Monday, December 16, 2019

Say “NO” To More Refugees In Virginia; Here’s How.

Our 2nd Amendment Rights are not all that is at stake with the pending change in Power in Richmond. Governor Northam has reportedly sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, asking to have more refugees settled here in Virginia. We did not consent to this and should do our part to prevent the Commonwealth of Virginia from becoming the next California. Below is a message to Secretary Pompeo that can be copied and pasted into a message to the U.S. State Department at this link: U.S. State Department

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Dear Secretary Pompeo,

We the People of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ask the United States Department of State, to ignore Governor Ralph Northam’s request to have more refugees settled within the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gloucester County, Va. Is Now A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

On December 3, 2019, the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, after some grandstanded for the cameras and crowd, voted Unanimously to add the County to the ever-growing list of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia and across the nation.

Several hundred people filled the Old Courthouse and Court Circle, with some speaking mostly in favor of protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Gloucester’s Resolution to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, like most other Resolutions in other places, is more symbolic than defiant of Un-Constitutional infringements of the People’s rights. Hopefully symbolism will be enough to peacefully curtail the intentions of the Democrats now in control of our beloved Commonwealth.

Not only do they intend to pass Un-Constitutional gun laws, they also fully intend to ease voter requirements by not requiring identification to vote, allow non-citizens to vote and other such Un-Constitutional measures.

They also intend to flood Virginia with more so-called refugees. In fact, our DemonRat Governor sent a letter to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, asking that more refugees be sent to Virginia to settle.

We The People must peacefully standup against the tyranny our Democratic controlled government intends to inflict upon us. The only way to do this is through numbers. Millions of people who are currently standing up against the infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights typically do not vote. However, they are standing up to defend our Constitutional Rights. When those numbers are added to the voters who support our Constitution, it is a huge statement. The momentum gathered in the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement should also be used to stop some of the Democrat’s other Un-Constitutional intentions. It should also be used to encourage non-voters to become voters.

On December 20, 2019, members of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement will travel to Richmond for VCDL Lobby Day. For more information click here and here. Join the movement and be there to help protect our Constitutional Rights.
Thank You Patriots, for protecting our God Given and Constitutional Rights. A special Thank You to Mr. Mark Thompson, for bring the community together.

God Bless and Long Live The Republic!!

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Some images from the December 3, 2019 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Meeting.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Violet's Rant: Deciding What Takes Precedence

