Monday, January 3, 2011

The Salvation Army, "Doing The Most Harm", Part 5

Just some updates on this ongoing story. We have contacted the Salvation Army Corporate Headquarters numerous times. Not once have they chosen to respond to any of our questions. Nor do they seem to care when one of their outposts does harm to a family. We also contacted CBN, The Christian Broadcasting Network whom checked on this story but also chose not to respond. Governor Robert F McDonnell, and Senator Mark Warner have not chimed in nor has the Associated Press. Maybe dealing with negative stories about major charities around the holidays is bad for business? If a person or a corporate entity caused this type of harm to a family, they would be subject to a lawsuit. But because it's a charity, they can do whatever they want? This is pretty much like running over a person, finding out the person that you ran over was homeless and since that was the case, you get a get out of jail free card. We have a lot more to go with this story and it will not be going away. We will keep on top of all of this until someone is held accountable for their actions.