Wednesday, September 2, 2020


The devil came a knockin' a long, long time ago
he's been dropping little seeds, in hopes that he could sow...
     For many years we have seen the gradual removal of God from our country. From our schools and our homes. We have replaced it with idols from sports, music and entertainment. For those of you who were raised in a family that believed in God you understand that what you fill your heart with is what you will display in your character. What have you allowed your child to fill their heads and hearts with? Have you been to school and listened in your child's class? Probably not. It's most likely that you just get so busy, right? No one understands any better than I that you have to work and provide for your child. Yet, if you really looked at what you're doing, you'd have to admit you could have taken or could take more time. Children need your time more than they need things. Always remember that.
He showed upon the door step of that which brings us peace
Now anger, rage and violence does not appear to cease.
     Looking at our young adults in our streets we see the results of what we have allowed our young people to fill their heads with. They have become desensitized because daily throughout their young lives they either heard words from songs about killing cops and raping women or played games of violence where shooting people was rewarded. They became a group of people who no longer valued the core of morals and values. Many do not even know what that means. The idea that those young people can not comprehend empathy is scary and yet we see it with our very eyes.
 I saw him in the corridor of where our children play 
and while lurking all around them, they never learned to pray
     And the leaders we have somehow allowed ourselves to follow is frightening. There have been times when a cold chill made the hairs of my arms rise as they looked into our televisions and lied like we were too na├»ve to realize that they were doing so. And now we see a man running to become our greatest leader using a website of a group specifically named after a terrorist group to get to his website. And an Hungarian man by the name of George Soros has supported this cause by paying this group to destroy cities and frighten people. Who do we blame for this disaster unfolding before us? We blame ourselves. We blame ourselves because we CHOSE not to instill these morals and values we knew and understood to be good, we wanted to give our children choices and we really didn't have time for them so... we allowed the village Hilary Clinton said you needed to raise them to do so.
The leaders came together to let the devil in 
And stood before the people promoting dreadful sin 
     We are now looking into possibilities of Our Country becoming something it was never intended to be. Something the bloodshed of our American soldiers would make in vain. We will see people standing in line for food rations being grateful for slothfulness, their pride will take them to destruction without realizing it before it's too late, while others envy those who work to own luxuries they struggle to destroy them. Some fill their slothful days with gluttony, attempting to eat their way to happiness, their greed to have the items in stores overtakes their sense of decency and they, rob steal and destroy. Prostitution is legalized and promoted, with no policemen in our streets women and men are subjected to sexual cruelties one can not imagine. We visibly see the wrath in the streets of the many hearts at unrest.....the chaos YOU brought them by inviting in technology to form your child's thinking. Perhaps the schools and universities have had a hand in the change of their hearts but the greatest role should be played by you. Stop blaming everybody and everything.... your child's behavior begins with you. You can not change the path they take as adults but you are the beginning, you are where they create what life should be like....what are you teaching them?
The devil came a knockin' for souls that lost their way
And he will win the battle if we don't start to pray