I spend a lot of time writing in a way where I try to add humor to some very serious matters. I do so, in hopes to open the eyes of those who otherwise would not listen to me. But in all seriousness I want to focus on some things that may arouse your curiosity, it may make you think about what's happening in our Country and where your interests should and should not lie.... and you the reader can determine for yourself whether or not you should be concerned. Okay?
I may or may not give you links. Who knows? I never know where my writing goes, I let my fingers do the talking. BUT, you have the same access to Internet resources that I do, so you can do your own research, without or without links. If you believe I am in error, I always welcome corrections because I never want to steer you in the wrong direction. This morning, I will do my best to leave all jokes aside. Like I said, I will do my best!
Okay.... when Virginia turned blue in November, it threw up some red flags for me. Enough so that I began researching things that had seriously never crossed my mind. 
Starting with, concern number one..... 
my first thought was "Geez, we have a lot of ports here in Virginia", now I am not going to name them but.....hmmm....with Islamics now holding our public offices and you know who three of the most popular of them are... I wondered how seriously concerned I should be... People...., I'd like it very much if you looked at where our naval ports are located and which of those states are can for informational purposes even check out where other military bases are just for your own personal knowledge, okay? I think you may see a flag or two yourself. If you are following me so far, then you can hopefully comprehend where I am going with this. Yet also you'll understand why I am not elaborating too much on this subject either.
Concern number two...
which I have already mentioned above is... those who are holding office or infiltrating them and I can't help but wonder why taking our guns rights might be beneficial to those who don't particularly like America. This is not about discrimination, so move on from that... It's about border security and government secrets and what, who and where? Are you still with me?
The third concern is....
 why we are being censored and who does it directly or indirectly affect? With our right to freedom of speech, why are we being censored anyway? What is it that they don't want you to hear or read? Shouldn't we be allowed to read, see or hear everything to make the decision best for us?
Number four is a no brainer.... 
Why are people who are in office and not only closely associated with the Bidens' but have children of their own in Ukraine want to stop the President so desperately that they would set the people's requests aside?  Why the rush, why the secrecy and why question them before the people see it? Come on now, if you have kids you know the routine, it's called diversion.
Okay, there is your food for thought on real concerns. Will you please humor me and research some of this stuff?
Now, here are things we probably shouldn't be concerning ourselves with a whole lot, at least not for the time being.
The first is the color of our skin.... 
Do you realize how many people in the U.S. are of a mixed race? Do you realize that they do not want to choose which parent to love? And if there is so much interracial relationships taking place how can we be so divided?..... Ask yourself, are we really as racially divided as the government wants us to believe? Think about that, could that be a diversion too? Are they trying to take your mind off of what is really important? I mean, what have you really accomplished by tearing down historic monuments other than perhaps getting an arrest record? Did you change history at all?
Your second least concerning thing should be,
 who you are sleeping with....keep in mind, there will always be haters for everything. I have been hated for being petite but I don't think every woman bigger than me is hating on me. No, just those who have little else to do but hate. Again, Who you sleep with in the privacy of your own room or back seat of your car or where ever you choose to do it, is your choice. But let's face it, You don't do it in public arenas ..... so this should not be on a public forum... it's your private business and unlike socialist countries, you won't be killed by government officials for breaking Allah's laws... No, you may run into knuckleheads but you can not fix the world by stomping your feet. Ever try some brotherly love? Perhaps they will hear you then?
The third least concerning thing is the New Green Deal.... 
I get that we have pollution issues and perhaps our ozone is being eaten away by various polluters but do you really think a socialist country, which is where we are headed is going to worry with that? You might not have noticed because this too is a diversion. Do you really believe Allah and follower's are concerning themselves with the ozone when they are trying to strip your rights to speak away? And let's not forget your guns. Scary stuff folks. Come on're no dummy.... you are getting this, you know you are. It's whether or not you want to accept it as truth and for that I once again encourage you to research everything above..... Don't do CNN or FOX news for this information, no, you need facts. I suggest you go to places that end with .org or .gov.
I know I am a tad bit serious this a.m. but this IS a very serious matter and it should be to you as well.
The last least concerning thing and not necessarily in that order is....
 how much more welfare you can milk from the system. See, when the poor get more, the rich win more control. Think about it. If you become more dependent on a government, you surrender the right to make more money, which basically means you will be in complete control of the rich man which is who you claim to be against, am I right?
Okay ..., now that I have your attention it is imperative that we look at what is happening. Those things that they don't want you to see. It is imperative that you recognize not only for yourself but for your children and your children's children. I don't want to send anyone in a frenzy but if you don't open your eyes now by the time you do, it won't matter anyway.
Now, just throwing this out there but those folks that ran planes into the Twin Towers swore they would be hanging their flag in front of the White House, remember that? Why are they in our government offices? What are we thinking, or are we thinking? 
So, come on now... admit you aren't in danger by sleeping with who you want to, in the privacy of your home. I only encourage you, not to try and push it on someone who doesn't share your beliefs.... they have their right of choice too, you know?
Then, admit that you have friends of a different race who would bend over backwards for you in time of need. You know who they are. They don't look at your skin color but your heart, that's what they see. And don't go using Martin Luther King as a scapegoat. He wasn't marching for you to get more welfare... but for you to get more of the same equality anyone else got in the workforce and every place else.
And lastly my friends, how will trying to save the ozone make a difference in your life if they are going to silence you in ways you never could imagine? Do you think they will listen then?
Stop and think about this, the very rights you have to fight for whatever it is you're fighting for, are in jeopardy. The blood shed for this country will be in vain because you, my dear friend will no longer be a free American. Ponder that for a little while..... and pray to the God Who is the foundation of this Country and ask Him to show you what you need to see, what you need to hear and what you need to do. He'll hear you and He'll answer. It doesn't matter who you are. Now, I hope I just helped somebody.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Violet's Rant: Let's Talk About Gun Control

