Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GDI Income For Life Home Business Opportunity, Gloucester, VA

GDI also known as Global Domain International is a dual business opportunity that has a very high level of appeal. For those who are looking to make money from home, there is a marketing opportunity with this company. For those who are seeking to build a web site for their business but feel you lack the experience, this is the place to come to for simple point and click web site design giving you up to 10 pages to build your web site on, plus up to 10 email addresses for your business and also a new dot ws extension to pick the best name possible for your business.

For those of you looking for a business opportunity, click the highlighted GDI to go to the GDI web site. Here you can learn all about the business opportunity and determine if it is right for you.

For those looking for an easy way to build a web site, I will be posting an update soon that will show you just how easy building your own site can be. We are pretty much talking about point your mouse over what you see that you like and clicking it to put your site together. Some typing also needed to convey your message of course and you can add pictures onto your site as well. Pretty much the sky is the limit. You also get 10 email addresses for your web site. Again, I will post more on this very soon.

GT's Kombucha Tea Available At Kelsick Gardens, Main Street, Gloucester, VA

Photo By Millennium Products

Recently we found a company that produces a a great Kombucha Tea in various flavors while we were shopping in Williamsburg. The name of the company that produces that tea is called Millennium Products and the tea is called GT's Kombucha Tea. Kombucha Tea is a fermented drink and this tea is a live raw version of the tea. Whether or not you are familiar with the any of the reported health benefits of Kombucha you should be made aware of the health benefits of fermented foods so we are including a link here to Dr Mercola's web site. Mercola.com is the site so just click on that name and you will be taken right there.

Please take a few moments to read the article we have linked to in order to see what you may be missing. For those of you ready to try something new and exciting, you can find this tea at Kelsick Gardens located at 6604 Main Street, Gloucester, VA

Phone Number is 804-693-6500.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you I feel an immediate difference the moment I drink this tea. I will put out several cautions here though. One is that because this is a live raw fermented drink, it is subject to start overflowing the moment you try to take off the lid. So twist the lid very lightly and allow the pressure to bubble up without overflowing. If overflowing should start, tighten lid for a few moments and let it settle again. Repeat process. It usually only takes about two times and it won't overflow all over on you. Two, it's not cheap. Cost is around $3.69 to $3.99 in the several places where we have bought it. Please note, we have not priced this at Kelsick Gardens so please do not try to hold them to prices we have seen. Want to learn more about this tea? Go to this link here, GT's Kombucha.

Boulevard Cleaners, York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

Boulevard Cleaners located at 2270 York River Crossing Shopping Center is to the left of Food Lion. No web site listed for this business. The only thing we found were a bunch of sites that put up generic sites for all business entities all around the nation. The service is free for the bare basics, but then they want to charge you for advanced services and your customer usually still can't find your site anyway.

Golden Creations By Todd Cooke, Jewelers, York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

Golden Creations by Todd Cooke is the name of this Jewelry store here in the York River Crossing Shopping Center. We could not find a real web site for this business at this time. If you are coming into the plaza from Rt 17, the store is on the corner to the far right, or right side of Food Lion.

Movie Theater, Cinema, York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

The Cinema located at the York River Crossing Shopping Center is an 8 screen complex. Plenty of choices for anyone looking to see the latest movies. We have a link on this site where you can find what is playing and at what time at any of the movie theaters here in Gloucester.

Rt 17 by the York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester, VA

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

A view looking north on 17, George Washington Memorial Highway, Gloucester.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Advance Auto Parts, York River Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photos By: Chuck Thompson

Advance Auto Parts located here in the York River Shopping Center has been serving the community for a good number of years now. Usually very good service and decent prices. One of many auto parts stores in the area. Here is an insider tip for those of you who love cashews. This is a great place to buy them. So even if you do not need tools or auto parts, they have the best price on cashews around.

York River Shopping Center Leasing Information

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

We found the leasing agent for the York River Shopping Center. All the information is right here in the picture. If you can't see the picture, just left click on the picture and it will be blown up for you. If you are on dial up. Don't bother, it will take forever as the file is very large. The image was shot in HD. So for those of you on dial up, the information is as follows; GVA Advantis is the leasing company. Tom Dunn is the agent. The web site link is GVA Advantis. Phone number is 757-595-8320

Liberty Income Tax, York River Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photo By: Chuck Thompson

Liberty Income Tax located here in the York River Shopping Center. This is one of the many tax preparation services here in Gloucester County. Most of these types of businesses are franchised so I will not be posting a link for them. It's just as easy to look them up on any search engine.

Looking For Retail Space? York River Shopping Center, Gloucester

Photo By; Chuck Thompson

Looking for retail space in Gloucester? Here is either one of three small shops or one large shop at the York River Shopping Center. Sorry, at the moment I don't have the listing agent or company.

Optometry, York River Shopping Center

We do not know if there is another name for this business and we didn't find any web site that belonged with them. However, if you are searching for a good optometrist here in Gloucester, VA, there are 123 total in the county for what we found. Here is a general link for finding a good one yourself. Optometrists In Gloucester, VA. Hopefully this will help you to see better.

The Shops At York River, Gloucester, VA

Time to start covering the shops at York River shopping center where Food Lion is located.