Saturday, October 29, 2022


This isn't something I would normally do but sometimes.... you experience something that you want to share. It touches you. We have all had that moment where we just want to get away. We just NEED to get away and we end up somewhere in a hotel or motel that you most likely went to five times before because it was 'familiar' and you're wondering why you ended up there again.

Then you get that vision while the kids are jumping up and down on the bed beside you. You know wgat I'm talking about, the vision where you are sitting on a private beach looking over the water at the setting sun. A place where the kids aren't in the bed next to you and let's add a balcony where you can stand on it under the full moon with your partner close by and the wind lifting your hair. Yes! That would be the ideal getaway!  The children catching fiddler crabs on the shore or maybe some kayaking for the older kids. Something to keep them busy while you remember what it was like to just.... enjoy the moment.

And even now, with the weather change and fall foliage is all around there should be a homey feeling in the place you'd like to get away to, so fire up the fireplace and enjoy your home away from home. With the 65th Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival just ahead and only 50,000 people plus) come out for wine tastings, oyster tastings and various different events, if you buy a VIP pass I believe you get 10%off there. Then comes the holidays.... it's time to find that place and there's not much time left! And I know just where you could go for that old fashioned Thanksgiving or that good old country Christmas 

I'm going to give you the link to a place that I know personally will offer you peace, entertainment and tranquility for you and the whole family. Click on it and check out this escape where you and your family deserve to break away to. And he promised me if you mention my name he will give you a 10% discount. Oh happy day!

I call it Brightwater

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

MY RANT: Blinded By The Dark: Medication time


The days of old my friends have passed and quite frankly, the new generation doesn't seem to comprehend that everything costs something. I never understood how adults could want less freedom than a child would. Ask a child...any child...'would you like more rules that keep you inside and away from all the fun things you like?', and that child would most assuredly tell you they would like less rules so they could run and play and not worry about stranger danger but just be a kid. Yet here we are watching adults demand more rules when they don't even follow the ones, they have already voted in. 

     People get frustrated with me when I talk to them about seat belts laws or smoking laws and now, we are looking at infringements on every aspect of our freedoms. Sometimes if you take baby steps you can get a lot further than running so fast that people notice you and stop you along the way. That's what has been happening for years with our lawmakers. Bit by bit we have surrendered.  I get it, we hate when something causes harm to a loved one but changing laws every time something happens doesn't make it any better. It still happens and people hardly even go to jail for it nowadays anyways. Accountability has been thrown to the wayside.  Perhaps changing people might help though.  Something tells me I'd rather be blinded by the Light than the dark and I am afraid that this darkness has fallen upon many.

     Now, let's look at why.... some psychotropics to alter one's mind are being prescribed like candy. Statistics show that 1 out of every 6 Americans is on some kind of anxiety medicine. Imagine that folks! That many people think they can't handle life. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but life can stink sometimes. That's the way it works but the new generation is mind weakened by drugs.

     Then we have the population of people who statistics can't even seem to zero in on.... the underworld drug world... the synthetic drugs being the most fatal and causing nearly 92,000 deaths in 2020 and the rest who use, you can find in almost any type of household, no family is immune, yet our borders sit wide open for more illegals to bring in more drugs that will destroy the lives of our children and grandchildren. Addiction takes hold of them and only the strong will overcome its powers. Many will become a part of the increase of those 92,000 deaths. And yet, we welcome the darkness in.

     So, now we have the next group of lost in space and don't be offended if you find yourself here. Remember, I didn't put you here, you did. Alcohol is not your friend, even though you may think otherwise. Take it from someone who doesn't drink. There's nothing pretty about anyone intoxicated. And yea, I know you think that they are laughing with you. But darling, they're laughing at you. I can't comprehend it really because I have always had the desire to know what was going on in my surroundings and I am glad I am that type. Shucks, I have a hard enough time trying to remember where my keys are without clouding my busy brain with things that could only make it worse.