Oh Lordy be..., 
We have us a few random air pockets running around in Virginia. Not so sure how they showed up but I find it hard to believe they were born here. You know what I'm talking about. Those fruity patooties with the big hollow spot between their ears. Yea, them!
I try to not to be so harsh, well probably not as hard as I could but good grief! If dumb gets any dumber. Jim Carey will never find a job. The dummies will outshine him by far.
So, let's talk about gun control....
Now, how many of you knuckleheads out there actually believe you are safer without one? Now, don't be bashful...
raise your hand or both so you can practice surrendering now.πŸ‘€
Lemme 'splain something.... If you are sitting at your residence popping popcorn or whatever it is you like to do while sitting around watching television and some thug comes bursting through your door with a gun in hand, demanding that you give him all that you own of value.What's going to happen?  Lemme guess, your wife grabs the rolling pin and you grab the remote control. Now, that's some arsenal there my friend! Yup, you got it going on. Where I come from ...they call that a sitting duck. And we don't like to be sitting ducks.
Now you may want to practice your heroic actions with the rolling pin, but I personally don't want to be around for it. Nope, not me. It's gonna get ugly.
Try to fill a little air between those ears with some common sense for the sake of argument. Just because you surrendered your guns don't mean the thug is going to. And if you think not.... your air pocket may be in full disrepair.
I get that innocent people are being killed and it ticks me off too. But do you really think banishing a law that was designed to protect us, not only from intruders and violent offenders but the government itself is going to help? If law abiding citizens surrendered their guns then only criminals would own them.Can't you see that?  Now think about that. I mean, I don't really see a line of thug's standing in line to turn in their guns, do you? Nope, me either.
How about replacing all that ignorant sex ed which serves absolutely no purpose with gun laws.
Hmmmm now there's an idea...start with elementary students and teach them to "not touch it", "tell an adult" and what ever it is that's within their innocent brain level. Then let's get the middle school involved by sharing videos of parents, siblings and friends who tell their story of losing someone to gun violence, let them see real tears and find compassion before it's too late.....and then high school I think they should see the graphics. I mean really let them see that life stops. 
I's a shame that we have to educate them but the parents apparently don't have time or just don't care. So...., let's hold them accountable, yup.... The kids get convicted but the parents are accessories. I bet that ought to make a few of them think. What about you? Let's face it, if you have children you have a personal obligation to them and if you fail them. The burden shouldn't be all theirs.
I am sure there are more ideas and I think all should be brought to the table but lemme make one thing clear. We should never surrender our guns!!!!
Whew! Now, that I got that off of my chest let me update you on a couple of things. On December 3rd, 2019 there will be a hearing in Gloucester County regarding sanctuary cities for gun owners. It will be held at the Board Of Supervisors in Gloucester at 6:00 p.m.. I strongly urge you to attend. 
Also, I have recently been told of a "march" on the 20th of March, 2020.
 Once again, I suggest you be there to support our Second Amendment right.
Now, I get that the air pockets are having a tough time with this but we need to talk to everyone we pass and encourage them to register to vote and reach out with every opportunity you see! Some people just don't realize the magnitude of what is unfolding.
Here's a tad bit of history fer ya.... Hitler started with gun registration to protect children....then he seized them because children were still dying. Now, don't look at me I didn't make history. I just filled my head with something besides all that fluffy stuff! 
Now, you can help solve the problem or be a part of the problem. That's entirely up to you. Bottom line is.... We are not surrendering our guns. I don't even own a gun but I am a strong supporter of them. Why? Because my father was a hunter, he provided for my family that way and so did most of the children I grew up with. The knucklehead concept that guns kill people is like saying the planes that flew into the Twin Towers were at fault and not the pilots flying them. And let's not forget about those enemies .... Do you really think they went away? Of course not, they are infiltrating our government offices and they want your guns! Just ask Ilhan Omar, Alexander Ostacio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib..... They don't want you to have guns either. Do you wonder why they have such a personal interest in it? 
 Now if that doesn't fill your air pocket with some common sense, I don't reckon nothing will.
There you have it folks...., We can stand idly by or we can refuse to be stripped of our Second Amendment Right to bare arms, slowly but surely. It's a no brainer! See you at the BOS Tuesday night in Gloucester!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Gloucester Board Of Supervisors To Consider 2nd Ammendment Rights

BORROWED FROM MARK THOMPSON - "I've just been told in the Pol group, that the agenda (will be confirmed next week) for the December 3rd Gloucester County BOS meeting, will contain a resolution for our county to declare itself a second amendment sanctuary.

All those who care about their rights to keep and carry their legally owned firearms should attend and make their position known.

Between the armed robbery at the point today, and the draconian bills that were pre-filed today in the VA General Assembly, this is an important issue to us in our county.

Inform yourself using the VA LIS, and please plan to attend if you have something to say. The bills are self-explanatory. As written, the "assault weapons ban" reclassifies nearly every commonly owned defensive handgun as an assault weapon, and bans either the firearm, the magazines for it, or both.

This is nothing more than an assault on law abiding gun owners, and chp holders who purchased and have carried their arms legally for years. This bill in particular does absolutely nothing for "safety" and is punishment, for those who do not agree with, or have a different culture than those who now hold the gavel in Richmond.

Be there. Let your voice be heard. Stand in defiance of assault on the constitution of VA, the US, and on law abiding good people.

December 3rd, at 6:30 PM, at the old Courthouse in the traffic circle. The agenda should be confirmed next week.

Join us and send a message that Gloucester citizens will not be pushed over."

