several committees of the city and county of Albany. Persuaded that the salvation of the Rights and Liberties of America depends upon God and on the firm union of its inhabitants, in a vigorous prosecution of the measures necessary for its Safety; and convinced of the necessity of preventing the anarchy and confusion, which attend a dissolution of the powers of government
WE the Freemen, Freeholders and inhabitants of the City and County of Albany being greatly alarmed at the avowed design of the ministry, to raise a revenue in America; and shocked by the bloody scene now acting in the Massachusetts Bay. Do in the most solemn manner resolve never to become Slaves; and do associate under all the Ties of Religion, Honour, and Love to our Country, to adopt and endeavor to carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the Execution of the several Arbitrary and oppressive Acts of the British Parliament until a Reconciliation between Great Britain and America on Constitutional Principles (which we most ardently desire) can be obtained; And that we will in all things follow the Advice of our General Committee respecting the purpose aforesaid, the preservation of Peace and good Order and the safety if Individuals and private Property.
Disasters - Events such as Katrina, as well as the possibility of man caused disasters, are potential threats to the security, safety, and well-being of our families. If a true Committee existed in your community and there was some sort of event that affected food supply, utilities, water, or otherwise threatened your safety, we have in place, through the Committee, a cooperative with which to share needed resources. Though short lived in Plymouth Colony and Jamestown, this "cooperative" served quite well for survival in a hostile land, for the first few years. It also allowed the sharing of crops in the frontier towns and agricultural communities, in later colonial times, when Indian raids, or weather, destroyed crops, which would leave those affected short of food, had their neighbors (fellow Committee members) not shared with them what food was available.
Education - One of the most important tools utilized by those who have sought to take our freedoms and our country from us is the control of public education. By these means they have been able to remove aspects of our history which would have enabled us to both perceive and deal with the problems of today long before now.
Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Henry and the rest of those who gave us the nation we seek to restore today were well established in their respective communities, and recognized by their efforts to be men of sincerity. Their efforts extended, in most cases, over many years of guidance to their neighbors. The respect that was earned by these efforts, and their willingness to represent the will of the people, propelled them into the delegations which formulated the course that the colonies would pursue.
We have an opportunity to return to Constitutional government, and send Committeemen into the community to encourage the People to take control of our children’s education in replace of the destructive progressive education that the federal government forces upon our children today and encourage the People themselves to take courses that will prepare them to take control of their own destiny and our out of control governments. see: and click on FREE COURSES.
In order to understand the difference between what should be the true elected committeemen that should arise in our Republic within the political parties, and what we now have from the private political associations known as Democrats and Republicans, which have covertly overtaken control of the committeemen process, it is extremely important to review the history and purpose of the committeemen. Everybody knows that our party system is dysfunctional, clearly proven by the deceitful candidates we are left with to choose from as our representatives. Some people think we don’t have a choice and we must live with the system as it is, but that simply is not true. The underlying problem is a certain, systematic, identifiable corruption, which our founders addressed by replacing all committeeman every two years throughout the state, thereby flushing out political corruption.
Our goal is simply to reinstate the peoples "elected consentors" envisioned by our founding fathers, the committeemen are those consentors. The argument between the parties are all about controlling the behavior of the people, when will we tire from such despicable acts, when will we see that we lay wait for our own blood, for our own souls? If we just stop trying to control each other, we would discover the liberty of our fathers.
For the past 70 years, or so, the political process has been hijacked by an elite few who have succeeded in creating a dysfunctional government, hell bent on the annihilation of our Republic, through division, through indulgence, through anger and hatred, in short through parties.
To exercise the political process is to control our servant government, whereas the exercising of politics is intended for the controlling of people, and is repugnant to liberty. The enemy of liberty by its politics, has all but destroyed our political process, and expunged the elected committeeman. Today, by God's mercy we have the opportunity and a duty to ourselves and our posterity, to restore the process, and resurrect the elected committeeman, for liberty!
Our Duty: The committeeman is the only elected position that is unpaid, it is the seat from which the people exercise their power, and who's duty is to:
  1. Fill political vacancies with statesmen that know the law of the land, and are minded to observe it.
  2. Monitor and report the "hand" counting of the vote in public for both the primary and general elections.
  3. Monitor and report on elected individuals to insure they don't overstep their authority.
  4. Recall elected servants that violate their oaths.
  5. Solve problems with bureaucrats reported by people from our election district.
  6. Visit schools to initiate programs educating our children and college students in political science, judicial processes and ethics; alongside the sciences and mathematics.