Now that you see that more than half this country is medicated, either by physician or self-administered drugs, which includes alcohol then perhaps you see why we're in the mess we're in. I get it, some folks are in real need. Most are being pacified..... You can be compassionate without being enabling. And one can be happy without something that overshadows their true ability to reach happiness but the choice to do so must be made. I personally, would advise that you include God on that venture. Should the time come where you can no longer carry on.... lucky for you there will still be One set of footprints in the sand. Yes, He will carry you through.

     With that being said, maybe that's why people haven't noticed the empty shelves and the high gas prices. You see, that doesn't affect them, small fees for bus fare to the food bank line and they really don't have to worry about it. Except for perhaps if people who expect you to work are elected in..... then there's a danger. A danger of not getting everything you want from a system that can't afford it and then offering it to the ones who brought your child or grandchild's fatal overdose into this country. I mean you'd have to be on drugs to think this is okay. You'd have to be on drugs to vote for anyone who steals freedoms from Americans and thinks handouts will make up for our rights that are being stolen away. The days of old have surely passed my friends, heroism has been tossed by the wayside and pansy~ism has become a real word.

     In closing, I merely want to point out that no one is promised tomorrow and the only day you can truly be sure you have made a difference is today and each day you get the opportunity to live after that. The world has gone mad, people dwell on grudges and bitterness and hold on to things that aren't holding them up. If you ask me, it's time to put the clip boards away and tell these crybabies to "suck it up, Buttercup". Because the sea sometimes has waves and if you don't learn how to ride them... you're going to get sucked into the sea...... that's just the way it is.

 And Americans...We The People already understand's helping the medicated to comprehend, which is the true task that lies ahead.

Sunday, July 17, 2022


It's been a while since I have written. In fact, it has been quite a while since I have been inspired to write. The battles of life can sometimes be consuming and catching up on the news is impossible unless of course you enjoy people screaming the same old rhetoric into their microphones. No wonder our young adult's stopped listening. There is nothing to hear. Who cares if rights are being infringed upon and our Country can't afford 'entitlements' to illegal immigrants? Just do it, right?
I have seen a whole lot of ne'er do wells who blame everybody and their brother to excuse why they can't. When the truth is they won't. They choose not to and then stand with their hand out like the working class can afford to feed them. This is the NOW America. Not the one I am used to living in and not the one I want my grandchildren being raised in.
     There was a time when work was the norm not the enemy. Work provided a roof over your head, electricity communications and other niceties that we wouldn't have otherwise. Yet, everybody wants a job and nobody wants to work. Or at least it often times seems that way. But as I mentioned earlier...recently I have been truly inspired. Two young adults with their own set of trials are students where I go for all of my procedures. They are perhaps the last that will be working with me, and this trial could not have ended on a more positive note.
     Each is very different from the other .... Blake and Vanessa. It's been quite uplifting to watch as they learn and to be a part of it is exciting too! We have a tendency to watch what is on the news. We watch the negatives and the more we promote it the more widespread it becomes. Perhaps, we should look at those who are working hard to set the stage of success. I will not delve into their personal lives or tell you much of what I have learned about them, but I do wish to tell you what they have taught me. 
      It doesn't matter how diverse you are from someone else; it doesn't matter that your trial is different from their trial. What matters is that two people who want to find success are willing to work together and make the environment comfortable and enjoyable so that their minds are clear to take in the knowledge they are there to acquire and still make it a pleasant day.
     As I close, I encourage anyone who knows someone taking life seriously, whether they are working at a trade, an assembly line or a college student. Stop and take time out to tell them they are doing great and encourage them of the possibilities. And as for those you pass who don't have that drive......perhaps you could be their driving force. We see the negatives all the time.....isn't it time we recognize the positives? Who knows? It could do a world of good. ~sigh~

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Coming To America: When Socialists Rule

 Alas for me, here I sit once again writing what I have already written once this morning. I can thank Facebook for their socialist beliefs since they can censor the American people. Why we tolerate it is beyond me. Yet we do.

And talk about silencing the people look at Baby-face Trudeau, the kid whose first law he enacted was that sixteen year olds could have anal sex. Now, that's something to be proud of. I studied human services counseling and I have my own opinions of this man and since opinions are not facts, you draw your own conclusions but here's my take on it.