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Violet's Rant: While You were Sleeping

Hey, it's me. I know you're sleeping but I have been trying to wake you. I get it, you come home from work tired and you really don't feel like listening to me but I feel like you're ignoring me. Yes, I feel like you neglect me a lot, too much really.
I know you hear me rambling on and on and you've slowly conditioned yourself to block me out. Yes, you keep assuming I am going to be here no matter what. But I keep telling you, I am leaving you and you keep thinking I won't go anywhere. I have been listening to others and the more they talk the more I keep slipping away from you. We've been through a lot together and we have fought battles and overcome them. Sometimes just barely but we did it! 
Others have envied us, they thought we had it all and we did. We were stronger than anyone we encountered. But all those secrets, deceptions and manipulations, even letting those who weren't happy for us come between us Yes, they are tearing us apart. Please wake up and listen to me! I am trying to let you know we're in trouble. Everything we worked so hard to achieve over the years is falling by the wayside. Can't you see it too? Yes, I know you are working so hard to provide for the family and I commend you for that. So many aren't doing that anymore but that's not all I need from you. No, that's not all I need, I need your attention. I need you to love me and respect me the way you used to. Like you did.... before you got too busy for me.
I am still here, I haven't left you yet but I am telling you, I am slipping away and it's hard holding on. You used to go to church and worship but then sports started taking your attention off of what was really important on Sundays. I guess you couldn't see how it had been holding us together.
I get it..... this is the twenty first century and times have changed but how much do I mean to you? How much are we worth? Please wake up! I need you to take a stand for us, I need you to work with me to save us! I can't keep fighting for us alone. While you've been out drinking, I was slipping away and you failed to see something that really affected us. I want to tell you about it before it's too late. I'd like for you to see what's been happening to me and to us. I am tired and it's unfair of you to expect me to hold us together without your help. 
Please open your eyes and listen to me! I am in danger! I am in danger of standing with you because I am fighting alone and it feels like I am standing alone anyway. Others keep saying this is all wrong and if you don't help me fight, you're going to lose me. Is that what you want? Aren't we worth more than that? Have you taken me for granted for so long that you just think I am going to be here regardless of how much you ignore me? Do you really think it's fair that I fight this battle without you? Don't you think I am getting tired too?

I get it...., you work all day.... you pay your taxes and you plan on retiring and then you'll have time to focus on this stuff but I am telling you, it may be too late for us. I need you now! I need you to stand up for me and announce we aren't going anywhere! Yes, tell them, we are strong and everything they used to envy about us, still IS. Please I need you to remove those things that are pulling us apart. I try to speak but everytime I do something stops me, and those things  that hinder me keep making it harder and harder to communicate. Can't you see what's happening to us? If you don't take time for me..., I hate to say it but you are going to lose me. We will be the laughing stock of our neighbors because they were always jealous of what we had and they wanted to see us fall apart anyway. They thought that ..... we thought we were better than them. They didn't understand we were just stronger than them. But....this is now and you're losing me.

Please wake up, our home is being invaded and I don't know how to protect us! I don't know if we will even be able to soon. Everything I have used to keep us strong is being taken from us. Doesn't it matter to you what's going to happen to our children if we don't come together? Do you think I can raise them properly without your involvement? They've been crying for your help, for your guidance and for anyone to listen to them! And you know what happens if you don't be the strong arm. You have to know that they'll look for someone else because that's just what children do.
I might ask you another time or two yes, I may ask for you to wake up again but you are not listening to me anyway and it seems the world is condemning all that we had and I can't fight this without you. Can't you see, if you don't wake up soon, when you do, I'll be gone? Try raising our children without a foundation, without values and morals, then tell me... What kind of unity will we have? What will they have?
I am so close to leaving you and yet you pleas are going unheard and slowly but surely I am slipping away from you and it will be because you chose to sleep instead of fight for me, for us. It's not too late .....yet.... But it won't be long now when you wake up and I will be gone. I will no longer stand for us because you ignored me when you had the chance to listen to me and fight for me.
In spite of this, I still try to fight but I am weak and without your support we won't make it through this. 
United we will stand, Divided We will fall. Trust me I have seen it happen to others. And I am on my way out the door...... Unless you wake up and help save us.

With Love,
The United States of America

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Violet's Rant: Dingaling Brother's and Democrats Daily Circus

