Friday, March 6, 2009

Site Expansion, Gloucester County Links & News

Just wanted to give everyone some updated information. We are expanding and have created another site that we will be hosting coupons and special offers for you. These are deals we have worked out with other businesses in the county to help everyone out in these tough economic times. These coupons can only be found here on our expansion site and we are adding a new side link to make it easy for you to just click over to our other site and see what is new and how you can save some money. The new site is under some construction but we do have the core up and some coupons on there for you now.

Click Here to go to our new expansion site.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Building Your Own Website, Gloucester VA

We have recently been promoting Global Domains International as a place where you can go and set up your own web site. The service includes a domain name, hosting, tools for building your site and 10 custom email addresses. The cost is only $10.00 per month and it does have an additional business opportunity that you can take advantage of or you can skip that part of it. We just wanted to show you an example of a site we built on GDI and the site includes a tutorial for building your own web site. Click Here to see the example. We are going to be expanding the site over the next few days and the site will eventually include an advanced step by step guide for creating an e commerce site using PayPal. If you are interested in setting up your own site, Click Here to get started.

Monday, March 2, 2009

School Closing For Gloucester VA, 3/03/09 Code 2

We just got the news that all schools will again be closed Tuesday March 3rd due to the wonderful weather we are having. For Monday the code was 0, for Tuesday, it is a code 2.

Site Issues, Sorry For The Problems

Due to very heavy traffic on the site today and the bad weather all across the east coast, for some reason many of our posts on the site here are not showing up. We apologize for these issues and we are working on resolving them as fast as we can.

Early Morning Snow 3/02/09 Gloucester VA

Went out early this morning and grabbed some shots of the snow outside. It is freezing out there. My hands have not been this cold in years. Stay inside and stay warm. If you build a snowman though, we want to see it and post it on here, so send us a note.

HD LCD TV, Digital Cameras, Blue-Ray Players And Laptop Computers Giveaway

We just put up a new site a few days ago and on that site we are giving away digital cameras, Blue-Ray players, Laptop Computers and 42 inch LCD HD 1080p TV's. Now you do have to meet certain goals to get these items and the goals are listed on the site. Click Here to check out the details.

School Closing For Gloucester VA, 03/02/09

All schools are closed in Gloucester county due to inclement weather. Okay everyone, break time. Go out and have some fun. I have an idea, please submit an email telling me you want your snowman posted on this site and I will send you a link to send the picture to. I'll post each snowman sent.