Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome Back Sheriff Steve Gentry

We couldn't say it before because it was not official. Now we can say it as it is official. Welcome back for another term Sheriff Steve Gentry. We were right on the nose calling this election, amazing? Not really. We call elections all the time with 100% accuracy and come time for Presidential election, we will call that one yet again one month out before actual election time and get into trouble once again with the fed's for doing so. Our posts will either be yanked down or as in the last presidential election, the date of the post will be removed. (Funny how that happens). Either way, time to get back to Occupying Gloucester, VA.

Occupy Gloucester, VA

Occupy Gloucester, VA. We are starting Occupy Gloucester, VA. Only we are doing something very different here. Our version of Occupy is that you do not have to leave your house, your business, your seat or your computer. You can just stay right here on this site. No standing in the cold all day or night. No harassment from the police or anyone going by. You do not have to worry about entertainment, in fact, we provide plenty of it right here. For that matter, we will bribe you to Occupy Gloucester. You can download free music, free software and even a free video. You can read our archive posts, watch slide shows and or videos, listen to music and read to your hearts content. It does not matter if you live here in Gloucester, VA or Gloucester, England. In fact, you can be a high level politician from any country in the world and you are welcome to have your head counted right here in Gloucester, VA as part of our Occupation. Vote on the side panel on the right hand side of this site to show you are here as part of Occupy Gloucester, VA. The police are welcome here, the military is welcome here, in fact everyone everywhere is welcome here.

No one will get into trouble or even potentially face being fired for participating in Occupy Gloucester, VA. No one will even know you were here participating in this cause. But you still get to make your voice heard by voting on the side. Viva de Revolution! Occupy Gloucester, VA every day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tomorrow Is Election Day, Welcome Back Steve Gentry

Tomorrow is election day and by the end of the day you can welcome back Steve Gentry to the Sheriff's post. I'm not saying it won't be a good race, he has some good competition on this round, but we can tell you he is back in the seat. Either way, make sure you get out and vote. We'll be watching the returns from our office. The margin we think will be pretty fair though.

Gloucester, VA Free Stuff

We just can't seem to stop wanting to give you folks free stuff. So we have added more to this site. Free software and free videos. That's right. We are giving away free software and free videos on top of the free music every week. How can you beat free? This month we are giving away a Betty Boop cartoon and on the software side we are giving away 7-zip. We recommend you download the free 7-zip software as we will be giving away entire MP3 albums here soon.

Now to get your free video and free software, go down towards the bottom of the site and in the right hand column next to some videos, you will see the free stuff section and each one is marked for what they are. Go have a blast and tell everyone else about the free stuff we are just giving away. Scandalous isn't it?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gloucester, Virginia Swamped In Massive Bribe Scandal

As incredible as it is, we have uncovered a massive bribe scandal right here in Gloucester County. Is it happening at the county government level? The Sheriff's department? Public Works? Or is it something else? The answer is something else. We are the guilty party of this scandal. You see we are now going to bribe you to come here each and every week. How? We are going to start giving away free stuff. That's right. We are going to give away free stuff each and every week. Each week will be something new and different. Each week we will take down the old bribe and offer you a new bribe. And we are going to start bribing you right now with a free download MP3 song. Click Here to get your first weekly bribe. We know, this is scandalous.

We are putting a sidebar section in where you can pick up your weekly bribe. Each week the bribe will change and can be anything from cool software to a great video, cartoon, movie or another MP3 file.

This first bribe is some Gothic style heavy metal from a band in Germany called Chronique. The music style isn't for everyone so you just have to watch each week as we bring in new stuff to see if the bribe is for you. Enjoy.

John F Kennedy, Walter Conkite and Edward R Murrow

As we continue to work with old video content, we have a lot of great stuff to share. In this video we have re mastered a number of old commercials into an historic news broadcast all featuring famous people such as John F Kennedy, Walter Conkite and Edward R Murrow. This is just another great piece that we hope you will enjoy.

Andy Griffith Show Re Mixed With Period Commercials

We have been working with a number of old time radio shows, TV shows, movies and commercials. We are very proud of this episode of the Andy Griffith show as we have re mastered it to include period commercials in all the right places. It gives you a replicated view of what TV viewing was once like. We hope you enjoy it.