Hello Everyone and welcome to Part 5 of the Dingaling Brothers and Democrats Daily Circus. Now, smile they're on Uncandid Camera. That's right...... it's more than a lie it's a complete fiasco. Not just to the clowns grasping at straws. So far they've only pulled the short ones but also..... America is in the eyes of other countries. There has never been a trial in American history that was held to figure out what one's crime was. The Communists are enjoying it as the Americans eyes are removed from the fact that they want to take your guns and right of free speech. They talk of corruption yet hide the truths of their own family members being part of the corrupt Ukraine. They don't want to tell you about that, now do they? My only guess why they wouldn't want you to know about it is hmmmm.... They don't want you to see their own dirty hands? So, wait a minute! If John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney are involved with the corruption there in Ukraine.....well I guess it wouldn't be helpful if President Trump exposed all of that now would it?
Now, let's look at yesterday's knucklehead, you know that goof ball who demands you refer to him as Lt. Col. Fried Chickens. Yes him! Now....., let's see, he claims in depositions that he doesn't know who the whistle blower is.... and let's not forget the beetleman Shiff who doesn't either but suddenly Beetleman breaks into the time of the Republicans for questioning to stop Col. Chickens from revealing the whistle blower. Hold Everything! Now how did either know not to say the name of the whistleblower if they don't know who the whistle blower is?!?! 
Now, I am confused. Trump's corruption in the Ukraine has nothing to do with their alleged corruption but they are still seeking out what President Trump's corruption is ... Geez, that don't sound like the American way to me. But I imagine Putin is getting getting a good chuckle, eh?
Now, let's take a look at this whistleblower....all we know about him or this individual is being represented by a New York attorney named Zaid who was tweeting that the coup was about to begin....hmmm.... correct me if I am wrong but wasn't that tweet in 2017? Okay....hold on! How did Zaid know there was a whistleblower in 2017 when the call wasn't made until July 2019? I mean, that's like two years earlier, right? 
Dang Skippy! I am starting to think they think we are those uneducated robots created by liberal universities! I mean, they are the only ones I know who have been programmed to think without thinking. I don't know about you but I can think for myself and I am offended they think I am an uneducated knucklehead who believes everything I am told. Nope, and I don't think most Americans like being lied to either. 
You know, it's a sad day in this country when our leaders get to lie to us and make a mockery of the government "we the people", created long before they were born to protect us from these very tactics they are using in our White House. Very scary now isn't it?
 Now, I could go on and tell you about my feelings on the letter  that Mr Zaid sent to our Potus about him being responsible for the whistle blowers life, when it's the Clinton's friends that keep dropping like flies. Hmmm...
wait....Isn't Beetleman married to George Soros' daughter and Chelsea Clinton married to his son? And we're worried about the life of the whistleblower because of our President? Geez, I think we should ask Jeffrey Epstein....oh that's right, we can't now can we? He was number 76 of the Clinton's friends who isn't alive to tell us what they know today, unless of course we can't see the whistleblower because the sleeping guards fell asleep on him too. That would make him number 77, eh?
 All I know for sure is..... Them liberals up there in the White Tent sure are walking a tight rope and I don't think the American people are falling for it but they just might be able to take a fall from this side show if that rope snaps which it apparently looks like it's going to do. Somebody please bring in more clowns to catch them when they fall!!! Or just let them fall flat on their face. I mean, they put the rope out there now didn't they?
No, I am not going to mention that I think it's quite clear the elephants have been replaced by jack asses and nobody is interested in our millions of tax payers dollars going to the freak show. In fact we are kind of tired of. Nope, we could have helped our homeless vets with that money instead of making good people like Jon Bon Jovi bare the brunt of those expenses. Now couldn't we have? Man oh man... he said in that song a long time ago that...."I'll Be There For You" but I didn't know he was singing it to our heroes, did you? Well, I sure am grateful there are some good Democrats out there worrying about our veterans, spending his own money on good deeds, while the side show freaks in the White House spend it on a hearing they have yet to even figured out what the crime is. Don't look at me....I didn't vote for them.
 Regardless what you think....., welcome to the Dingaling Brothers and Democrats Daily Circus. Please return to work and watch CNN when you get home.... they need more of your tax dollars to continue the circus show and if you watch it first hand you might not be as entertained. There are a few more clowns waiting to perform!
And I sure wish they would stop this so Putin would get back to helping Hilary's Campaign create more bogus dossier's and hiding Ed Snowden from the Clintons so he doesn't get added to the Clinton R.I.P. list

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Violet's Rant: Merle T Rutledge: Turning Virginia Back to Red