We have all heard about the "Save the Children" organization that has been working diligently to save our children from being sold for deviant purposes. That's right, we all remember the Epstein tragedy which has suddenly been put in the back of the headlines, but we remember. We remember well. Am I proposing that Trudeau was one of them? Not exactly .....  but I do wonder if he was one of the children since anal sex appears to be on his mind. And it appears to be one of the first laws he enacted.

Now, back to silencing the people. Every time I have written something freehand on Facebook they have sent an error message and deleted it. The only error is that someone bigger than us wants to shut us up and WE are the American people, at least for now. So, I will use my constitutional right until it is stripped from me and then I will either be beheaded or imprisoned because I don't know how NOT to voice my opinions. And if you think I am going to an extreme by saying this.... well, let's take a look at the truckers and how their rights are being stripped from them. No right to protest or they'll be arrested. No right to funds donated to them because Babyface wants to control them and their every move. Perhaps that is because he never had control while on the island or perhaps, he was brain washed into thinking he was a tzar. Who knows? but the fact is he received a call from his surrogate granddaddy, Sleepy Joe who demanded he do something and so Baby-face did just as he asked. MY point, if an American President would encourage this kind of act, then that would mean he supports this kind of act. Don't be fooled folks, this is not a coincidence. See, it was probably about 2019 when I realized I had accepted a friend request from a Canadian soldier who stated that the election would change America. I immediately deleted him after I saw how he shared my Rant and used it as an opportunity as to how they would overtake the conservative views. I didn't stop to think.... How does he know? Now, I guess we all know but we still want to know how he knew.

I could go on and on, but I am not trying to lose your attention, I am hoping I capture it. The time is at hand folks, Communism is at our doorstep and sitting in our house awaiting the demise of America as we know it? The Superpower looked like anything but ... when Joe Biden allowed our Americans to remain in Afghanistan. If you think Sleepy Joe cares about American citizens, you might want to ask those left behind. You may even want to look at the photos of him fondling little girls in front of cameras. Lord only knows how bad it got behind the scenes. I'd love to hear from them. Wouldn't you? This my friends IS an indication that if he hasn't visited Epstein's Island he still would have fit right in. Don't look at me, look at the photos. And while you are surfing the net, do yourself a favor and look up communism and Marxism and see if all these rules you are being forced to follow are truly the American way. It's Coming to America folks and it's up to Americans to stop it before it happens.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

MY RANT: Segregation or My Imagination?

 Do you see what I see? Or I am simply lost in a world where things can only be seen by those who visit the world of imagination? I have oft times wondered about myself and I have always still tried to be me regardless how unconforming I was to society, but I am telling you I see something, and it don't make a lot of sense to me. I'll tell you what I see, and you tell me if I have blended my two worlds together, gone completely mad or if you see it too.
See, it was before me, I can't remember much at all but some of my older friends do and some of them tell me they don't remember much at all either so perhaps we were just children, or our innocence was something I am sure we wish we had never lost. I am not sure which came first the lady who wouldn't move from her seat on the bus or the preacher who marched with a desire for equality, but it happened, and things began to change for the better. There was the demand for equality, no one separated by race or origin. Isn't that what happened? Someone please tell me if I am wrong. I thought that was what happened!
Yet, I sit in front of my television, and I see it! I see it every day. There is race discrimination in college funds and beauty pageants and television. What's going on here? I am at a loss. I thought everything was about unity and equality how did the segregation begin take place all over again? And don't tell me it's not taking place. If television shows have begun to single out any one race, then that my friends, is segregation and help me out here but ..... isn't that why the woman wouldn't get out of her seat on the bus? Because she didn't want to be segregated? Correct me if I am wrong folks. And what about the preacher we just celebrated his life this week .....was his death in vain? Didn't he demand equality? How did everyone fall back into segregation?
 It doesn't matter how they got there now but they are there and they think it's okay. Will someone please explain because I don't understand why people fought so hard to become one in a country so strong only to separate themselves willfully, Help me out. Please someone help me out here! The world is regressing, and no one seems to notice but me!