  7. Educate and encourage a sense of duty among our constituents.

Critical Mind Set
  1. Don't ask "what are the limits of our power"? Liberty knows no limit, we simply do what is honest and expedient, the people need "no permission" to act, yes we can make it up as we go and as we see fit, that's the prerogative of a king.
  2. We the People ordained and established this constitution "for" the united states, we are the potter and they are the clay, "hath not the potter power over the clay"?
  3. Legislators are authorized under the Constitution, ordained by the people, to write statutes and codes, enforced as law, to control the behavior of bureaucrats, municipalities, government agencies, elected officials, interstate commerce, but not the people, who's rights are unalienable and cannot be legislated.
  4. We have been elected to choose honest candidates for office who's only agenda is the furtherance of liberty, security of our boarders, security through empowerment, economic expansion and the protection of the same, without interference.
  5. While in office forget republican or democrat, we are not there to manipulate people by promoting agendas but by promoting liberty.
  6. The "office" of committeeman is the most powerful office in the land, exercise that power wisely, and we will have wise government, a wise government is a constitutional one.
Bi-Partisanship Once republicans and democrats realize our constitution does not authorize congress to legislate behavior, politics will finally out grow its pathetic effectiveness. And, if we follow Thomas Jefferson's advice of "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations - entangling alliances with none", America's greatest days would lie ahead.
Two major parties control the political process, if we are going to reinstate the Republic it is absolutely critical that parties can work together. Except when choosing candidates, the state committee should meet bi-partisan to discuss solutions to our political problems; this will solidify the people's aspiration for better government, and reinforce the fear of recall in the minds of our servant government.

The Plan To Take back Control of the Parties
  • The Unified Common Law Grand Jury will or already has filed a Federal Lawsuit to enforce the Law and bring back the elected “Committeeman”. Find out more concerning the status of this lawsuit at
  • Enlighten liberty groups in all 3133 United States counties to the realities of the true, elected committeemen process. Send them to to take the free courses.
  • One person must take on the responsibility to find at least three others in their county to do the same.
  • Educate, Communicate and Organize at
  • Each county shall have the mission of finding at least four to six people to run for Committeeman in both parties. The reason for choosing four people per county, per party, is because that is the minimum number of "town" committeemen presently appointed to harness and control a county. Therefore, we should strive to match that number. However, we can accomplish our objectives with a lesser number if we need to.
  • We need to try and get at least one committeeman per party, per county. If we do not succeed at that, then, for the short term, that county will simply and lawfully be ruled by people from an adjoining county through appointments of local unelected committee members who will be monitored and educated to take control of their own county business.
  • All existing “members of the county committee” should be welcomed and encouraged to take the free courses for “Committeeman” at
  • The leadership in each county will have the responsibility of making sure every candidate understands our plan and the process to become a committeeman.
  • Visiting and communicating through our web site is imperative so that you can understand (1) the law, (2) how to become a committeeman (3) the plan to reconstitute the committeeman, and (4) how we will bring the existing party positions back under the control of “We the people”.
  • Attend our Monday night teleconference go to for details to join us.
Once in Power
  • A statewide orientation meeting shall be convened in the State Capital after the election.
  • The elected committee will need to call for a county wide meeting with all town committeemen. This resurrected committee of the people will proceed to dismiss all Article 2 created executive committees and will initiate new party rules. Members of the county committee will be notified that there has been a change of power and will be invited to attend our meetings under Article 2 status until the next election takes place.
  • We will need to fill vacant committeemen positions and we should focus in on filling them with liberty minded people first. We should remember that many of the town committeemen have been deceived, and when they understand what’s been going on, they will want to join us, so we must educate them, they will become a huge asset to us.
  • Let everyone know that it will not be business as usual and that many of the old ways, such as party favors and other criminal activities will no longer be entertained; and, if found out, a criminal complaint will be filed with the Sheriff for prosecution.
  • Free courses for the general public are available at
Some of the Constitutional restorations we want to start working on statewide, which are achievable in the first couple of years, if people in both parties are determined to save our Republic, are the following:
  • Legislative clarification on changing or joining a party, which should be easy and in short time.
  • Legislative striking of repugnant election laws.
  • Legislative reinstatement of the 1909 George Washington, gate keeper clause Section 21, outlawing private associations from being deemed a political party.
  • Legislation to require the ballot process at the primary election for committeeman, even if (s)he is running unopposed.
  • A return to many of the NY 1909 election laws that were struck.
  • Legislation to require hand counting of the vote, in public, presided over by the committeemen as prescribed in 1909 election law.
  • Legislation requiring the funding of sheriffs to come directly, and only from the county, or from the state.
  • A resolution affirming the sovereignty of the people and [Your] state.
Click the link above if you would like to join the NLA and become a committeeman.