What a great day yesterday! Yep, while you all were sitting around watching Ms.Elise Stefanik make Adam Schiff look like the spectacle that he is, I had the opportunity to meet our next Governor of Virginia! That's right! I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and get to know a gentleman I can call my new friend!
What started out as a short interview, lasted for hours over coffee and there was never a dull moment. I felt comfortable and never felt  afraid to ask questions.
Mr. Rutledge who graduated from Norfolk State University with studies in Local Science and Pre-law, will readily tell you he that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's worked hard and attributes his successes in life to God first. A professed Christian who has no problem admitting he falls short but his faith is unwavering.
He currently serves as President of the National Coalition Against Government and describes one of his second of three accomplishments as his high ratio in representing the people against insurance companies. Certainly something we like hearing, someone who will help us fight that fight! And one thing that really sits with me still is how he said he'd like to make our military, police officers and first responders have tax exempt homes and cars. "It's the least we can do for them."
Well, we hadn't been sitting down long when I noticed a gentleman wearing a Trump T-Shirt covered only by a neon green vest. Yea, you know me, I couldn't help myself but I had to stop him and introduce him to Virginia's next Governor! The gentleman whose name was Glen, seemed somewhat skeptical at first but within no time at all, I watched as these two men became engrossed in a conversation on child discipline, abuse of welfare and the rising costs of insurance. He seemed to be able to easily share his concerns with Mr. Rutledge and it was enlightening see how Mr. Rutledge was able to bring down the barriers and have Glen talking so freely...., discussing concerns many Virginians have today. 
It seems somewhere along the way, that expensive inquisition going on down in the basement at our White House has forgotten the people. How refreshing to have someone talking about what's important to us! Yet, that however was not all I observed yesterday while I was talking to him. When I  asked what made him the right man for the job. His first response was. "I am not afraid." Referring to the way Republicans are so frequently attacked by Democrats when they step up to run against them. "Republican's have become too complacent and I am not one to back down. If they have a problem with me then let's bring it to a debate." For this I had no doubt he'd do well since his strong stance displayed his character, not only through his answers but how, without hesitation he'd answer me with a genuine concern for Virginians. Yes, he's already thought about these things people! He has thought about them because he says he has seen and experienced them first hand. He is not afraid to mention that he started out as a Democrat, then found himself becoming an independent and now, proudly proclaims to be a Republican, who is strongly against Anti gun laws. "I will never prevent a man from being able to protect his family." And regarding his views on Socialism, his response is "I do not believe it has any place in a free society." I even felt comfortable enough to touch base on the destruction of  historical monuments taking place in parts of our state. " It is all the history of our Country and should not be removed. I always ask people 'Why do you want to take away from my children's field trips'?" He says with a smile. It's apparent he wants our citizens to understand how America was built.
We touched on various other subjects like,  schools and education . He believes teachers should be required to teach and not have the teachers opinions embedded in our children's heads. Even supporting the possibility of camera's in the classroom. Which is, if you ask no different than asking our officers to wear them for validation. "I think taking sex ed out of schools and replacing it with pro- life courses to assist in understanding the value of life is something I'd like see happen. We don't need to be confusing our children with their sexuality, that's something they should find out for themselves. Furthermore, "We are not the bathroom police." He goes on to mention that he believes parents should be held accountable for their children's behavior,(i.e., bullying, school attendance, etc)" Which puts the responsibility back on the parents where it is supposed to be. MY first thought is....., that ought to get parents involved, wouldn't you think?
We touched so many different bases, like legalizing marijuana which would assist in helping people who have certain mental illnesses and help control pain, which might steer people away from using opioids. and directing those funds to the homeless which would offer temporary housing while they learn a trade for farmers who have been suffering too long that it would be unfair for you to expect this article to tell you all that you need to know.
When I asked what his approach was for funding his campaign, his response was. What I'd like to see is the endorsement of the people. Signatures to back me up, they can donate if they wish, they can donate a penny, makes no difference to me. I seek their support and they can e-mail me at or my personal phone at 757-275-5392. They can call and ask me anything. I'd be happy to answer."
With that being said, you have the means to know more and I encourage you to reach out to him, ask questions and support our next Governor of Virginia!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Violet's Rant: While They Are Busy forgetting About You

