Monday, June 28, 2010

New Site For Gloucester County Live Feeds Postings

We have just finished building a new site for our Live Feed Postings. CLICK HERE to visit the new site and bookmark it for future events you want to follow. This is still in the experimental stage and we ask that you support it and let us know how we are doing. Thanks Everyone.

Help Save The Edge Hill Service Station

The Fairfield Foundation has purchased and will be restoring the Edge Hill Service Station on Gloucester's Main street and the corner of route 14 going towards Mathews. The foundation has a sign up in front of the building to Help Save The Edge Hill Service Station and has a web site address you can visit. CLICK HERE to visit the Fairfield Foundation. We have learned that the Fairfield Foundation is in contact with the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and both can always use your support through donations as this is how these foundations stay alive and maintain our history and past. We look forward to the day when the old service station is restored and brings more appeal to Main Street.

Coleman Bridge Opening This Morning At 10:00 AM, New Pictures

We grabbed some pictures down at the beach this morning of the Coleman Bridge opening at 10:00 AM. A Navy ship coming into dock at the Navel Weapons station. Thought we would share a few of the pictures with you.