Sunday, July 17, 2022


It's been a while since I have written. In fact, it has been quite a while since I have been inspired to write. The battles of life can sometimes be consuming and catching up on the news is impossible unless of course you enjoy people screaming the same old rhetoric into their microphones. No wonder our young adult's stopped listening. There is nothing to hear. Who cares if rights are being infringed upon and our Country can't afford 'entitlements' to illegal immigrants? Just do it, right?
I have seen a whole lot of ne'er do wells who blame everybody and their brother to excuse why they can't. When the truth is they won't. They choose not to and then stand with their hand out like the working class can afford to feed them. This is the NOW America. Not the one I am used to living in and not the one I want my grandchildren being raised in.
     There was a time when work was the norm not the enemy. Work provided a roof over your head, electricity communications and other niceties that we wouldn't have otherwise. Yet, everybody wants a job and nobody wants to work. Or at least it often times seems that way. But as I mentioned earlier...recently I have been truly inspired. Two young adults with their own set of trials are students where I go for all of my procedures. They are perhaps the last that will be working with me, and this trial could not have ended on a more positive note.
     Each is very different from the other .... Blake and Vanessa. It's been quite uplifting to watch as they learn and to be a part of it is exciting too! We have a tendency to watch what is on the news. We watch the negatives and the more we promote it the more widespread it becomes. Perhaps, we should look at those who are working hard to set the stage of success. I will not delve into their personal lives or tell you much of what I have learned about them, but I do wish to tell you what they have taught me. 
      It doesn't matter how diverse you are from someone else; it doesn't matter that your trial is different from their trial. What matters is that two people who want to find success are willing to work together and make the environment comfortable and enjoyable so that their minds are clear to take in the knowledge they are there to acquire and still make it a pleasant day.
     As I close, I encourage anyone who knows someone taking life seriously, whether they are working at a trade, an assembly line or a college student. Stop and take time out to tell them they are doing great and encourage them of the possibilities. And as for those you pass who don't have that drive......perhaps you could be their driving force. We see the negatives all the time.....isn't it time we recognize the positives? Who knows? It could do a world of good. ~sigh~