Well, what a day! I take some time off for me and find the wicked witch of the West reared her ugly head. Geez, I wonder if she ever goes back and takes a glimpse at herself. My guess is, she probably does. That's why she needs another xanax chased down with her favorite shot. We see the lasting effects when she speaks to CNN, it appears the rest are catching on. Afterall their ratings are talking to them. I don't know about you but I find her more of a side show freak than a politician. The "reptilian woman", that's what they should be calling her!. Why isn't she in the circus where she belongs? Oh, that's right. She brought the circus to the White House and along with her she brings a rat with a human head, who nominated himself judge and jury. And every now and then that Joker who should be running from the Batmobile stands alongside of them. Snakes and jokers and rats ! Oh, my! It's a real circus show alright.
Now, pardon me for not doing my research but I am meeting our next Governor today! Yes, Republican Merle Rutledge is coming to Gloucester!!! Please remember his name! He's a strong supporter of our President and we need to take back our state!
What I keep wondering is while the democrats are busy forgetting about is turning Virginia into a democratic state going to affect us? I started to ask myself.....what is the rate of the homeless in sanctuary cities? Hmmm.... I know of a couple for sure.... San Francisco, represented by the Wicked witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi. Who, don't forget offers free housing and entitlements to illegals has over 8,000 Americans living on the streets there. Don't drop your jaw yet .... that rat with the human head, Schiff.....well, his city has a whopping 36,000 homeless! Do you see, anything wrong with that picture? They say "all are welcome" says Pelosi, yet they haven't done anything for the people but waste their hard earned tax dollars for the past three years....on a witch hunt that has no foundation.A mockery of everything our judicial system stands for! Now, let's not over look that Joker from New York City who should paint his face and yet, cackles like the Joker he is. Did you know over 63,000 are staying in shelters there? Wow! But they are a sanctuary city!!!! Now, it should be pretty clear they aren't really concerned about their citizens, now are they? They leave our own out in the cold and welcome those who have put nothing into our society.…
Yet, the three circus freaks are holed up in the basement trying to uproot the very foundation that America stands on. Don't look at me....I didn't vote for them and I sure didn't vote for Blackface Northam either. I don't know about you but I don't want to see the great state of Virginia which currently has approximately 6,000 homeless.... (less than Pelosi's city of San Francisco) to become greater when democrats starting to open sanctuary cities but Virginians beware! Richmond and Alexandria are one step away from this travesty and if Blackface has his'll be stepping over human feces as you take your child school shopping or your Mother out for dinner. This is serious business people!
Now, I won't be watching the whiny cry baby Ivanovitch today.....but I sure do plan on recording it. I can't wait to see what happens when Mr Jordan gets a hold of her....oh, Lord. If you haven't realized it's all a diversion yet..... you will soon enough!
Well, in the near future I do hope to put up all of the sanctuary cities and their rate of homelessness, I did however put up a link if you'd like to check it out.  For now though, I think my next rant is going to be directed at that group of Mansonians we seem to overlook all too frequently. Yup, it's time to look into that. It's long overdue actually. Of course, I have been saying it all along but people don't listen until they start looking for answers in desperation. Hopefully it's not too late to fix a problem Hillarys village created. Ponder that why don't you! Who know's? Maybe I'll have that up before I leave this morning. Yea, hopefully....I can open some eyes on that issue! 
Well, I'd love to talk about the rest of the circus but quite frankly, they get too much attention without my help! Afterall, they are busy forgetting about you. Maybe it's time to let them know you are forgetting about them. One last thing..... Virginians, I am not so sure about you but I don't want democrats controlling this state. I mean if you are barely making it now, imagine what's going to happen when illegals take precedence over you? Or even worse, when more Virginians become homeless? No, we can never allow that and it's time to speak up. and make that change!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mr. Howard Mowry's Comments At November 12th School Board Meeting

1. Accountability and performance have a lot in common, without one serving the other, then one could possibly consider fraud.  This division does have some serious problems, but all schools are accredited.

Of special interest is the amount of absenteeism in the system especially the high school. Reviewing the 2019 records 329 students were chronically absent, meaning 10 per-cent or more days for the school year.

This amounts to 3,290 school days at an approximate cost of $68.31 a student or $244,740 of wasted taxpayer’s contribution to the system for one school. Combining the elementary and middle schools the total was 368 or $251,381. A grand total right at a half million for the school year not counting those with less than 10 days out.

Since the funding for the school system is divided three ways the only marker for accountability is the local contribution. Years ago, a sitting board raised the percentage by 6 points above the composite index figure where it has stayed ever since.

Recommend that to improve upon and decrease absenteeism the Board of Supervisor’s reduce funding by a given percentage point/s until attendance hits a pre-determined level of accountability.

At the same time with all these students absent, all the schools are accredited, 94 percent graduate on time. One needs to consider either the student is smarter than the teachers, or the system has been dumbed down so far even a moron is a genius. I wonder what the businessman has to say about our graduates. A survey may be helpful.

2. At the same time when we talk funding by the state, they fund under many standards unknown by the general public. If our composite index is 38 cents, then the state would provide 62 cents to meet the operating revenue fund for the county.  Wrong they only fund 52 percent, or a shortchange of approximately 2 million.

Additionally, the budget when approved may not reflect the true revenues since the funding is set on attendance at the end of September the first month of the new school year. This revenue amount is also adjusted at the end of March of the same school year, which could be a plus or minus of students, also effecting the

Development of the next fiscal budget year.

The solution is for the school board with cooperation with other boards request the General Assembly review their multiples of funding and reduce the process to a local standard percentage of revenue intake and have the state provide the rest.

If this is not possible then one might possibly perceive that in reality, we are broke or bankrupt.

I thank you for the time.

Publisher's Note: School Board Chairperson, Robin Rice only allowed 3 minutes for comments even though there were only a handful of people at the meeting. She did not allow Mr. Mowry to complete his comments.

Video Of November 12th School Board Meeting

Violet's Rant: Using Your Head For Something Besides A Hat Rack

Well, what do you know! We finally got to see two of the most crucial witnesses in the impeachment farce. I don't know about you but these two characters who resembled a duo of Red Skelton (the one with the bowtie) and Jerry Lewis (the one with the "I'm so stupid" look) didn't impress me a whole lot. If you don't know who they are, that's probably why you can't remember a civil America, but that's not today's subject. 
Nope, today we are going to put on out thinking caps! Because we are discussing the American diplomat George P. Kent serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eastern Europe Affairs and William B. Taylor, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. You know, two men who are the star witnesses for the Impeachment Inquisition. Yea, them. Quite an impressive set of knuckleheads, if you ask me. And people, if you weren't listening yesterday, brace yourself! These two men testified to their feelings and what they heard. Yup, that's who I want running our foreign affairs. What if he gets the feeling to run.....well, sorry about our bad luck, eh?
Now, let me ask you this.... do you think you could be convicted of a crime in a court of law.....if I testified to a judge that I had a "feeling" you did it? Or how about if I said, somebody told me they heard about something you did? You're absolutely right! A good lawyer would chew me up and spit me out. And more than likely I'd face charges for a false complaint or I am sure they'd find something to charge me with but that's exactly what happened yesterday. Don't take my word for it. Look up the hearing for yourself and for Lord's sake don't watch the news media, it's designed for the weak minded who'd fall for anything. And you're much smarter than that, now aren't you. No, look up the entire session. 
Okay, now we know who these two men are, I want you to ask yourself this. Should we have knuckleheads overseeing our foreign affairs who make decisions on feelings and word of mouth? I mean, come on now..... You don't have to be a genius to figure that out, now do you?
So, Ambassador Taylor started off pretty good I thought, reading that paper he wrote up was pretty impressive but when he was questioned, his eyes began to bulge out of his head like a deer caught in headlights. He was shuffling papers around like there was no tomorrow but he wasn't looking for anything! If that's not a sign that something wasn't going as planned, I mean nothing is.
And Mr. Kent, the man who immediately claimed friendship with the ex- Ambassador of Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, you know that woman, who doesn't represent us all, but has been crying because she got fired from her job as Ambassador of Ukraine. Yea, her. Now, I won't get started on her but I will say this. If my boss doesn't like me and wants to fire me, he can! Bottom line! There are no laws against it. Whether I like it or not. Now, I may have a few choice words for him but I'd move on with my life quickly. I wouldn't be trying to destroy the man. Good grief! It's called life and doesn't always work out how we want it. But that's Mr. Kent's friend. And thank God we didn't have her going through menopause and working off of her feelings! I mean where would we be now? 
So, there you have it! Those two men are the two STAR witnesses testifying for the basement squad.. Impressed yet?
Ambassador Taylor was quick to point out that Ukrainians were being killed by Russians, he even describes how they were dying with such empathy. Now that's a little ironic since Americans are being killed by Mexicans and Islamics right here on American soil but there is no one representing us Americans like that now is there? Nope, in fact they don't even want a wall to protect us. Now, don't you feel special? 
Pardon me for asking but, can someone please tell me why....these two men who have been scrutinizing our Potus so harshly didn't do the same thing after they discovered Joe Bidens son was receiving $50,000 a month on the board of Barisma? I mean, Mr. Kent's own words were that this large energy corporation was being investigated for corruption and bribes....ummm that was under Obama's watch. Don't look at me... Mr. Biden said himself that he had the lawyer who was investigating it fired and they could call and ask the President. That's right, or they wouldn't get paid. Now, hold on! That's a "quid quo pro"! And, if you failed to put on your thinking cap, that is it's defined as a favor or advantage granted or expected for something. Hmmmm.....don't take my word for it. Here you have it...You don't have to listen to it all but do yourself a favor by starting at 44:25
But they NEVER had a "feeling" about that illegal act, now did they? Even when Mr Biden made 6 trips to the Ukraine (Mr. Kent's observation)....and that was compliments of the American people....... ummmm Air Force Two. Geez, are you feeling like somebody is leading you to the desert for water yet? I am not feeling so sure about their "feelings" are you?
Well, I won't go on about how they have been deceiving you because I get that "feeling" sometimes too. But, I do want to just take your attention to one other subject. Remember that Russian investigation that kind of showed Hilary was the one working with Russia and not the President ( hmmm...and no one had a 'feeling' about that either) Yea, that fiasco we all endured when the President took office. It cost the American people about 34 million dollars!…/heres-how-much-the-mueller-in…
Now don't look at me, I don't need a drink of water that bad....
With that being said, I could tell you about the Ambassador who was widely known for taking notes and recording texts.... Yet couldn't "recall" one of them that Mr. Jordan asked him about. Of course "I don't recall" is always the best answer when you know you've been caught, now isn't it?
Now, I know this is a lot to think about already but let me drop this little bug in your ear. While they are diverting your attention.... What's happening in..... The 13th district of Michigan? And have you checked out the 14th district of New York lately? And let's not leave out the 5th congressional district of Minnesota? There's your assignment for my father used to always say, "Use your head for something besides a hatrack." and check those things out.
Now, while you do some homework.... I am going to go work on your next quiz.....okay?
Yup, we are going to do some brain exercises for the next few rants and if you're not interested, it's not my brain wasting away on stuff that's meant to take my mind off of what's important to Americans.
 Nope, that desert doesn't look too wet to me.